The Top Five Saddest Deaths In The New Prophecy by Turtlepaw

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Turtlepaw lists some of the saddest deaths in the New Prophecy

*Warning: major spoilers for The New Prophecy are ahead, as well as one spoiler for Power of Three that’s kinda major. If you aren’t comfortable with spoilers from those series, please don’t read this article.*

Hello! I’m Turtle, and I’m back with another article! This time, I’ll be sharing what I consider to be the top five saddest deaths in The New Prophecy.

Without further ado, let’s start the article!

5. Hawkfrost

Hawkfrost is one of my absolute favorite Warriors characters ever. So I’m kinda sad that he had to die. And he was such a good villain- really entertaining to read about, a complex character, super interesting… I feel like if he hadn’t been killed off, he could have done so much more while still alive.

4. Shrewpaw

Shrewpaw was extremely sweet. He was such a good friend to Squirrelflight. I think that if he hadn’t died, he would have made a good warrior. The reason Shrewpaw’s death was very sad is because he died trying to help feed his Clan. He just wanted his Clanmates not to starve. He definitely did not deserve to die.

3. Larchkit and Hollykit

I know Larchkit and Hollykit are two separate characters, but I think their deaths were equally sad, so I’m just putting them together. Dustpelt and Ferncloud’s reactions to Hollykit and Larchkit’s deaths were very sad, because you could really tell just how heartbroken they were. I have to say, I feel so bad for Ferncloud and Dustpelt in this arc. They lose three of their kits- Shrewpaw, Hollykit, and Larchkit- in the same book. Poor Dustpelt and Ferncloud!

2. Cinderpelt
Cinderpelt was an amazing cat. Her last action before she died was helping Sorreltail deliver her kits, Poppykit, Honeykit, Molekit, and Cinderkit. It was so sad how Leafpool blamed herself for her mentor’s death. At least Cinderpelt got reincarnated as Cinderheart. She got another chance to fulfill her dream of being a warrior. Despite being able to come back as Cinderheart, Cinderpelt’s death was still sad.

And the saddest death in The New Prophecy (in my opinion) was…

Feathertail died to save the Tribe of Rushing Water from Sharptooth. Her sacrifice was brave, but also a little heartbreaking! Feathertail had been such a kind cat. She helped Crowpaw not to be such a prickly cat, she helped Tawnypelt when she was hurt, and she was perhaps one of the kindest cats in Warriors. She didn’t deserve to die so young.

And those were what I consider the top five saddest deaths in The New Prophecy to be!

What deaths did you find particularly sad? Do you agree that the deaths I listed in this article were sad? Why or why not?

You can tell me in the comments, if you like, but if you don’t want to, that’s alright too.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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  • Awesome article, Turtlepaw!! 😀 I agree with you so much, especially about Shrewpaw and Feathertail! I’m glad you mentioned Shrewpaw; I love him, and not many articles about The New Prophecy include him. 🙂
    Including Hawkfrost was also really cool! I never thought about it much, but his death is pretty sad!
    Great job! <3

  • Great article! Shrewpaw was a good friend to Squirrelflight. Too many Ferncloud kits have died, it’s sad he had to be one of them.

  • I agree with you on all of them. But I’ve looked at literally ALL of the comments and I think you missed one. What about poor Smokepaw? They were all going through the mountains and he fell off? Blackstar was so sad. The whole death was sad but-

  • Hi Turtle! I’ve recently joined the blog and you are FANTASTIC!!! You and I shares all the similar points about almost EVERYTHING. I know you probably don’t know me but I would really like you to be my friend! Oh, and nice article by the way!

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