Why Raggedstar is NOT my favorite by Dappledkit

Art by DrakynWyrm

Dappledkit analyzes Raggedstar’s character

So, hi, this is maybe my first or second article so far on Blogclan and It’s gonna be about Raggedstar. I have some reasons for really hating Raggedstar, and here’s why. (This is NOT about Foxheart. Please comment if you want me to do something on Foxheart) so anyway, back to Raggedstar.

1. The first reason I’m not big on Raggedstar is because he is at first super in love with Yellowfang when she is an apprentice and he is Raggedpelt. He loves her so much and stuff like that. But then, when she wants to be a medicine cat, he is seemingly blinded by grief, and suddenly she’s the worst cat in the world. He can barely control his mood swings I suppose, and he kinda reminds me of a less intense Jayfeather. Then she’s suddenly amazing again, and he wants them to meet in secret and be together. Then, she kinda leaves him again, and he hates her once more. He needs to work on that

2. Raggedstar flirts with Foxheart the minute it seems that Yellowfang has abandoned his love. He flirts with her, making her his deputy when he becomes leader. He also broadcasts to the clan that they are mates and that Brokenkit(star) is her son. He does this to infuriate Yellowfang and make her jealous. This works (I think. I havne’t read Yellowfang’s Secret in a while.) so then she dies, and he suddenly doesn’t care.

3. He goes blind with love when Brokenkit(star) is now all alone without a mother, and wants to make sure his is raised correctly. He showers him with love, making him arrogant and hateful towards Yellowfang. When Raggedstar finally realizes his mistake, he suddenly goes begging back to Yellowfang for help. She tells him to figure it out on his own, and for once she’s super realizing how stupid Raggedstar is. Then, he is killed by Brokentail(star)

So there you have it, that’s why I think Raggedtstar isn’t the best, and that he shouldn’t be treated like such a hero and stuff. He’s really one of the only Shadowclan cats in Starclan that readers know well, but that doesn’t mean all the things he did can be forgiven.

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