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Starclan: Good or Bad? by Mintfeather

Mintfeather examines StarClan – are they good or evil?

Hello blogclan! Mintfeather here! My warrior name used to be Ocean-reed, but that got changed! Anyways, I will be discussing whether starclan is good or Bad. So, let’s start.

Reasons why they are GOOD:
1. They take in cats, and they give them a good afterlife.
2. They give prophecies that will help the clans, and stop them from getting hurt.
3. They are cats who have done good in their life

Reasons why they are BAD:
1. They condemn cats to the DF, which means they have no choice, they have to be sent there for eternity.
2. They give innocent kits powers which can ruin their life, E.G. Goosekit wanted to be a normal warrior, but starclan cats came to him, and forced him to become a medicine cat early, making all his friends hate him. And then they send him endless prophecies which he then has to act on, which sometimes are good, and sometimes bad (moonflower’s death was because of a prophecy)
3. They control the living cats when they want a powerful cat, or want a cat to do what they want, but just sit buy and watch when the clans actually need help, because they don’t realise, that the clans don’t need real help not just a cat who can read minds (so sorry jayfeather I love you but not your power)

I am going to make up a scenario and see how starclan would react.

Characters: Cat A(leader) , Cat B(dep) , Cat C (med) , Cat D(random kit)
A and B are arguing, and they decide they never want to see each other again. They try to half the clan and have one of them look after a half each. Starclan: what should we do?
Starclan: I know! Let’s send the med a stupid prophecy describing this small innocent kit and then make that kit have a messed up life because they have to fix a whole clan!
Starclan: perfect!
C dreams, starclan speaks: the new sapling growing in your clan with the largest fur will grow between two trees, mending their broken roots, rejoining them together! ( the newest kit in the clan will fix the clan, but said in a very confusing way) C: wut. C is now stressed and not doing their job properly because they are trying to understand this weirdly worded prophecy. When they figure it out, they go to the kit, and constantly tell them how special they are, and they isolate the kit from their friends because it needs “special care” because starclan says so. So here, it shows how starclan can mess up a kit. (crookedkit- prophecy given to brambleberry, which makes crookedkit scared and upset, Goosekit, I have already explained, jaykit has always been treated special because of the prophecy, dovekit was isolated from her sister, making her sister go to the DF, which was caused ultimately by starclan, because she went there because dovepaw was treated special and ivypaw felt angry and upset about how her sister was treated like some sort of god. This also upset dovepaw, so starclan has now upset 2 cats, one of them so angry and neglected, that they go to the DF to train. Another quick one is flametail, they did noting to help him! What’s your excuse starclan, it was his time? No! Cats shouldn’t have planned “times” where they will die! They should just die when they die! But flametail’s death crushed littlecloud, and even a blind mouse could see that his death would devastate littlecloud, so can’t they have watched over flametail and not sent him lots of dreams about drowning, and then, when he goes on the ice, watch over him, like they did with shadowstar when she wa son the thunderpath, the monster went right over her, and didn’t hit her, can’t they have done that for flametail huh?

So in conclusion, I think that starclan is pretty bad and they should do more than send some magical cat down or make a small kit have the burden of a prophecy on their back for their whole life. I hope you enjoyed this! Mintfeather out.

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