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Firestar’s family genetics by Amberpaw

Art by SEGAmastergirl

Amberpaw examines Firestar’s family tree

*spoiler warning for people who have not finished Omen of the stars and 2 cat’s warrior names if they are still apprentices.

So I am useing the Warrior cats website family tree and Sandstorms parents will not be added for this article because they aren’t in the website’s family tree. I will not be doing Cloudtail’s kits and grandkits so no Ivypool and Dovewingg only Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Cloudtail, Hollyleaf, lionblaze, Jayfeather, Alderheart, and Sparkpelt.

For the first bit I will do Leafpool, Squirrelflight, and Cloudtail.

Ok so Squirrelflight is easy, she is a copy and past of Firestar with a bush tail, same pelt same eyes. Then Leafpool has white and brown tortise shell she-cat with amber eyes. Now she got her pelt from princess and I had assumed same with the eyes but when I looked it up Princess has(had?) green eyes, then I searched on google where did Leafpool get her eye color still nothing so Leafpool got her eye’s from the magic of StarClan. For Cloudtail his pelt is from his dad Oliver, who no one knows anything about exept that he has(had?) white fur, now no idea were Cloudtail got his eye’s so lets say Oliver.

Now for Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather

So Hollyleaf is easy black like Crowfeather and Firestar family eyes or she looks like Deadfoot who is Black with green eyes. Lionblaze is like Sandstorm (I think?), then he has his mother, Leafpool’s eyes. Jayfeather has a gray pelt with blue eyes, something he shares with his grandmother, and according to the warrior’s website family tree, 2 of Crowfeather’s dead litter mates were gray, Eaglekit and Hillkit.

Now for Alderheart and Sparkpelt.

Alderheart has Squirrelflight’s pelt and Bramblestar’s eyes. and Sparkpelt is a Firestar clone. Graystipe says something along the lines of, She should have been called Sparkfire, she looks just like Firestar. Also honerble metions about Juniperkit and Dandylionkit, Squirrleflight’s dead kits. From the warrior cats website’s family tree Juniperkit looks like Bramblestar pelt wise. no idea about eyes, and different acounts say different things like Dandylionkit is often depicted to look like Juniperkit but the family tree has Dandylion kit looks like Sandstorm.

Thats all! Amberpaw signing off! (for now……….)

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  • Just wanted to point out that “Dandylionkit” is actually spelt “Dandelionkit”, not the former. Other than that, great article!

  • Perhaps you could have gone deep into depth about actual cat genetics, but that would take a lot of research. Great article, though!

  • I named my warrior cat Sparkfire because
    1. I like Sparkpelt and Firestar
    2. The name wasn’t used by a real warrior cat
    3. The name sounded good Graystripe said she(Sparkpelt) should’ve been called that instead

  • the parts where you said Squirrelflight was a copy and paste of Firestar and when you said Sparkpelt was a Firestar clone were really funny in my opinion

  • Nice article!
    If Warriors had realistic cat genes:
    Firestar would be a brown-and-white tom with amber eyes NO THE PROPHECY!!
    Sandstorm’s parents are unknown but maybe a pale tortoiseshell?
    Princess would be a flame-coloured she-cat with green eyes, and Cloudtail would be a brown-and-white tom. Squirrelflight and Leafpool would be tortoiseshells. Jayfeather would be a light grey tabby but with greenish blue eyes, Hollyleaf would be a tortoiseshell but Lionblaze would be brown and white!! Tigerclaw would be the same except hazel eyes, Brambleclaw (I dont like him so not calling him star) would be pale ginger and Tawnypelt would be bright tortie! So, how do cat genetics work?
    . Two tabbys = tortoiseshell
    . Males will always look like their mum, but if their mum is a tortie than they might be another colour, possibly brown or black, maybe ginger?
    . Females will look like their father.
    If you want to know more, search it up! Or reply…

  • Nice, but unfortunately all of this is incorrect.
    Squirrelflight would be a tortie, as her father would be a brown tabby.
    Leafpool would also be a tortie, and cats can’t inherit genes from their aunts, so she looks like her father.
    Hollyleaf would be a dilute tortie, and Crowfeather isn’t black. Jayfeather got the gray pelt from his father, most likely. Lionblaze would be a red or gray tabby.

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