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Main Characters In Power Of Three (Ranked) by TheCrazyKitten

Art by Kiwi207

TheCrazyKitten ranks the five main characters involved in the Three’s prophecy!

In this article I will be ranking main characters in Power Of Three.
This includes: Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Dovewing, and Ivypool.
I was think of including Firestar, but I decide not to.

1#: Jayfeather
I think many could argue that Jayfeather is one of the best characters in Omen of The Stars and Power Of Three. Personally, I adore him. He is the very first disabled main character, and I think that just shows how far the Erins have come from doing a Harry Potter like starter character. He came in hot with his grumpy personality and powers to reacdh into peoples mind. The only moment I didn’t like him was the whole travleing back in time business. If you’ve read the books, you know he isn’t always a lump of cold personality.

2#: Ivypool
Ivypool is offen a favorite character, with reason. She’s a bad girl with a sensitive side. Though she trained in the dark forest, let’s remember that at the time she thought that it was just improving her skills. Ivypool couldn’t back out when Hawkfrost took her to the real deal Dark Forest. Plus, if she stopped training in the Dark Forest Thunderclan would never know about what was going on with the Dark Forest’s battle. Ivypool risked her life everynight, for her clan or not. And-that’s not all-she was one of Thunderclan’s most valuable fighters in the great battle. She almost finished off Hawkfrost until Bramblestar jumped in at the last moment!

3#: Lionblaze
Though he can be a pretty cruddy warrior, and is a bit aggressive, he did a lot for Thunderclan. He probably used his powers most reponsiblely out of all the Power Of Three cats. For those who are about to bring up him almost killing Crowfeather, they were in battle! You can’t expect him to go easy on him after all that drama with Breezepelt.

4#: Hollyleaf
I know, I know, she wasn’t the greatest cat. She randomly killed Ashfur for telling all the clans about her parentige when she ended up doing it herself. I personally like Omen Of The Stars Hollyleaf better. But, she had some highpoints. Hollyleaf drove Sol away, saved Ivypool in The Great Battle, died for her clan, and had some heart breaking moments with her mother before that time came. I don’t think she deserves to be hated on when talking about Omen Of The Stars. Hollyleaf, though not in the prophecy, acted like a prophecy cat till the end. (hey, she may have killed Ashfur but he proved to be evil!)

5#: Dovewing
Sorry Dove fans, but I will never be one of you. I will try not to rant to much. Dovewing randomly replaced Hollyleaf only to spy on her crush with her powers. Sure, she did some good things such as: The beaver bam cherade, figuring out that the battle was coming ast the last second, faught along side Cloudtail in the same battle, and- Wait, I can’t list a forth one, can I?
Though she was never evil, she is disloyal. After Dovewing journeyed to break the dam, she developed a huge crush on Tigerheart. In Tigerstar’s Shadow, she ran off with him (or Tigerheart ran after her I guess)-without telling her sister, I might add-proving she wasn’t that attached to Thunderclan. I think Shadowkit’s seizers may be a punishment from Starclan (just like the Jayfeather being blind thing). And even after this happened, she went off to Shadowclan. I wish there was more reaction from Ivypool on this subject. Oh! And she didn’t even know her sister had kits until she came back. For all of you who will defend her by saying, “Leaving Thunderclan was teh only way her love could be excepted” that is sort of untrue. In the newest series, Bristlefrost (Thunderclan) and Rootspring (Skyclan) fall in love. Both of them are so loyal to their clan they refuse to leave it.

That concludes my article! Thank you for reading. Sorry Dovewing fans, if you expected her to be 1# or something.

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