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Amberpaw lists some characters who deserve Super Editions

Now I don’t care if this character has a Novella but I want a Super Edition about this character. *I am expecting that you have read up to Place of No Stars so spoiler warrning*

Now I know she has an amazing Novella but as my favorite character’ I just had to put her on the list. Now this will be about her experince as she Died and went to StarClan. How did she get over Ashfur being there? what about Fallen Leaves. It was confirmed that they met in StarClan but how did it happen? It would be called Hollyleaf’s Life

Sandstorm went from hating Firestar to Loving him, she witnessed many events and stayed Loyal to her clan to the very end. Now I want a story about either her starting as an apprentice and working her way up to Firestars mate ending before Firestar’s quest. or a story on how she retired to the elders den and probably but up a fight. (wait is this in Bramblestar’s Storm? I only got a couple chapters in) Then Her going on the journey with Alderpaw, ending as she reaches StarClan. It would be called Sandstorm’s Conflict for option 1 and Sandstorm’s Journey for option 2

This cat stayed paw-sotive(hehe) through out her life even when she was injured. She could never be a warrior and I want to see how she coped with that how she became the cat she is. this would be Briarlight’s Hope

Oh Jayfeather, you grouch at every cat, you have a short temper and you are blind. Sure there were two whole arcs about him but there is both A Vision of Shadows and The Broken Code. What i want is Jayfeather coping with Leafpool’s death. Both his mother and mentor are gone now, plus he gets exiled for being born! In Lost Stars you can notice how grumpy he is, way more rude that he normally is. This is him being sad over Leafpool’s death. this would be called Jayfeather’s Grief

Fallen Leaves:
This is my only exeption to the super editions I want a novella about him. How he dealed with his family leaving the lake how he felt alone for all those years. this would be Fallen Leaves’s Isolation.

That is all for now! Amberpaw signing off!

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  • cool article! A cat I think 100% needs a super edition is Cloudtail. I feel like seeing things from his perspective would be so interesting!

  • Snowtuft:

    I want a Super Edition about Snowtuft. I want to know what he did to wind up in The Dark Forest. In The Place of No Stars (Novel), Snowtuft stated that he was Power-Hungry while he was still alive. So I think that Snowtuft committed at least one series offense against the Warrior Code based on his cravings for power. But nobody knows what they are. Besides a SE would provide us an opportunity to look into Snowtuft’s life and what let to his corruption and eventual rejection by StarClan. I think it should begin with his kit-hood and end with his death. The Title can be “Snowtuft’s Life”.


    A Super Editon about Spiresight would be AWSEOME! It can begin with his kit-hood
    and Spiresight will age as the story progresses. We can learn more about his life as a Guradian Cat, his encounter and recruitment of Blazefire and end with his vison from StarClan foretelling Dovewing and Tigerheart’s arrival.


    I’d like to know about Moonlight’s childhood and how she eventually succeeded Cloud as the Sister’s leader.


    Snaptooth is reveald to have become a Kittypet. His SE can begin with his decison to immigrate to the Twolegplace rather than return to ThunderClan. Then we can follow Snaptooth as he jounreys towards the Twolegplace. There are many ways Snaptooth’s jounrney could play out. When Snaptooth finally arrives at the Twolegplace, we can learn who’ll adopt him as their pet. Once Snaptooth transition from Warrior to Kittypet is complete, He’ll meet and befriend neighboring Kittypets. Perhaps even mate with a Kittypet She-Cat. Oh I forgot to mention that we’ll learn Snaptooth’s KP name.
    I haven’t decided which Title the SE should be. Perhaps it should be called “Snaptooth’s Adoption” or “Snaptooth’s Refuge”.

  • I want to have a super edition of Fallen Leaves; life as an ancient cat, the challenge in the tunnel; lost in the tunnels. It could be called Fallen Leaves’ mission.

  • BriarLight’s Hope wouldn’t work. There’s already a book called SquirrelFlight’s Hope. Maybe BriarLight’s Desire? Also HollyLeaf’s Life would not work cause there is a book called ShadowStar’s Life. Maybe HollyLeaf’s Enity?

  • Hollyleaf’s Tragedy
    Sandstorm’s Loyalties
    Briarlight’s Pain
    Jayfeather’s Deffence
    Fallen Leaves’s Telling

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