Top 4 Characters I Hate by Amberpaw

Amberpaw lists their least favourite characters.

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Hi! I’m Amberpaw back with another article. Today I will focus on my least favorite cats.

Dovewing: She is a B-R-A-T. She is a full on brat. I have powers and I can’t tell my sister, boohoo, I have to save my clan from the dark forest woe is me. My sister is apart of them now cry for me! I used to like her until she switched to ShadowClan. Then I lost it, you are already a cat with an amazing life, and act like it is evil and then you leave your clan for the jerk that Tigerstar 2 is? Uhhh! I hate Dovewing.

Crowfeather: Your love dies so you find a new one, ok understandable. You have to leave the new one because they are a med cat and from another clan, ok that has probably happened some other time in the warriors universe. you are mean to the cat because you want to be mean to the cat you loved for moons? NO! You pick upa new mate who loves you but you don’t love them back? what Mousebrain does that? acctulley scratch that FLEAbrain. Then you hate the kit you had with Nightcloud then when you find out Leafpool had kits you like those kits? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU CROWFEATHER.??!!!

Bramblestar: 1, you have a boring super edtion 2. you are awful to squirrelflight. 3 you are mean to the sisters. I only like you as a ghost because then we get Rootspring running into the lake in the middle of a gathering.

Breezepelt.reezepelt is a jerk and always has been, he picks on other cats on Lionblaze( who almost made it to the list) and then mates with Haethertail who I also hate. he laughs over his half sister’s dead body and then continues to fight for the dark forest and then tries to retcon himself into a good guy! This evil furball, good? no, but him pertending to be good? yes. He has to be some arc’s main villain before he dies and when he does he better end up in the dark forest.

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  • I agree with points 4 and 2, but excuse me, Crowfeather is a decent character! And Breezepelt-Breezepelt is a good character. He had problems, and also, his relationship with Heathertail actually WORKED (unlike most of his father’s relationships)! Breezepelt does not deserve the Dark Forest. Sure, he may have had a rough beginning, but he changed! He would fight for WindClan with his life!

    • Just because he supposedly changed doesn’t justify any of his actions. You shouldn’t try to kill your half-brothers or say you deserve to die in front of your half-sister’s corpse and you shouldn’t try to kill you father’s ex-wife and you shouldn’t try to kill a pregnant woman. He is very hypocritical, saying to Leafpool and Squirrelflight that they are codebreakers when he commited a worse crime. (This was after dark forest battle)

  • I polietfully have to disagree with this.
    1) Dovewing didn’t ask for the powers, and didn’t brag about them.
    2) Crowfeather’s Trial has a lot of character development that really helps them
    3) Bramblestar is really stressed, cause you know, his mentor died. I am sure that he didn’t mean to lash out. He didn’t have time to apologize, cause he was a ghost.
    4) Breezepelt didn’t have the best childhood, but again, in Crowfeather’s Trial, he has character development, and he is good now. Now, this doesn’t excuse his actions, but he apologizes to Lionblaze.

  • I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU! The only thing that I disagree with is Dovewing. I don’t like her but she’s better than other characters. I also would order the cats differently. Least would be Bramblestar, second least would be Crowfeather, and third least would be Breezepelt. Besides that we are basically the same person.

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