Because Everyone LOVES Comment Ranting! by Faithpaw

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Faithpaw analyzes some controversial characters

Hello everyone and welcome to “Because Everyone LOVES Comment Ranting!”, where I defend unlikable characters and attack likable ones!
Disclaimer: Just because I defend a character, doesn’t mean I like them. I’m just doing this to see how well your arguments hold up under fire. So if I say, Ashfur was totally justified in everything he did, it’s not because I actually believe that, it’s because I want to see how well you all can disprove my arguments.
Today I’ll be defending Jessy and Spottedleaf and attack Leafpool.

Jessy: Jessy is a character frequently attacked for trying to steal Bramblestar from Squirrelflight, and generally being too overbearing and loud. But if you recall, at the time Jessy walked into the scene Bramblestar and Squirrelflight were not mates. They had made up after Squirrelflight lied to Bramblestar about the Three’s parentage, but they still had an uneasy relationship and hadn’t yet become mates again. So Jessy wasn’t exactly stealing Bramblestar from Squirrelflight, if Bramblestar and Squirrelflight were not mates. If two cats divorce and one finds another love interest, that’s just moving on. Jessy was, in fact, the cat who realized that what Bramblestar needed was not to move on, but to salvage his relationship with Squirrelflight, and encouraged him to do so. So I think it’s safe to say that Jessy was not stealing Bramblestar from Squirrelflight.
As for the argument that Jessy is too overbearing, that’s entirely subjective. One person’s loud and overbearing is another person’s likeably extroverted and another’s energetic and confident. It’s really just a matter of taste.

Spottedleaf: Spottedleaf is usually described as being a Mary Sue. If Spottedleaf is a Mary Sue, that can be explained by her relatively short book time. She was introduced in Into the Wild and died later in the book. Afterwards, she’s shown in short snippets in virtually every book, but only for a tiny period of time. She can come off as a Mary Sue, but only because she’s given zero time to develop.

Leafpool: Leafpool is hailed for being a kind, caring mother who did her best for her Clan and her loved ones. However, the people who promote this claim are overlooking some glaring details of Leafpool’s life. In fact, Leafpool has been shown to be irresponsible and unwise at times. Namely, when she abandoned her Clan to run away with Crowfeather, when she lied about her kits’ parentage, and when she covered up the details of Ashfur’s death.
When Leafpool left ThunderClan to run away with Crowfeather, she left a lot of loose ends behind. She didn’t say goodbye to her sister Squirrelflight, even though the two were supposedly inseparable. She didn’t make amends with Cinderpelt, leaving her mentor to panic over ThunderClan’s future and berate herself for hurting Leafpool. She didn’t warn anyone about her sudden departure at all, and as a result of her negligence many cats (namely Squirrelflight, Cinderpelt, and Brightheart) were left heartbroken, wondering where she’d gone and why she hadn’t said goodbye.
That trend of disregarding other cat’s feelings continued to the matter of her kits, when she begged Squirrelflight to betray her mate and Clan and take Jaykit, Lionkit, and Hollykit as her own. She could have found another solution, like pretending the kits were abandoned in the snow. She could have made up a lie- as the books show, Leafpool has no issues with lying where necessary. Instead, she pressured Squirrelflight into lying for her, and kept her secret from her own kits rather than admit her mistake in falling for a WindClan cat and take ownership of her kits. Firestar would not have exiled his own daughter. To Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf, it might have seemed like Leafpool was ashamed of them- that they were the result of a mistake, nothing more.
Finally, Leafpool lied again when she covered up Hollyleaf’s involvement in Ashfur’s death. She found Hollyleaf’s fur caught between Ashfur’s claws-clear evidence that Hollyleaf was Ashfur’s killer. The Clan was in disarray, with accusations flying around targeting Onestar, WindClan, Sol, and even cats in ThunderClan. Cats risked their lives on a wild goose chase to find Sol, and unnecessary tension erupted between ThunderClan and WindClan as a result of Leafpool and Hollyleaf’s silence. Leafpool did not come out with the evidence she had, choosing to allow the chaos and discord to continue destabilizing ThunderClan. Leafpool is certainly a likable character-I won’t deny that. However, just because a character is likable, doesn’t mean they’re in the right.

So what do you think? Can you disprove all of my arguments? How well have you considered your positions on these three cats? Please comment!

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  • I actually have no arguments! First time :’)
    Great article!!!!

  • As I read Squirrelflight’s Hope, I’m starting to wish Jessy did make Bramblestar not love Squirrelflight. Bramble is TOXIC and a horrible leader and mate.

    But how can people be mad that Leafpool covered up Hollyleaf’s involvment in Ashfur’s shenanageins? Hollyleaf was her KIT, for StarClan’s sake. Loyalty to the ties of blood were stronger in Leafpool’s heart than loyalty to her fallen Clanmate.

  • I reread Leafpool’s wish before making this comment. From what I see, it was mainly Starclan pressuring Squirrelflight to take Leafpools kits. Sure, Leafpool didn’t speak against the plan, but she herself never told Squirrelflight to take the kits. I feel like wording the argument in such a manner is making Leafpool sound much more of a bad cat than she actually is. I’m also not going to antagonize Leafpool for not speaking against Starclan. If a group of deities you worship and live around told you something, would you speak up? Leafpool is just a mother who didn’t know another option and went along with what her ancestors wanted. Though this is just my opinion.

  • My argument for Jessy is that she is kind of a Mary Sue because she fits perfectly into Clan life, and already knows how to hunt. If she is older than six moons(very possible), then she would have been taken to the Cutter and, as a result, she would have become uninterested in these things.
    Note: You may say that Firestar is a similar case, but he was faced with many tests – including learning Tigerclaw was a traitor, and later trying to keep the Clan from seeing Bluestar´s unstable state of mind, as well as others.

    About Leafpool: She did not pressure Squirrelflight to take her kits, that was Yellowfang. The books show that Yellowfang visits Squirrelflight and Leafpool twice, both for the same reason. Leafpool left because Spottedleaf told her to follow her heart, and at the time that meant Crowfeather. She didn´t tell Squirrelflight, Cinderpelt, and Brightheart about leaving because she didn´t want to hurt their feelings, and they may have tried to keep her. Also, when danger threatened her Clanmates, Leafpool

  • (I got cut off so to continue) went back. And she didn´t want to tell that Hollyleaf killed Ashfur because, what would you do if your kit killed someone because they knew about their messed – up heritage? And Hollyleaf told later because she was horrified by the fact that she was half-clan and the daughter of a medicine cat, the warrior code was her everything. And somehow this turned into a rant about Hollyleaf.

    Anyway, this concludes my thinking about Jessy, Leafpool, and I guess Hollyleaf. Feel free to argue!

  • I hate Jessy because she’s snobby and perfect :p Spottedleaf is a hypocrite and just seeing her on screen makes me want to bang my head into a wall, no idea why.

    It’s stated in the books why Leafpool didn’t say good-bye. If she walked into camp and said “Good-bye” everyone would try to stop her from leaving. She’s not in the right in pressuring Squirrelflight and covering up Ashfur’s death, but it’s understandable in the latter case. Nice article!

    • Hi i am tommy good dob jeff im so proud of you and the book omg i love the name fAITHpaw it sounds spo intersting i luv it

      Tou guys are soo SMSRTY <3

    • Hi i am tommy good dob jeff im so proud of you and the book omg i love the name fAITHpaw it sounds spo intersting i luv it

      Tou guys are soo SMSRTY <3s

  • Goood job jeff i am so proud of you <<<<333333 i love the book called faithpaw <3
    I am so sorry that was my friend Bubblepaw. WHO DOESN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT SHE IS TALKING ABOUT


  • I wrote this entire article for the sheer purpose of provoking people and so far it’s working hehe don’t read that…

  • 1: Jessy
    Jessy Is one of those characters who doesn’t act like a kittypet, but a Warrior. A Know-It-All She gets into others business, and decides to leave for the sake of Bramblestar having a Relationship with Squirrelflight. Firestar at least gained his role by proving himself loyal. She Just quits. It showed her to be a Coward, Who only wants attention. Not to mention, she did help BramblexSquirrel back up, But just made it worse. With Bramblestar becoming Abusive and Toxic to Squirrelflight, and leaving most work to her. If not for this, they would only be friends. She may have not known, but it wasn’t an excuse that they “Loved” each other for her to leave. Jessy could’ve been there, and respected by the clan.

    #2: Spottedleaf
    Spottedleaf may have not been a largely shown character, since she died, But She was relevant enough. She could’ve been a more important character. All she does is Give Firestar mysterious Prophecies, Represent Starclan, and Boom. All we Get. Poof. The prophecies
    (In The Prophecies Begin at least) include,
    Fire alone can save our clan, Beware a warrior you cannot trust, Water can Quench Fire, Starclan is calling you, and Beware an Enemy who seems to sleep. Only Fireheart. Does it help? Nope. Until it literally happens is when Fireheart then sees the meaning. And Most, He just figures out himself. did he need Spottedleaf’s help? No. It just made him confused. Then, Since She’s Fireheart’s- Some type of spirit mentor, And Crush, It makes him worse. He blames himself as Spottedleaf watches him fail with her misleading advice. It makes him doubt Starclan with Her advice, which btw What In Starclan was The She-Cat planning to do With this?

    Adios BC- (Ill Post The Other Part In a Bit)

    • As a Jessy fan, I definitely do wish she would have stayed, but Jessy left ThunderClan for a noble reason. She wasn’t a coward- quite the contrary she showed incredible courage in leaving behind her chance to be a warrior for the sake of others. Her choice was selfless- she put Squirrelflight and Bramblestar’s happiness before her own and there was no way she could have foreseen the turns their relationship would take in the future.