The Prophecy of the Silver Cat: Who was the savior? Feathertail, or Stormfur? by Blossomfire15

Blossomfire15 wonders about the Tribe’s prophecy in The New Prophecy.

Art by Vialir

Hey guys, this is Blossomfire15 here!
Okay, I know what you guys are probably thinking. “Who was the savior? DUH- it’s Feathertail! Is this person mouse-brained?” But after reading TNP again(just recently Moonrise) I thought about the Tribe prophecy and all the events of the book.
Feathertail saved the Tribe, but was it really her that was the savior?
I’ll explain what I mean more through out this article.
So I’m going to go through the events of Moonrise between the journeying cats and the Tribe of Rushing Water:

1. Stormfur, Feathertail and gang travel through the mountains towards home, despite Purdy’s protesting. They’re uncertain about their choice and find the region dangerous and unpredictable. After being knocked out by a flood, they meet a few cats from the Tribe of Rushing Water who reside in a cave behind a waterfall.
You already know from the Prologue that there is some sort of weird prophecy jazz going on with these cats that the Clan crew are unaware of.

Because Feathertail’s fur is disguised black from the mud, the Tribe cats recognize Stormfur as the savior silver cat from their prophecy. A lot of weird vibes happen as the group stays in the cave for awhile. They start to plan to leave but the Tribe insists on prolonging their visit, raising suspicion. Finally, when they’re going to leave, the Tribe holds Stormfur hostage; driving the rest of the Clan cats away. Stormfur is shocked because it wasn’t prophecy that he was going to join his sister on the journey, so he concluded there was no way he could be part of a prophecy from a strange Tribe.

The reason Stormfur traveled with Feathertail was because of his fierce loyalty and love for his sister. It is revealed to the gray tom that the Tribe has been plagued by a big lion with no mane called Sharptooth. Stormfur denies that he is the cat in the prophecy and continues to believe that. Meanwhile, Brambleclaw and everyone plan to come back and attack the Tribe, saving Stormfur. They save Stormfur right at the same time Sharptooth attacks the Tribe, injuring and killing cats. When they escape, they meet a few cats who as they say “used” to be part of the Tribe; who were sent out to kill Sharptooth.
But a few of them were killed, leading them to hide and stay away from the Tribe.

Stormfur finally accepts that he is the silver cat and feels a need to save the Tribe from this vicious beast. He persuades his friends to come back and kill the beast through deathberries stuffed in a rabbit. They agree out of loyalty and friendship, embarking towards the cave.

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