Forbidden Couples and What I Think Of Them by Tigerdawn

Art by Sirmaril

Tigerdawn rates forbidden couples – what do you think?

Hello Blogclanners! Today I will be writing about cross clan couples and my opinion on them.

Oakheart x Bluestar
Bluestar falls in love with a Riverclan cat, has kits with him, and them gives them up so she can be deputy instead of the evil Thistleclaw. All this time Thrushpelt was in love with her but soon he found out about the whole thing. But, because he cared about Bluestar he didn’t spill the beans. I think Thrushpelt should have had a chance for love. Maybe a nice loyal Thunderclan she-cat?
My Opinion:
I think that it is strange that someone going for a role as deputy would be disloyal to their clan. Trust me, I’m not a Bluestar hater. It’s just weird. I’m pretty nuetral on the whole ship. Oakheart later dies in the very first warriors book, Into The Wild, and Bluestar has to hide her feelings and not react. And her kits don’t even know about her until she dies in battle! GASP. I just realized Mistystar is leader, and Bluestar was her mother. I guess Bluestar’s genetics are gold or something. Hey, Oakheart was deputy.

Greystripe x Silverstream
Greystripe falls into the border stream, Silverstream has to save him as she is a Riverclan cat. They satarted meeting up together outside of gatherings. When Fireheart found out he tried to stop them, but because Silverstream was so full of it, she denied all reason. Now look at where she’s ended up.
My Opinion:
I don’t think that it is a horrible ship, just I hate how Silverstream acts about it. Just because she is Brokenstar’s daughter doesn’t mean that she can do any ding dang thing she wants. Her death and kits drove Greystripe out of Thunderclan, away from his bestie Fireheart. Really breaking up the band, isn’t she? Luckily he somehow got back to Thunderclan.

Crowfeather x Feathertail
Both Feathertail and Crowfeather along with Squirrelflight, Stormfur, Brambleclaw, and Tawnypelt went on the journey to find new territory for the clans. Crowfeather found himself in love with Feathertail because she was so kind and actually cared for him. In the end she saved him from the Tribe Of Rushing Water’s problem. It was prophecised though. I found it the tribe thought it was Stormfur just because he was a male.
My Opinion:
It’s weird to ship a ship that was only a ship for the time that the journey was going on. Also, all of them were apprentices at the time. I think I have already said before that it was confirmed that most likely they would split. Plus, I prefer Leafpool with Crowfeather because even if it came out of teh blue, so did the Feathertail ship.

Heathertail x Lionblaze
I totally forget how they met. But, they ended up pretending to be in a play clan called Darkclan in tunnels. Freaky, right? Anyways, while they are acting like kits Lionblaze is sure they are only friends. So not true. He realizes this and tells her they shouldn’t meet again. Heathertail gets an attitude about the whole thing. Lionblaze ends up almost killing her mentor and his father in battle with Windclan. But really it’s not that bad in battle even if it is against the code, what he was doing before was even more against the code.

Dovewing x Tigerheart
No. Just no. I did a whole rant on this. I don’t have time for this nonsense.

Violetshine x Tree
This is shuch a cute ship! Though it came out of the blue, it sort of works. My favorite moment of the ship was probably when Violetshine did the bravest thing: She was preganant, but somehow Starclan granted her the streanth to save Shadowkit over a raging river. She was actually also stuck, but she did save him either way. Then I recall that Tree pulled her up with branch. It was sort of cute.
My Opinion:
I think they really brought out the best in each other. After violetshine was through so much in Shadowclan and Darktail’s Group, it was nice that she had a very regular adulthood after having kits. I just like the ship and think it should be appresiated more.

I would have talked about Bristlefrost x Rootspring, but since a lot of people have not read that far I decided to not to.
Tell me your opinion on this in the comments!

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