3 Warrior Cat Names I Dislike by Frostwillow

Frostwillow lists names they don’t like.

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1. Snowbush
The prefix snow is great and one of my favorite prefixes, but I really hate the suffix bush, as it gives no hint to Snowbush’s personality. I would have preferred Snowpelt over this, since this is the typical “plain” name used for background characters. The name “Snowbush” makes me think of a dead bush, while Snowpelt makes me think of a fluffy white cat. Which one represents the background character more. I believe Snowpelt does. Other background characters have beautiful names, like Cloudmist and Dawncloud, but Snowbush’s name reminds me of an ugly dead bush. If a name had to be plain, I wouldn’t make it ugly. Also, aparently it’s also a name of a plant.
Alternative Names

2. White-eye/One-eye
In my opinion, One-eye has never had a decent name. She started out as Whitekit when she was pale gray. How pale was she for her mother to name her Whitekit? Her warrior’s name was after an injury, which was cruel for Pinestar to do, and the name has two e’s in a row. With the “-“ added into the name, it looks different from other names, which I don’t like. Her second name has the same problem and is also after an injury. If I were leader, I would give her a name like Whiteheart or Whiteshine for being brave in whatever situation she lost her eye in.
Alternative Names

The authors obviously didn’t think about Blackstar as a kit because his name makes no sense. Why would you name a kit Blackkit if they have barely any black on them? Was the black even visible on him when he was named. Blackfoot’s appearance is like a color points, and color points are born all white. The type of pattern Blackfoot has is genetically impossible, so he would probably be a color point in real life. That would mean there’s no way he would be named Blackkit, since he looks all white. Also, I hate the suffix foot, but that’s the only other thing than “paw” to describe a cat’s paws, so it’s either that or leg. Also, Blackstar’s name is also a Native American Tribe.
Alternative Names

-Honerable Mentions-
Quietkit(stillborn??? I’m pretty sure she was born in Crookedstar’s leadership, may have been killed by him)
Frecklewish(only bc it was used twice for some reason)

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