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Yarrowheart analyzes Bluestar

Hello BlogClan cats! This is my first article, so hope you enjoy 🙂
Today I will be talking about my opinions on Bluestar.
Lemme give you some basic info about this leader. *Spoilers about the first arc throughout the article*

Mother: Moonflower
Father: Stormtail
Sister: Snowfur
Mentor: Stonepelt, Sunfall (Sunstar)
Kits: Mistyfoot (Mistystar), Stonefur, Mosskit

I think this will be enough. So now, I’ll go on about the MAIN topic: my opinions on Bluestar.
So she was the first leader I ever met in the Warriors book, and she seemed to be WAY better than the other 3 leaders at that time, so I basically fell in love with her character. Who wouldn’t like a noble, courageous, wise leader like Bluestar? She even let a kittypet into her clan, so that might be a little debate, but hey, that kittypet was Firestar.
Then I was quite frustrated with her when Bluestar didn’t listen to Firestar (Fireheart then) about Tigerclaw. I mean, just look at how Cinderpaw got hit by a car (monsters, they call it) after going to Tigerclaw! That was surely a trap, yet Bluestar didn’t even consider Tigerclaw being evil. Sure, she seemed to know that Tigerclaw was quite fierce (she hesitated to make Tigerclaw deputy) but she didn’t know Tigerclaw was evil. So I was quite frustrated with her on that point.

Then I was basically mad at her when she declared war with her own ancestors after there was fire and some deaths. That was just an unlucky season for Thunderclan, but it wasn’t because Starclan was mad at Thunderclan. At least, I think. So Bluestar could’ve just asked to Starclan why this is happening, but she declared war first. I really don’t understand cats who turn from Starclan. Conclusion is- Bluestar was a noble leader at the start- but she wasn’t so good at her end.

She was still loyal to her clan, though. I liked that about her- loyalty to her clan.
Then she died while fighting the dogs, so that’s basically it about her. She seemed to be back to her ‘normal’ self in Starclan, so I was quite relived. I was quite tensing when Yellowfang attacked Bluestar though.

That’s it about Bluestar, the leader of Thunderclan! Hope you enjoyed!

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  • Loved the article, but I have one thing to say: Bluestar was going a bit insane, that’s all. She was getting really old, and with all the stress of having to lead a Clan through impossible times, I can’t blame her. But I like looking at stuff through other peoples’ eyes, so this was really interesting! Great article, Yarrow! 🙂 (First comment???)

  • I, personally, really enjoyed reading about Bluestars decline, as it added depth. In the future, I hope there will be more mental health awareness.

  • first comment?
    nice article but maybe i would have added that it was partly because of tigerclaw(her so-called “loyal” deputy) almost murdering her that she went crazy

  • I am sorry this is of topic, but can someone please tell me what book squirrelflight is thrown of the cliff?! I have seen it in a couple maps, but when does it happen in the books?!

    • I don’t actually remember that happening lol. I haven’t read the whole series of…um ..the broken code was it? (the one with Alderheart and Violetpaw and stuff as the main characters. I don’t read the books in english)

    • waitwaitwait… i think i missed something… squirrelflight gets thrown off a cliff????
      (sounds interesting [:<)

    • Same as night Lilly, I hAve not read all the series. But I have heard that happen. Lots of people on ROBLOX and stuff has talked about that but different thing show that happened.


  • Well honestly, think of it this way, your not gonna listen if some cat in your clan tells your deputy is a bloodthirsty killer, that was a garbage move by Firestar. What did he think was gonna happen??? also it would be cool if the reason Bluestar rebelled against Starclan was that she was hypnotized by someone, or her body was stolen or whtver the imposter did.

  • I really don’t like Bluestar as much. She’s so stubborn and won’t get over deaths! She’s like oh I miss them I’ll be bad to my clan mate. I hope you get my point.

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