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Warriorcat ships and sinks by Thornfeather

Thornfeather shares their opinion on several relationships.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Hello! Oiiiii Thornfeather here! Today I’m going to ship and sink warriorcat ships 🙂
Well,here we go !

Firestar x Sandstorm
Ship!! Love it! Well developed, natural , realistic and romantic at the same time! Not too much,or too little drama,and they love each other!

Tigerheart/star x Dovewing
Sink. Ok wait everyone,before you throw rocks at me,let me explain! Ok,every moment i was reading a Tigerheart/star x Dovewing scene, i felt….greasy…and cheesy. There are too much drama in their relationship, even though this is a little developed,it’s not really realistic and even though they love each other very much,i actually prefer the love type that includes all intimacy,passion and commitment. Tiger x dove is like.. 60% passion, 30% commitment and 10% intimacy in my opinion. So the conclusion is,Tiger x Dove is sweet love,but too much sweet love makes me feel cheesy and i like friend-like love better,so i sink this.

Bramblestar x Jessy
NO- just no man!!! sink!! Just…please get this ship out of my sight please…. i like them as just friends,not as mates or love because this is not love just please…get them out of my sight

Daisy x Ferncloud
sink. I get why some people ship it,they are both loving queens who guide new queens and kits in the nursery – but i think they are good friends,not as love

Mothwing x Leafpool
Ok…..sink. Hear me out shippers….. just…i think them as friends really. just because they are so close and Leafpool thought Mothwing was beautiful doesn’t really mean they love each other. I get why people ship them,but thinking about it,friends can get close,and if someone is beautiful,i would think ‘oh hey they are beautiful’ too even though the person is my friend and i don’t love them.

Ravenpaw x Barley
YESS SHIP!! I mean,yeah,they can be ‘just friends’ too,but i personally ship them because why not

Tigerstar x Leopardstar
Sink. just….sink. i don’t ship them.

Tigerstar x Darkstripe
noo Darkstripe ‘might’ be crushing Tigerstar but Tigerstar seriously thinks Darkstripe as a….sidekick

Ok i’m done with shipping and sinking now! Might do another with another article tho! Thanks for reading!!

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  • also-

    Fire x sand- ship

    Tiger x Dove- sink.. their related as well..

    Bramble x Jessy – sink- pls just no

    Daisy x Fern- WAIT- THAT”S A THING? SINK!

    Moth x Leaf- please.. not today! sink

    Raven x Barley- Hear me out.. SINK! Come on! Their like brothers!

    Tiger x Leopard- Before you kill me and lay me up on the top of the Bone Pile hear me out.. ship. They have the same amount of ambition and they make a perfect match. Though.. it would be kinda toxic..

    Tiger x Dark- Pls burn this for all of eternity. Darkstripe is your classic sidekick/ Robin. Fails at almost anything and prob has a crush though.

  • Fire x Sand: SHIP! I love them as a couple!
    Tiger x Dove: Ship! They are cute together and make a sweet match.
    Bramble x Jessy: No…Just no…sink
    Daisy x Fern: Nah, I personally feel like they no have chemistry at all so…sink.
    Moth x Leaf: SHIP! They are SO sweet!
    Raven x Barley: SHIP! Adorable and PERFECT for each other!
    Tiger x Leopard: Sink…Tiger treated her like trash…just sink…
    Tiger x Dark: Maybe…Honestly I’m not quite sure…

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