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Falling Snow lists their favourite characters – do you agree?

Hello blogclan! These are my top 10 favourite characters and I have a lot of unpopular opinions so prepare for that I’m going to try and keep my reasons for liking the characters short.. let’s get started!
10 – Tree
I really like Tree. He’s such a good father to Rootspring and I mean… who wouldn’t love him after the whole “think bush” thing. I absolutely love the conversation he had with Bristlefrost about following her heart and I’d like to see a friendship form between them!
9 – Honeyfern
I love Honeyfern because she’s a really kind cat who cares about others. I liked her relationship with Berrynose as well. Honeyfern sacrificed herself saving Briarkit and ended up dying from the snake venom. She’s amazing and I think she’s really underrated
8 – Snowtuft
After reading The Place of No Stars, Snowtuft DESERVES to be on my list. In fact, I think he should be on every favourites list. His character development, bravery, and change of character really made him shine throughout the book. I love Snowtuft and I will probably rank him higher, depending on the events of A Light in the Mist. I hope he doesn’t die! I also hope he goes to StarClan because he deserves it
7 – Ivypool
Ivypool is amazing. True she was jealous of her sister at first and that is what led her to the dark forest. But she realized her mistake and risked her life spying on them instead. She was really brave. Also Ivypool is the best mentor I’ve ever seen. Just look at how supportive she is towards Twigpaw. I felt bad for her when Dovewing abandoned her and ThunderClan. I hate Dovewing because I think she is a selfish cat. She is insensitive to other peoples (cats) emotions and she doesn’t care about anyone but herself, Tigerheart, and her kits. Anyways this is about Ivypool so let’s get back to that! Ivypool is a character I really really love and oh also, she gave birth to Bristlefrost! We’ll get to Bristlefrost shortly. Anyways I want to see more of Ivypool in the future her character is great.
6 – Hollyleaf
Hollyleaf would honestly be tied with my 5th favourite character but for the sake of choosing, I put her as 6th. I really liked Hollyleaf in Power of Three and her breakdown and “villain arc” was the only interesting thing in POT tbh.. But omen of the stars really made her shine! Hollyleaf helped the clans beat sol, she tried to change her life and make up for her past mistakes. If you’re gonna tell me “why do you like her she killed ashfur!” Well I don’t really care lol. I hate Ashfur, she did me a favour. I’m not justifying murder but Hollyleaf did make up for her actions and she did regret it. Anyways Hollyleaf sacrificed herself saving Ivypool. She deserved StarClan and I’m glad she did. I love Hollyleaf so much and her relationship with Leafpool? Yes! I want to see more. Thankfully, Squirrelflight’s Hope and the bonus scene for lost stars did that for me.
5 – Leafpool
Leafpool suffered so much. She gave up crowfeather, she gave up her kits, she dealt with her kits hating her, losing her place in the clan, losing her respect and more. I do like her relationship with Crowfeather, it’s one of my fav ships, but I hate how crowfeather rejected his kits and told Leafpool she meant nothing to him. I don’t like Crowfeather for those reasons. But Leafpool, she always cared about every cat. She and Squirrelflight are the best pair of sisters in warriors in my opinion. Unlike Dovewing and Ivypool who were a MESS as sisters, Squirrelflight and Leafpool looked out for eachother and cared for eachother. Leafpool died saving 3 kits who weren’t even clanborn. I love her, she’s always gonna be in my top 5.
4 – Rootspring!
Rootspring! One of my favourite broken code characters. His struggles with feeling accepted and being bullied was all very relatable. BristleXRoot is my favourite ship, and I really like how rootspring and bristlefrost took their time with it. Rootspring’s chapters are so good especially in the place of no stars when he gets kidnapped into the dark forest. He’s a really kind cat and he’s a very likeable character. If Rootspring doesn’t get out of the dark forest alive I’m going to seriously quit warriors. Also please let him get together with Bristlefrost and have kits. I want a BristleRoot baby protag lol. Anyways let’s get back to Rootspring. I like how he didn’t listen to Needleclaw’s crap when she was being bratty and annoying. I hate Needleclaw… just… no. Anyways, I’m gonna wrap it up here for Rootspring!
3 – Needletail!
I LOVE NEEDLETAIL! Honestly she’s tied with my second favourite character. Needletail is the definition of a complex and well written character. I’ve re-read shattered sky over and over again for Needletail. Needletail isn’t cruel or manipulative like most of you seem to think. She was starving in a prison but she gave her food to the RiverClan prisoners, not taking any for herself. She sacrificed herself for Violetpaw, her best friend/sister. Needletail realized her mistake of joining the rogues and she helped Violetpaw and Alderheart give mothwing’s herbs to RiverClan. Also I really liked her attitude in the apprentice‘s quest. It made me laugh. Anyways I consider Needletail as my 2nd favourite character but as I said before with Leafpool and Hollyleaf. For the sake of choosing, I put her as third. Also do watch Unravel if you haven’t, it’s the best map in all of history. It’s a Needletail map and it does a wonderful job of covering her life. I’ve watched it over and over again, even memorized the song.
2 – Squirrelflight!
I loved Squirrelflight from the very beginning! As Squirrelpaw, I didn’t find her annoying. She was so relatable. I was a lot like Squirrelpaw as a child so seeing someone similar to me was nice. Just like Needlepaw, she had an attitude and she went on a journey she wasn’t invited for. So yes to make it clear, Squirrelflight and Needletail are tied for 2nd favourite. Anyways Squirrelflight took in her sisters kits out of love for her sister. She always did what she thought was right, and that’s wonderfully shown in Squirrelflight’s Hope. She’s so eager and brave and she stands on her own 2 feet. She stood up for herself when Bramblestar was being… Bramblestar. Bramblestar is terrible and he’s a horrible mate, especially in squirrelflight’s hope. Squirrelflight was one of the only cats (if not the only cat) who wanted to give the sisters time to move on. She cared more about peace and she put herself in the sisters shoes. She’s really understanding and she’s not afraid to stand up to cats like Bramblestar and Tigerstar. She always does the right thing, and for good reason. This is why I love Squirrelflight!
1 – BRISTLEFROST!!!!!!!!!
BRISTLEFROST I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! I love Shadowsight too, but BRISTLEFROST IS MY QUEEN. Time to write an essay on how amazing she is: When Bristlefrost was rejected by stemleaf, she moved on and accepted it, unlike some cats… *cough Ashfur* She was so brave, spying on Ashfur/Imposterstar. I feel like many people acknowledge the fact that Shadowsight was horribly manipulated by Ashfur (which he was) but nobody acknowledges how terribly Bristlefrost was manipulated. Ashfur would easily have killed her (or worse) if he found out that she was a spy. She did what she could for her clanmates and she is just so underrated. And that’s only half of what she’s done! I haven’t even talked about Bristlefrost in Darkness Within and The Place of No Stars yet! At least Bristlefrost got some rest in darkness within from being in extreme danger.. I loved her with Rootspring in this book! When they confessed their love it was so sweet! Honestly, the only journey I enjoyed reading about, was the journey to find the sisters. Also I really love Sunrise (a she cat from the sisters) and she’s one of my favourite characters! Anyways back on topic, in the place of no stars, Bristlefrost risked her life, twice going to the dark forest, even though everyone told her how dangerous it would be. She did not lose her character! If I was her, I would’ve overreacted WAY more! The cat she loves was dragged to cat hell, do you expect her to sit and not even think about him? She doesn’t know if Rootspring is even alive and the last thing (last thing they discussed about their relationship) they said to eachother was “I can’t leave my clan to be with you”. I hope they have a scene where they reunite. Bristlefrost is easily the bravest most amazing character. My all time favourite character and I love her SO SO MUC- ok I’ll stop now, you all know how I feel about Bristlefrost!

Thank you for reading my article and I hope you liked it! I had lots of fun writing it!

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  • Dovewing isn’t selfish, she loved and cared for ivypool. And she went to thunderclan and told ivypool she was leaving, don’t forget. Also, when is dovewing insensitive?

  • SolarFlame (clan name) SolarFire (ancients name) Flame that soars through sky( tribe of rushing water) Solar (kittypet) Flame (rouge) says:

    My top ten cats are…

    10- Shadowsight: he’s just so sweet and I am adopting him now. MINE
    9- Tree: Tree is amazing I love how he hunts in bush mode and how he continues to infuriate most warriors.
    8-Bristlefrost: I’m sorry but the only reason I like her is because she reminds me of Ivypool. She’s a good cat but yeah. Ivypool reincarnated.
    7- Ivypool: Poor Ivypool I will never leave u for Dovewing. She was so brave spying in the dark forest and in the great battle.
    5-Graywing: He is my child. His death was so so sad and he is the reason the clans came to be.
    4-Scourge: I am awed by his rise to power in his manga and how we killed Tigerstar 1 Turing the tables instantly
    3-Tigerstar 1: His ambition was perfect and his plans worked almost flawless if not for Firestars intervention.
    2-There is no second best cat as the gap between the others and number 1.
    1- MAPLESHADE: She is queeeen. She achieved so much as a villain killing the ones who wronged her and more. Just *chef kiss

  • Hey, we have the same top two; my favourite is Bristlefrost and I love Squirrelflight as well! (It used to be Squirrelflight at the top with Bristlefrost farther down the list, but that’s a story for another time!)

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