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The Meanings of the Warriors Titles by Brillig

Brillig takes a look at the meaning of Warriors book titles.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Why are books given a specific title? Was it just a collection of random words or a phrase the author found sounded nice? Or do they have to do with the story?

The titles of the Warriors books of the main series, and their presumed meanings, are as follows:

Into the Wild: Rusty the kittypet leaves his Twoleg home and joins ThunderClan!

Fire and Ice: The “fire” presumably refers to Fireheart, but I don’t know about the ice. It sounds good, though.

Forest of Secrets: There were many secrets. Tigerclaw’s secret about how Redtail really died. Graystripe’s secret about Silverstream. Bluestar’s secret about Mistyfoot and Stonefur.

Rising Storm: Things are getting more dangerous. Tigerclaw is out for revenge. Also, there was an actual storm.

A Dangerous Path: Things are still dangerous. Could possibly be referring to the trail Tigerstar led the dogs on.

The Darkest Hour: There were several incidents that could be referring to a dark hour. Stonefur’s death. Tigerstar’s death. The battle with BloodClan.

Midnight: The questing cats met Midnight the badger, of course.

Moonrise: The forest is being destroyed, but there is hope in the questing cats! Also, maybe one of the Tribe’s omens. Or maybe “Moonrise” just sounds good.

Dawn: The forest is gone, cats are dead, but they have found a new home-there is hope!

Starlight: Stars shine in the night. Things aren’t going so well, what with settling new territories and dealing with rebellions.

Twilight: Twilight, dusk, the darkening of day. The badgers attack. And of course, The Infamous Leafpool-Crowfeather Incident…

Sunset: The end of an era. To quote Leafpool: “It’s over, and peace has come.”

The Sight: Jaypaw’s vision of Skywatcher giving Firestar the “three cats, kin of your kin” prophecy.

Dark River: The underground river.

Outcast: It is revealed that Brook and Stormfur had been exiled from the Tribe of Rushing Water.

Eclipse: Rather self-explanatory.

Long Shadows: The darkness that hides within every cat-in this case, within one cat in particular….And of course, a dark secret hidden by certain cats…

Sunrise: The secret is out. The scandal threatens to destroy ThunderClan’s relationship with WindClan, not to mention multiple ThunderClan cats’ relationships with each other. Hollyleaf is dead. But take hope! It is not the end of the mysterious prophecy. Firestar still has more kin. “There are still three of us!”                                                   Yeah…not so much. Actually, I think Sunset’s and Sunrise’s titles should be switched.

The Fourth Apprentice: Refers to Dovepaw, apprenticed before Ivypaw; the first three apprentices, at the time, were Bumblepaw, Blossompaw, and Briarpaw.

Fading Echoes: I don’t know. It sounds good, though.

Night Whispers: The Dark Forest, preying on the warriors’ dreams in the middle of the night.

Sign of the Moon: Having to do with a prophecy or omen.

The Forgotten Warrior: Hollyleaf returns! Although I wouldn’t say she was forgotten. Some cats may have wanted to forget her, but she was certainly present in the minds of many cats.

The Last Hope: The last hope to defeat the Dark Forest is to find the fourth cat…

The Apprentice’s Quest: Again, rather self-explanatory.

Thunder and Shadow: Focuses on Twigpaw and Violetpaw growing up in their respective Clans.

Shattered Sky: The remnants of SkyClan are finally found.

Darkest Night: Despite Darktail’s defeat, things aren’t going as well as they thought, what with ShadowClan self-destructing.

River of Fire: There was a fire that destroyed the RiverClan camp. Also, cool title.

The Raging Storm: There was a pretty big storm.

Lost Stars: Cut off from StarClan.

The Silent Thaw: Spring has come…but StarClan is still silent.

Veil of Shadows: And still they barely know what’s going on. Possibly also a reference to Shadowsight.

Darkness Within: Ashfur within Bramblestar; Shadowsight betraying his own best motives; the secret darkness within every cat.

The Place of No Stars: And guess where they ended up now!

That’s how many books have currently been released, so I’m not going to speculate on future titles. Also, I haven’t included Dawn of the Clans because it’s not really part of the mainstream series; it’s a prequel.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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