Why Mapleshade was 100% evil by Reedpaw and Willowpaw

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Reedpaw and Willowpaw argue that Mapleshade is evil – what do you think?

Reedpaw- Hi everyone, my name is Reedpaw, and today I’ll be doing an article with Willowpaw, on why Mapleshade was not innocent, and I hope you like it!
Willowpaw- So, first we’re going to defend Mapleshade’s victims: Ravenwing, Frecklewish, and Appledusk along with Reedshine and Oakstar.
In this part, I’m going to defend Oakstar.
I honestly don’t get why people think Mapleshade’s innocent, but also think Oakstar’s evil. Think about it: they technically did the same thing.
I want to clarify that I’m not saying that Oakstar’s actions were right, it’s just that he’s not the villain some of the fandom makes him out to be.
Anyway, this is what both Mapleshade and Oakstar did.
– Killed three cats (that were arguably innocent)
– Tried to kill Reedshine and her unborn kits.
– Exiled a mother and her kits in a storm
I honestly think that Oakstar’s actions, while not good, were better than Mapleshade’s. At least the kits had a chance with their mother! Oakstar didn’t try to outright kill them, like Mapleshade did Reedshine and her kits.
Reedpaw- Next, I’m going to defend Appledusk. Like Willowpaw said, (in my opinion) Mapleshade technically wasn’t innocent. And I do admit that Appledusk shouldn’t have cheated but Mapleshade shouldn’t have killed him. Now lets list the wrongs that Mapleshade and Appledusk did (While they were alive)
-Killed Appledusk
-Attempted murder
– Had kits and was mates with a cat outside a clan
– Cheated
– Had kits and was mates with a cat outside a clan
Mapleshade clearly outweighs Appledusk, and though he shouldn’t have cheated, at least he admitted his wrongs because it takes more courage to admit you’re wrong than actually do them.
Willowpaw- Exactly.
Now, I’m going to defend Ravenwing.
He was literally just doing his job, and Mapleshade murdered him for that. Yes, I get it. Some Mapleshade defenders think that Ravenwing could’ve kept her secret. But think about it. He got a sign from StarClan. How could it not be important? What if the kits grew up to endanger ThunderClan? Plus, Mapleshade was pretty obvious about it. If she didn’t want Ravenwing to find out, she could’ve been more subtle! Then at least Ravenwing could think he’d made a mistake.
Reedpaw- Now I’m going to defend a character I like a lot. Reedshine. (Reedwish, Reedshine?)
Most people dislike Reedshine, because she “stole” Appledusk, but let’s be honest- Reedshine didn’t even KNOW that Appledusk had a mate until Mapleshade was caught, and by that time Reedshine was pregnant. Reedshine fell in love with Appledusk, and honestly, I’m 99.99 percent sure that Appledusk loved her back. Reedshine was perfectly innocent because lets be honest, you’d be really angry if someone killed YOUR mate too. (Not that I can relate.) So yes, Reedshine was innocent and didn’t do anything wrong.

Willowpaw- Right! So, Mapleshade killed Spottedleaf, who was completely innocent. Also, Spottedleaf couldn’t even come back as a spirit!
But, why did Mapleshade kill Spottedleaf? Well, she was trying to defend Sandstorm. And why did she try to kill Sandstorm? Because Mapleshade thought that she should have the life that Sandstorm had.
Well, SANDSTORM didn’t break the code. Even if she did, SANDSTORM probably wouldn’t be as obvious about it as Mapleshade was. That was a completely unfair comparison.
Reedpaw- Exactly. Now Frecklewish. Many people hate Frecklewish so I’ll defend her. How? I’ll put myself in her fur. Okay. So say I’m Frecklewish. And my brother dies. Then this she-cat who my brother liked is all “Hey I’m having your brothers kits.” And I’m happy right? Cus I think that my brother’s legacy is continuing. And I loved my brother. But then – News flash. It turns out that she cat
A) Does not have my brothers kit -she lied.
B) She had HALF- CLAN kits which were banned and
C) She had kits with some RiverClan moron (Sorry is that mean?) who probably didn’t even love her that much and, she didn’t like her brother.
So if I was Frecklewish, I wouldn’t be angry- to be honest, I’d probably go on a murder rampage- and I’d be furious. So Frecklewish- Frecklewish actually took the news pretty well- in my opinion.

Willowpaw- Mhm. And she also conspired against the Clans with the Dark Forest. Do you really think, if she deserved StarClan, she would do that? I understand this was after her death, but I feel like she could’ve shown some regret like Snowtuft! Yes, Snowtuft did help them, but he also saw Mapleshade helping Ashfur later, which shows she didn’t regret her actions. Also, she was quite happy to be let into the Dark Forest.

Reedpaw- Like Willowpaw said- she was happy to be in the dark forest! She also helped Ashfur- In the Place of No Stars, Mapleshade helped Ashfur thinking that he could help them! The fact that TBC isn’t over yet doesn’t tell us whether there is going to be another war against Ashfur this time- but if there is- than Mapleshade is most likely going to be fighting on Ashfur’s side. Maybe even willingly.

Willowpaw- Yeah. Anyway, for all these reasons, we hope that you realize that Mapleshade is DEFINITELY evil.

Reedpaw- Please tell us what you thought in the comments!

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  • In my opinion I just think mapleshade was broken after 3 of her kits died and her mate betrayed her she probably had a very bad mental breakdown that might of made her have some problems cause I can imagine how broken she is

    • I agree! Mapleshade supporter 4life. Ok, But when Maple came to riverclan Reed was like: ” What is she doing here?” And ” Go away Mapleshade havent ypu caused enought trouble tonight?”

      Mapel didn’t even get to sit vigil for her kits! And she was cold And half drowned, and she found out that ger mate was cheating on her! Apple was like : ” Oh hi Maple i have a better Gf now, so im just gonna leave you to die”

      Freacklewish belived that it was her brothers kits Maple never said that it was true. And Raven knew what consequensec (idk) it woukd be if he told Oakstar. And Maple begged for him to not tell anyone! And he just ” No im gonna tell Oak And get you exiled”

      When Maple got exiled she had like 5 mins to leave and the bridge was to far away so the river was her only choice. AND Freckle was there. She had just got exiled And didn’t now what to do.

      We dont know anything about her parents and she has no siblings and had no friends eaither ( No im not counting Freackle) Maybe her parents was loners and just left her outside thunderclan camp. That can be the reason they handle her so hard. Anyways i think she had a bad childhood and that can describe anything atleast.

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