Why Is Feathertail So Popular? by Tigerdawn

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Tigerdawn theorizes as to why Feathertail is so popular

I’ve been noticing an uprise in Feathertail relaited uploads (Who Will Crowfeather Choose In Starclan, Defending Feathertail, Underrated Cats, etc.). Today I will be peicing together why Feathertail is suddently so popular. I won’t be biased, I honestly have a pretty nuetral opinion on her. The only subject I have to avoid is Leafpool, because I get very heated when people say that Crowfeather loved Feathertail more. Just like the whole who will Firestar choose in starclan meme, where it says childhood crush under Spottedleaf and has had your kits, life long love, etc. under Sandstorm. And Firestar yells: I CAN’T CHOOSE!
But I’m getting off topic. Let’s talk about Feathertail.
For sure. She’s kind, loving, stubborn (to a point), and brave. Who wouldn’t like a cat like that? But this can’t be the only reason. If it was, then everyone would hate Mapleshade.
So what about looks?
The following is from warriorsfandom.com: She is a slender, soft-furred, silver tabby she-cat with sky-blue eyes, a plumy tail, and broad face. So let’s look this up: Silver tabby. Despite what some may think. silver tabbys a have a silver base coat
and-not gray-BLACK stripes. But, yes, you could say that this feline pattern is very handsome.
What else could be the reason for her popularity?
PURRhaps mearly her ship, Crow x Feather? I know, I know, I said that I would avoid ships, but ships are a big part of the warrior cats fandom.
Crowfeather and her fall in love, she saves him from sharptooth, the resault of it: Crowfeather is alive, and Feathertail is anything but. For some reason, Feather x Crow shippers really hold onto Feathertail being Crowfeather’s first love. But, this is a great point. Spottedleaf was Firestar’s first crush, but who does he have kits with? Graywing liked Storm, but his brother took her before he had the chance, so he settled with Turtletail and it was awesome! Graystripe loved Silverstream dearly, but he will always love Millie, and NOT just because she looks a lot like Silverstream. And, it has been stated that Feathertail and Crowfeather were mostly likely to part. Feathertail would have ended up with Reedwhisker, and Crowfeather’s future is a bit foggy when this outcome is put out. Even though I don’t really see the apeal, I think Feathertail lovers do enjoy Feather x Crow a lot.

People Like Feathertail Because:
-Not loyalty to clan!!! >:) (Hehe)

Hopefully you all enjoyed this article. Say in the comment your opinion on Feathertail. Personally, I’m pretty nuetral on her. But, when it comes to Crow x Feather, I’m very defensive of Leafpool.
Oh! And choose one ship:
Reedwhisker x Feathertail
Crowfeather x Leafpool (I choose this one!)
Feathertail x Leafpool
Crowfeather x Feathertail

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  • two by tigerdawn in a row…??? wow… surprised, unless there are two

    also, all those ships are terrible. okay, maybe not, but i hate them all…
    and first comment?

  • Two of the articles you listed above (defending Feathertail and underrated characters) were both actually written by me. And Feathertail is my favorite character, which is why I usually make articles about her. Three articles about her, two from the top Feathertail fan isn’t really “popular” in my opinion. There haven’t been articles about her since.

    She’s my favorite character because her personality and the role she playes in the books. I also love her for her character development. As a kit, Greystripe told Firestar she was just like Silverstream; she’s a bossy little furball. Which I can relate to a lot! I used to be super bossy when I was younger 😛
    And A Shadow in Clan is incredible! It made me love her so much! She had so many complex feelings which is how I feel a lot of times. She was extremly unfair towards Leopardstar, and starting isolating herself from her Clanmates,unable to let go of her past. Me, like her, find it hard to let go of the past. She’s an outgoing extrovert; falling into depresstion and cutting herself off was such a realistic problem. Then she learned to forgive. And when she was choosen to go on the journey, she’s ready to face it head on. She has anxiety, like me too, which makes her even more relatable. But she’s also so kind and emapthic and compasstionate. She makes sure everyone feels included, and doesn’t judge others (Crowpaw) learning to be more insightful and gentle. Not to mention I love how she was kinda the medicine cat on the journey! She was smart and level-headed, but still had some bit of fiestiness left over from when she was a kit.
    Feathertail is my all-time favorite character and she always will be. She isn’t popular, she gets a lot of hate, but she’ll always have me as her top fan 🙂

    Intresting article!

    • Also, I pick Feather x Crow! 🙂 I absolutely HATE Reed x Feather, and I greatly dislike Leaf x Crow.

  • Cool article! 😀

    Personally, the reason I love Feathertail is definitely her personality! <3
    To me kindness is the most important trait in a favorite character, so naturally I love Feathertail for her sweet kindness and the way she cares for others.

    My strong preferance for kind characters really shows in the fact that the characters on my favorites list are all kind cats, such as Feathertail, Honeyfern, Jessy, Rainswept Flower, Leafpool, Cinderpelt, Cody, Velvet, Gray Wing, etc. <333 and practically no villain/bully/jerk characters.
    For people like me a favorite character has to be someone who'd be easy to like and trust in real life, and Feathertail fits that requirement perfectly, which I think is why she’s so popular.
    Gentle characters like her are such a joy to read about- especially when you can imagine them caring for you and being nice to you! 🙂

  • Crowfeather x Leafpool!!! I’ve always shipped them so much! I do like Feathertail too, but I’m still very strongly opinionated on him and Leafpool. This was a really cool article to read, Tigerdawn 🙂 (Btw, I love your name)

  • I probably like her because of her graphic novel, it really make’s her one of the most developed cats in the books. You can really get a feel as to why she isolated herself and why she is unwilling to trust her clanmates again.

  • I am very tired of hearing that Feather x Crow is a child hood crush.
    many people forget that she sacrafiest her life for him. Would you really do that for your hight school crush? And, Crow x Leaf happned, like a book later- If Crow x Feather is high school crush, than so is Leaf x Crow.

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