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Cats That Might Need to Die by Bearpaw

Bearpaw lists some cats who have grown old in the modern arc.


I’m just gonna say, there are a LOT of cats that have lived a VERY long time, and they probably don’t need to exist anymore. That’s all this is- cats that have lived an unnecessarily long life and have somehow skipped death.
1. Thornclaw. He first appears in Forest of Secrets, and is still living to this day. He’s lived longer than FIRESTAR did, and that’s HUGE. Thornclaw should have at least retired to the elder’s den a long time ago, but he’s still a warrior and is still somehow going strong.
2. Mistystar. I feel like some people might get mad at me for this one because I used to like Mistystar a lot, but she’s been a leader for three and a half arcs, and still somehow has seven or eight lives left (Unless she’s died without it saying so in the books). Also, if Mistystar dies, I feel like Reedwhisker should die before her so that it won’t be a clean slate of no deputies dying and all of them getting to be the leader.
3. Bumblestripe. Once again, a fairly old cat that is somehow still a warrior and didn’t retire to the elder’s den. That just speaks for itself. He needs to go.
4. Crowfeather. Again, I might get yelled at for this one, but let’s be honest here. He’s lived his life, he’s a pretty old cat (That once again is STILL A WARRIOR but should PROBABLY BE AN ELDER), and he should probably head to StarClan where he can live in peace.
5. Cloverfoot. She’s not really that old, but I just feel like it would spice things up if she died. I will admit, the Clans don’t really need “spicing up” right now, but y’know.
6. Jayfeather. He’s old. It would make the books interesting if he died right now because ThunderClan would only be left with one medicine cat and Alderheart would have a panic attack. As awesome and unnecessarily grumpy as he is, and it kinda pains me to say this, but he should probably die.
7. Lionblaze. Once again, like so many others, he’s an old boi, and he doesn’t really matter anymore. He was important in Omen of the Stars because of his weird “I can’t be wounded in battle” stuff, but he’s not important anymore.
8. Ashfur. Dude, just LEAVE, You’re ANNOYING and the Clans HATE YOU so just DIE A SECOND TIME OR SOMETHING.

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  • Great article!

    To be honest Jayfeather isn’t that old, and if he dies now he’s gonna be in every dream EVER-

    Like, someone will just be sleeping, and he’ll just- ‘Oh hey, it’s me. Jayfeather. Since I’m dead now I can visit your dreams and tell you how terrible you are.’

    (I want Jayfeather to grow older and older and get angrier and angrier-) .3.

  • 💥ᠻꪶꪖ᥅ꫀꫝꫀꪖ᥅ꪻ❤𝕗Lᗩя𝒆𝕡άW💥𝕱𝖑𝖆𝖗𝖊❤𝔽𝕝𝕒𝕣𝕖𝕪💥Belugasong💦 🏴‍☠Captain of the Eclipse 🏴‍☠help save the Beluga whale says:

    The ashfur part is a piece of art, you should get a prize. Nice article.

  • I disagree with Lionblaze, Bumblestripe, Crowfeather, Jayfeather, and Cloverfoot

    Lion and Jay:

    -Lionblaze and Jayfeather are only 8 years old so they still have a lot of lifetime left for a cat. Cat’s and normally live for 16-18yrs so Jay and Lion still have half their lifetime.
    – Lionblaze is very much still important, especially with his scenes in TBC


    -Bumblestripe is probably only 6 or 7, still fairly young for a cat.


    -Cloverfoot is a background character with personality, and I want her to take Tigerstar2’s place in the next arc.


    – I just like his scene’s with his son, I find them funny. No other reason. Also I promised my friends that I’d leave them off my to kill list.

    And I’m 99% sure mistystar is immortal at this point

    I agree with all the others tho.

  • How I think the cats should die:

    1. Jayfeather. Drown when saving a kit. (Body is found)

    2. Lionblaze. Dies in a fight lol. (I think the books have stated that the three lost their powers?)

    3. Ashfur. Guts go flyin’.

    I don’t wish for those cats to die.. or maybe i do.. ashfur.. GO AWAY NO-ONE LIKE YOU

    Nice article 👌

  • I agree! I LOVE Jayfeather and it would make me sad to see him gone but I do think that reading about how Alderheart would react to him gone and how he would handle it would be interesting to read about.


  • You forgot about Mosspelt (who first appeared in Forest of Sercrets) and Oakfur (who first appeared in Fire and Ice and was serving for five leaders).

  • Great article, but I disagree with the Mistystar one.

    I kinda want her to live forever. If there’s an arc twelve I want Mistystar to be leader.

    I love her, and I wonder if she’s secretly a house cat, since they live longer.

  • Jayfeather probably shouldn’t die because he’ll be like *pops into random cat’s dream* Hi, I died, and now I’m gonna torture you until the end. And by the way, you smell.
    Lionblaze will probably murder Ashfur in StarClan XD
    Otherwise, the Ashfur part was a masterpiece

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