Wondering about Mistkit- a future favorite character? by Pinestripe

Artwork by Wayne McLoughlin

Pinestripe theorizes about Mistkit’s personality

I’m sure a lot of us are making exciting predictions for the upcoming arc- A Starless Clan!
In this article I’ll talk about my hopes for a character who I know nothing about but hope I’ll love!
Now, I am quite in need of a new favorite character- my favorite cat Honeyfern died many books ago and I thought I’d never have a living favorite again. But after growing to love two sweet kittypets, Jessy and Velvet (who I still have hopes of seeing again but unfortunately maybe not that soon), I realized I could have multiple favorites- and that I could find new cats to love who’ll never replace Honeyfern, but still be great, lovable characters in their own way.
I really hope that in the new arc there will be a character who I’ll grow to love and begin to enjoy following the story of. I decided to do some early research and see what characters we might get to know in the upcoming book- just to get my hopes up I guess.
We know from the blurb of River that our next protagonist will be Frostpaw- a RiverClan medicine cat apprentice.
So I did some research about Frostpaw (who is currently still Frostkit), and found out she has a littermate named Mistkit.
And I began to wonder, could Mistkit be my future favorite character?
Now, it’s true I don’t know anything about her. But I have hopes that once I get to know her I’ll love her.
I remember choosing Honeykit…
I liked her unique prefix and her description, and I decided she would be my favorite out of Sorreltail’s litter, despite knowing nothing about her. Then, once I got to know her, it turned out her personality was absolutely wonderful and she was just the type of character I like. Looking back, I’m hoping it’ll be the same with Mistkit.
Why did I choose Mistkit?
Well, first off- I love her name. One of my favorite OCs whom I’ve had for a long time is actually named Mist and it’s one of my favorite prefixes (or suffixes) in warriors. I’ve always hoped for a cat with that name to be a defined character in warriors- one whose personality we will see.
Perhaps it’s because of the soft, refreshing nature of mist, or maybe because of my peace-loving OC, I imagine this suffix to fit a gentle cat. And that’s how I imagine Mistkit- a gentle, caring cat.
Another thing that made me look at Mistkit is that I tend to prefer secondary characters who have good interactions with the protagonist.
Considering that Mistkit is the protagonist’s sister, that’s very likely with her.
With her sister as the protagonist I’m sure we’ll soon know a lot about Mistkit’s character and have some good scenes with her!
Now let’s go into my hopes and the things that will determine wether I have a favorite character in Mistkit.
The first question is- what makes a character likable to me?
I like kind characters. That’s basically my one biggest requirement.
Pleasant personality traits, playfulness, and a supportive, caring nature are good ones as well.
A character doesn’t have to be plot-important for me to love them, nor do they need much development, so I’m not worried about those things- just her personality.
I have high hopes for Mistkit and that’s what I’ll talk about next. Remember that none of this is confirmed as we don’t know much about Mistkit- these are simply things I would like to see.
As I’ve mentioned earlier, the most important thing to me is a character’s personality, so we’ll talk about that first.
I imagine Mistkit to be a gentle, caring, and patient cat with a kind heart and a sweet nature.
I have a lot of hopes for her relationship with Frostkit. I’d love to see them be close sisters, and I really hope for a sweet scene where Mistkit comforts Frostkit- I imagine her to be a very supportive littermate.
The blurb describes Frostkit to be very eager as she hopes to help her Clan. Mistkit is probably happy for her and encourages her that she’ll succeed in her dreams.
And what about Mistkit and Graykit’s relationship? I think she probably loves hanging out with her brother and it’ll be interesting to see them interact!
We can definitely expect to see the three littermates play or chat together, and I’m really excited for that, as such lighthearted scenes help me connect with the characters.
Another prediction is that maybe Mistkit feels a bit sad that since Frostkit decided to be a medicine cat apprentice they won’t be training together. It could be interesting to observe, even from outside her POV, the struggle between Mistkit’s disappointment and her determination to be happy for her sister. This could also lead to some emotional scenes where she admits her feelings to Frostpaw and they comfort each other.
These are just a few of my theories.
I’m really excited to read about Mistkit and find out what she’s actually like- and meeting her family members will be great as well!
This was an interesting article to write, as I pondered about a character who I don’t know yet at all, and it was fun to ponder about what she might act like.
It’ll probably be even more interesting to look back at this article after the next arc is out and see how much of my predictions are accurate.
If Mistkit really does end up being my next favorite, I think this will be a really special article for me to look back at- an article about her from before I met her.

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