Millie is Misunderstood! by Fawnpaw, Briarpaw, and Mountainpaw

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Fawnpaw, Briarpaw, and Mountainpaw argue that Millie is misunderstood

Hello, blogclan. Me (Fawnpaw for the ones who don’t know my name), Briarpaw, and Mountainpaw had made another article! Yay! Today we are going to talk about one of the controversial figures in the Warrior universe- Millie. Please note that this is our opinion, we just want to reconsider it before you judge the character.

Disclaimers, we are not trying to convince you to like MillieXGray ship we are just pointing facts here. If you got offended, we are very sorry and you can post your feedback in the chat. Also, we want to point out that there were a lot of blogclan members who helped us in contributing to the article. We cannot list their names in this article (or else it will get too long) but we give thanks for them too. Free to debate in the chat whenever you want.

We interviewed many people about their opinions of Millie and here is what they had said:

She was mean to Blossomfall, and also how she literally never once even says Bumblestripe’s name after he becomes a warrior (Also: I vote: NO MORE MILLE! she might be my least favorite character)


I honestly think you should not like Mille. Something in me says if Blossomfall was dying from battle wounds Mille would be like “It’s just a scratch she’s just over reacting”


Millie…she is okay. I think she wasn’t evil, but she was a bad mother.


We see that many people hate Millie because of these three reasons; one, Millie is too overprotective, two, Millie was a bad mother, and three, Millie stole Silverstream from Graystripe. However, our side sees that Millie is a misunderstood character that keeps on getting hated by the fandom.

Millie was overprotective of Briarlight after she broke her spine. Many people say she was too overprotective, not letting Briarlight go out of camp. We think that it was the right thing to do because a broken spine is a serious injury. You cannot walk if you have a broken spine. If you can’t walk, you can’t be a proper warrior. It was very dangerous for Briarlight to go out of camp. This doesn’t mean Millie only loves Briarlight. She is just worried about her, and if her other kits were in the same situation she would be overprotective of them too.

Millie was a former kittypet, and she’d never seen something like this. When she was traveling with Graystripe, Graystirpe told stories about his adventures but left out the suffering of living in the wild. Of course she thought that wild life would be wonderful, but the shocking truth came after her dear daughter got injured. How shocking, right? This experience traumatized Millie, and she responded to this by spending most of her time taking care of Briarlight.

Okay, so what about Firestar and Daisy? They were both kittypets, and they suffered from loss. However, they did not over exaggerate like Millie and be very calm in the situation. First, Daisy is not a kittypet and she did exaggerate after Berrykit lost his tail. The only reason that she went back is because her kits want to go back to their clans. Millie tries to be calm as well, but knowing that her kit will die soon or later deeply hurt her. Any parent will react the same way if their child has a broken spine! Why do you blame her? Briarlight’s life was threatened 3 times; one with greencough, one with an adder, and one with the tree.

It was Millie’s fault that Briarlight got injured because she was supposed to take care of her!

Millie didn’t know about greencough, and she was taking care of Blossomkit and Bumblekit when Briarkit went outside of the nursery. Millie tried to catch her, but the adder was on the cliff biting her. If she moves, the adder will bite Briarkit so Millie couldn’t do anything but to worry. Again, this same applies to Briarpaw’s tree accident. Briarpaw was an apprentice, and she needed to have her responsibility to take care of her, not Millie. It wasn’t Millie’s fault that Briarpaw got injured. Why are you blaming her? I think that this is a weird theory by someone who hated Millie so much.

Being overprotective about your child doesn’t mean you always show favoritism to that child. You just care for her more, not because you think he or she is better than the other. While being overprotective to Briarlight, she did not neglect her two other kits. They were old enough to take care of themselves, and it was not Millie’s responsibility to take care of them anymore. They were nearly warriors at that time, which means equivalent to an adult in human age. They should be able to take care of themselves.

People think she was a bad mother because she yelled at Blossomfall. First, why does it make a difference? Squirrelflight and Daisy yelled at her kits, but they don’t get that much hate as Millie. She just yelled at her kit Blossompaw because she was afraid that she would die as well. Remember, she was already traumatized about seeing one of her kits near death. It would be hard to see your kit suffering everyday with immense pain, wondering if he or she will die soon.

I know you might say that Ferncloud and Cloudtail got over Brindleface’s death, and Millie would accept it too. First, it is a different scenario because Brindleface’s death was very short. Yes, it is sad as well but it does not have as much impact on your mind than seeing a person slowly dying. If you see a person slowly dying, you will be deeply traumatized and your mental health can be affected negatively. You first see someone that is dying in front of you slowly, and it shocks you that death can mean great pain and suffering. Millie was likely traumatized by Briarlight’s injury, and she probably thought that Blossomfall would die as well.

Even if she didn’t think Blossomfall would die as well, she will still act the same. There’s this thing we’ve heard since I was three years old: When a child is almost hit by a car, regular passengers simply worry about the kid and feel relieved, but the mother will most likely be angry and say, “Why did you-”. This applies the same thing. A typical mom will likely be angry at the child, because they are worried about them and be shocked by the experience of near death. Besides, Firestar had already told ThunderClan not to go into the tunnels. And when Ivypool and Blossomfall fall in, Ivypool wants to go back, but Blossomfall is excited about this and wants to explore. This is exactly what is called an unwise choice.

Millie’s right about Blossomfall wandering off and wasting a whole lot of time when she wasn’t even supposed to explore the tunnels by her own free will. She just said Briarlight would have given anything to hunt and fight for her Clan because she was upset about Blossomfall’s choice. She didn’t mean it, it was just she was angry that Blossomfall did not hunt or do a duty for the clan while Briarlight is working to do it. She was right about Blossomfall, and how she provided a bad example to the clan. Millie wants Blossomfall to help her clan, but she doesn’t listen and rather decides to ignore her mom. This is not favoritism, most of the parents do it every time including mine. If one sibling is providing a bad example and the other sibling doesn’t, they will compare to show that you should do a better job.

Blossomfall admits that she knew this when she told Ivypool that she hates her injured sister’s attention and that is why she was training in Dark Forest. She knew this, and she admitted that she knows that she is hating her injured sister. Just because you don’t get attention doesn’t mean you are neglected.

If you get injured and you go to school, you will be the most popular kid in the school. But if you are all okay, the popularity is gone. But Briarlight is permanently injured, it is natural that she gets more attention. This was the same case to the clanmates, and Blossomfall that she has to get more attention. People argue that this is why Blossomfall trained DF. She believes that the cats in the DF can help her, and it probably helps the DF cats that Blossomfall wants attention, so it’s a package deal for her – training and attention together! Yes and no. Just because Blossomfall is jealous doesn’t mean she can join The Dark Forest with a good reason. Unlike most Dark Forest Trainees, Blossomfall knew the Dark Forest was evil. She had a choice to train there, and she did! It wasn’t because she wanted attention-that is a lame excuse.

She considered herself as evil and trained there. Also, she was a warrior. She could make decisions- she is not a kit! Following the same logic means that Breezepelt trained also in the DF for attention. And nobody blames Crowfeather for that! Then does it mean that Breezepelt had depression? You might say Breezepelt and Nightcloud, but seriously Blossomfall had her clanmates that cared about her so much yet she always complains that she is being neglected. We never saw Bumblestripe complaining like that. She was an adult anyway!

Here, people have the biggest misunderstanding here. Millie is a bad mother because she was neglecting her kits until Briarlight was dead. They say she brought the lame excuse to not take care of Blossomfall. No, if she was a bad mother, why did she bring up the excuse later? If she was a bad mother, she must have used the Briarlight greencough incident to neglect her other kits. But the truth isn’t! What we are seeing is that we directly assume that she is a bad mother because of the incident. We are not saying the past isn’t important, but the thought of the character in the present is the most important in the character trait. People hated Hollyleaf but when she redeemed herself they loved her again. That is the same thing, the present matters we shouldn’t be stuck with the stereotype of that character 3 years ago.

But every cat is different!

“Every cat is different” excuse is really ironic; since all mothers cannot be kind or caring to their children all the time. Besides, she was an adult. She had no disability or any mental disorders that needed to be cared for. This means that the attention was unnecessary. Even though all of her actions cannot be justified, to some degree it is necessary for Millie to act like that. Why did Blossomfall get warrior training? It is to be independent from their parents and live with their clan.

People make a great fuss in one instance with Blossomfall, but then the problem is they drag it from the character and literally judge by that action. A good mother in Warriors consists of Sorreltail and Ferncloud. But that’s all wrong. They are stereotypically mothers which in the real-world rarely exist. It is not realistic, but since many queens are like that, they tend to think that mothers are like that. A mother does not have to listen to her kits’ endless demands or always be kind to them; if they care about, they are pretty high up in the good mother list.

You might say that Millie did not know that Blossomfall endangered her life or took any risks. Um, but the patrols they all try to search for Blossomfall and Ivypool, and it was natural for them to assume that they are endangering their life because they can’t find them. The same thing happened for Leafpool when she went to Riverclan and the whole clan thought she was gone. Warriors are like that, since many of the cats die from injuries and accidents oftenly. Don’t blame Mille for Blossomfall’s actions because she can’t read minds.

While Briarlight is permanently injured, Graystripe is just in the background. He and Bumblestripe view it optimistically, saying that she just got her legs injured and she is still living. But for Millie, she is pessimistic. She is so worried that her kit will die soon. Even worse, her daughter caused trouble! What do you think? She was in so much depression and stress that she decided she can’t do everything at the same time. She focused more on the kit that was dying slowly, because it was her top priority to stop death coming to her.

Maybe Millie did neglect her kits. However, all we can see in the book is just two instances. Yes, her actions are not 100 percent justified. But we are saying here, that you cannot drag her character just by one flaw they have. We never saw Bumblestripe being abused by Millie. Even though he is a questionable character, he understands Millie and was caring to his sister. Blossomfall was the one who misunderstood the whole situation.

Don’t say Silverstream is a good mother. She was DEAD at this point. Millie was there for her kits. She took care of them, loved them and supported them. Before the Briarlight incident happened, she was the definition of a good mom. This does not mean Millie is a bad mom, it is just that she expects her kits to be now mature and able to take care of themselves. She needs to have time to care for sick Briarlight. In addition, Millie is not Silverstream 2.0. The amount of hate she gets is ridiculous. She looks like Silverstream, coincidentally, because it was promised by Vicky that one of the coworkers’ cats is going to be modeled as Millie.

People tend to forget that it was Graystripe who brought up the idea of being mates. Also, you can’t steal someone from a person. A person has to love somebody. Is moving on so bad? Graystripe lost Silverstream when, probably, he was in his twenties. Should he spend the next sixty years of his life mourning a young love, living single? No. Honestly, this whole “stealing” argument makes no sense. Besides, Silverstream was cool with it. At least, she didn’t stalk Graystripe’s dreams. Of course, we can’t confirm it but she seemed cool with it.

In conclusion, we believe that Millie is not a bad mom. She could have done better to her other kits in the Briarlight incident, but you can’t blame her for the problems her kits caused. She was a good mother who loved her kits equally, and was a good mate to Graystripe. We hope that this article changes your view about Millie. Thank you to Blogclan for publishing this!

Fawny, Briar, Mountain out!

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  • This article definitely gave some new insight on Millie’s character, I personally don’t like Millie. This article did however change some of my opinions on her though, keep up the great work!

  • I hate milliexgray she literally never talks to blossomfall and bumblestripe she spent all her time with briarlight
    otherwise silverstream did her best it wasnt her fault that she died of blood loss

    in conclusion grayxsilver is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than grayxmillie

  • so ummm that was before i read graystripes adventure so ummm i regrt what i said
    i respect graystripes choice

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