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Most Overrated Warrior Cats by Tigerdawn

Art by alisonli (tumblr)

Tigerdawn argues that certain Warriors characters are overrated

Today I will be discussing the most over and overrated characters (in my opinion).

1# Mapleshade
I have said this a million times: She is evil. Her kits dying and Appledusk cheating did push her over the edge, but she was always a jealous cat. Many who dislike Appledusk believe he was the backstabber, but it is quite the opposite. While he did cheat, he never deserved to die. Mapleshade is not a bad girl, but a murderous villain. I’m sorry but it’s true.

2# Twigbranch
It’s not that I dislike Twigbranch, I just think she is overated. It seems like everyone likes Twigbranch over Violetshine, which I don’t mind, but for what reason? She is shown to be very insensitive in the books. She even calls Violetshine ‘too sensitive’ after Violetshine had the dream about Needtail. Good traits: Independant, protective, kind. Bad traits: Wishy washy, insensitive, unloyal.
Go to Twigbranch Is Legit Annoying by Stormpaw for more info.

3# Scourge
Scourge is ok, but what can you even say about him except he’s a cool villain? I think that people who like him (including me) like the idea of him more than his actual character. OCs, fan fictions, comics, fan art, and more.

4# Firestar
Firestar, acording to many, is the original Gary Stu. Personally I don’t dislike him at all. I think he’s a solid main character with a purpose. But, I had to put him on here because that is a popular opinion.

5# Squirrelflight
I don’t have a problem with Squirrelflight like I do with Mapleshade. Her whole Ashfur thing just annoys me. He is evil, but she pushed him to that point. Ashfur never would have done anything that he did if she had just told him she was not intrested from the beganing.

6# Spottedleaf
I put Spottedleaf very last because a lot of people despise her. Just like the whole Dovewing thing. But the reason she is so overrated is because she is mearly a pawn in the plot. She is bland, only existing for Firestar to smell and delivering prophecys. Seriously, does her pelt smell that good?

If you disagree, feeling free to say why in the comments. I’s love to see Blogclan’s opinions.

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  • I disagree with Mapleshade, but I agree with Spottedleaf. She was a good medicine cat, sure, she was nice and all, but she’s overrated. And I heavily dislike her relationship with Firestar; without that relationship, she would’ve been a nice character.

  • Firestar ISN’T A GARY STU (sorry I’m just shocked and angry. I hate it when people say this!)! He has 1 flaw: Irritated easily. See? He’s not a Gary Stu! And he doesn’t deserve the hate :(. Poor Firestar!

  • Yeah does she like, borrow shampoo from the twoleg nests?
    Spottedleaf: Hey Firestar I found this awesome twoleg thing with slimy stuff inside that smells good and if you mix it with water you can rub it on your pelt
    Firestar: You smell good

    • It’s CREEPY! Firepaw walks into the camp and is like “oH wHaT’s ThAt ReAlLy GoOd SmElL” Plus Spottedleaf is WAY too old for him! (There IS Thornclaw and Blossomfall but we don’t talk about that)

  • I strongly disagree that SpottedLeaf is a fantastic character, she is kind and sweet yet people call her SpottedStalker which is false because she just wants to help. Then you put FireStar on this list just because he is a popular choice BRUH. Then MapleShade was cheated on and her mate AppleDusk blamed the death of her kits on MapleShade. SquirrelFlight is a good character and she has a strong personality, AshFur should have accepted in the first place that SquirrelFlight didn’t like him AshFur should be on this list honestly. These are wrong to me. You targeted some of my favorite characters: SquirrelFlight MapleShade SpottedLeaf and FireStar. By the way, it’s not SpottedLeaf’s fault that she smells good it’s because many herbs smell good.

  • Ummm… Firestar feels Like a father to me. I am so mad that he is on this list. Also, I read somewhere that if all the cats in the series, Spottedleaf is the 9th most liked cat and Firestar is the 2nd, after Bramblestar

  • For me: yes these cats are underrated, but I dont think Spottedleaf should be here. She died in first book but she was still in many books helping FireStar or Sandstorm or Leafpool and more. She was only in Dreams so it maked her to not be favourite cats of many people. I think that people should like her beacuse she helped with the best moments when they needed help but not too overrated beacuse she wasnt alive, she should be at normal position As liked character x also she was super sweet and didnt maked anything that super big to be overrated.

  • how dare you! spottedleaf and all of these cats matter except scrounge. long live spottedleaf!!!!!!!

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