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Blossomtail defends Cinderpelt – what do you think?

It’s me, Blossomtail back with another article. Today I will be explaining why Cinderpelt is such an amazing character.

To start, I liked Cinderpelt before her leg injury. She was going to train to be a warrior. That was all she ever asked for. That was her dream. I really liked the way she socialized with the other apprentices. She was always kind and caring, which were great traits for later on when she became a medicine cat.
After Cinderpelt got hit by a car, she lost use of her leg. I felt sorry for her because her dreams and visions of becoming a warrior were crushed. She had proven herself to be a strong cat with a great motivation to serve her clan the best she could. She truly deserved to be a warrior. Cinderpelt was forced to be a medicine cat, which she ended up being great at.
Now that I have gone over some of the basic reasons why I like her, I will be proving wrong all of the negative thoughts some fans have about her.
Some people say that Cinderpelt is too optimistic. She is optimistic on the outside, but deep inside she is feeling the loss of being a warrior. She tries to be optimistic about being a medicine cat because she does not want to live her life in misery. But she can’t help but feel a great loss of what would have happened if it wasn’t for that car.
In chapter 17 of Twilight it says this: “You can’t possibly understand!” she spat. “You’ve never been in love!” Cinderpelt’s blue eyes rested on her, unspoken thoughts flickering like minnows in her eyes. Later in Chapter 17 of Twilight it says: Cinderpelt flexed her claws and her neck fur began to rise. “How do you know what I want?” There was a hint of snarl in her voice. “How do you know what hopes I gave up to follow the path StarClan laid down for me?” Then in Chapter 21 in River of Fire Cinderpelt confesses that she loved Firestar. This all proves that Cinderpelt was suffering the loss of not being a warrior and that she was also suffering from the fact she couldn’t have a mate.
Another reason why people don’t like Cinderpelt is because they think that she is too sweet and kind and doesn’t have enough flaws to make her an interesting character. This is completely wrong. Yes, Cinderpelt is kind and sweet but that is not all there is to her personality! For starters, she is very considerate. When Leafpool ran off with Crowfeather, Cinderpelt prayed to StarClan she would come back. Cinderpelt didn’t have to do this. But she did because she knew that Leafpool would eventually regret running off with Crowfeather. This is just one of the many character traits of Cinderpelt. Cinderpelt does have flaws! There is the most obvious one, which is her leg but she also tends to worry she is a disappointment.

People sometimes do not like her because she was reincarnated. No matter what your opinion, I believe she deserved to be a warrior. And StarClan made that possible by reincarnating her. For that I’m forever grateful.

Thanks for reading! If there is anything you think I should’ve added let me know!

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  • the only reason why i’m not a fan of her is because..well…. i feel like she’s taking firestar away from sandstorm! (i’m sandstorm, forever and always!!)

    • I disagree. She isn’t taking Sandstorm away. She liked Firestar but she knew that she would never be with him and he didn’t feel anything back. It’s Spottedleaf that kept visiting him in his dreams and not being able to just let go. I do see why you wouldn’t a a fan of her though and I respect your opinion.

  • Well, here’s the thing; she wasn’t forced to be a medicine cat. People often get that wrong by thinking because Yellowfang said she can’t be a warrior she automatically has to be a medicine cat. She did it on her own terms, she could’ve proved Yellowfang wrong considering how optimistic she is.

  • She deserves to be reincarnated she’s in my top five best warrior cat characters she’s awesome 👏 thank Erin hunter for her she chill and cool 😎.

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