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Speckledpaw lists their favourite and least favourite characters

Hey! It’s Speckledpaw here and this is my very first article ever! And it’s about my least fave and fave cats in the warriors universe! Okay let’s start with the faves! (Btw this a rough glimpse of my faves and least faves, I have a lot of opinions so I can’t fit them all here, heh heh. )
#5 Daisy: She’s such a sweet cat! I felt like Daisy really represented the irreplaceable love in the TC. And no matter what she was always so content! She was okay with TC and the cats there. She’s definitely my favorite queen. She was empathetic, strong willed, protective all the qualities of a ideal mother figure. Her novella was so sweet and it shows how easygoing she is.

#4 Alderheart when we were introduced to Alderheart as a scared and insecure apprentice, I just immediately clicked with him. The way he felt awkward and out of place hunting and fighting totally made me relate with him. If i was a warrior cat I would definitely be like Alderheart. My Mentor: “come on! Your an apprentice go hunt, it’s what your supposed to do”. Me: “Uh.. but it’s a bird..”. Lol. Also Alderheart was so different then a lot of other toms which made a intriguing character.

#3 Leafpool Not much to explain.. she was just so amazing! I felt for her so much. Her sacrifices showed that she is a rare and strong cat, and just had so much love!. Her bond with her sister Squirrelflight, was also precious and rare as well as her other bond with Mothwing.

#2 Violetshine idk how to explain here.. I just really like her! I relate with her like I do with leafpool and Alderheart. But I also just think she is a logical she cat who’s very straightforward. And is strongly loyal. She reminded of Hollyleaf a bit which I enjoy since I enjoy Hollyleaf. If there hadn’t been Violet in Vos then I wouldn’t of read it.. her chapters kept me going. Her relationship with Tree is also cute, I like him to. She was more serious then her sister Twigbranch which again, I liked.

#1 Whitestorm. Yep. He was a lot like Firestar but in a better way. He possessed loyalty and valor but in his own unique way different from Firestar. He was a heroic cat but he has no intentions to be, all he wanted a average warrior status not a remembered and cherished deputy one. Yet he accepted the position with utmost honor. He also had two great apprentices Brightheart and Sandstorm.

Now for my Least faves

#5 Bumblestripe: He was a creepy stalker! He forced Dovewing into a relationship she didn’t want to be in, thank starclan he didn’t succeed! She just didn’t like him that’s not a crime. He’s just so low. To have a good
Relationship with someone, it requires pull from both sides, While Bumblestripe obviously was smitten with the very EXISTENCE of Dovewing, Dovewing on the other.. er.. paw, loved Tigerstar II, which isn’t a crime, the way how Warriors is so dramatic with the idea of a cat loving a cat from a other clan isn’t a big deal. Besides they made it work. Without Tiger x Dove, Shadowsight and a lot of plot twist wouldn’t exist. Bumblestripe knew this, yet still hanged on the hope of convincing Dovewing to love him, by the facts like Tigerstar II was from another clan, by forcing and sheer annoyance, and just never leaving her alone.

#4 Graystripe: He was fair to Silverstream, but not so nice to Millie.. I love Millie so much, and as soon there kits left the nursery Graystripe totally didn’t care about her enough. Or any cat. he’s a little annoying to me.. and feel like he gets to much respect for what he did in TPB. His whole life was a joke. I mean If he really loved his kits (first litter) he would of treated there time together less like a game. Love is something to be cherished. And also he never cared about his second litter quite as much as his first, by escaping to the old forest he came closer to a time when things were better, and easier for him. Silverstream and Feathertail. Not once after the events of Vos did he directly say he missed Briarlight after her death.

#3 Berrynose: One word to explain his misery: Obnoxious Twit. (He just automatically became mates with poppyfrost! That seems wrong. He trusted Sol, and the imposter)

#2 Bramblestar I might make another in the future about my opinion about Bramblestar. It’s not his fault he’s the way he is, it’s Firestar. Firestar never trusted him.. and for a long never gave Him a chance.. As a result Bramblestar became hungry for respect! He wanted every cat to respect him and treat him like a noble warrior.. not a tyrant. So he became mates with Squirrelflight to earn respect of the clan and Firestar, and also to have kits and pass on his “noble” legacy. Squirrelflight constantly showed love and affection to Bramblestar.. While he didn’t pass it back. I think that Bramblestar is slightly evil, and desperate for respect. It’s only a theory, but hopefully I can make a article that better justifys my opinion. Right now it probably seems like belting out accusations for no reason.. heh. Heh. Though I truly feel like Squirrelflight is a puppet on Bramblestars strings.. Also quick thing.. I mean the real Bramblestar not the imposter. I don’t want any confusion.
#1 Mapleshade
A lot of people think that Mapleshade is the most unlucky cat.. or the most tragic.. but that’s totally not true.. (my opinion that was rude) she caused the death of her kits! There was a bridge and she saw it! And ignored it. She caused the unnecessary death of A lot of cats. The reason that she wanted “vengeance” on these cats was because she blames them for her mistakes. But those cats were just be loyal! Frecklewish couldn’t of saved her kits (probably) and she has right be upset! What If someone lied and told you had nieces and nephews! But actually that’s a lie. Maple basically disrespected a ancestor here. Anyways she was never upset about the Dark forest and her existence there! If she loved her kits she would of moped about it! Chose to be better for her kits. She did the opposite! It was all about her. Yes, feel sorry for her kits but not her!

Welp that was a lot of ranting but yep that’s my opinion! Thanks for reading. Also if you feel like your favorite character was bashed or left out these are just my opinions, In the end I don’t really have a preference, my favorite things about the warriors universe is it’s unique plot and world building.

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