Why I Don’t Ship Crowfeather With Any Cat by Blossomtail

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Blossomtail explains why they do not ship Crowfeather with anyone

Hello! I recently wrote a parody sang in Feathertail’s perspective in StarClan about Crowfeather. Today I will be explaining why I don’t ship Crowfeather with any cat.


So, in the new prophecy Brambleclaw, Crowfeather, Squirrelflight, Feathertail, Stromfur, and Tawnypelt went to the sun-drown-place (the ocean) to speak to Midnight the badger. Please note that during this time some of the journeying cats were apprentices. After speaking to Midnight, they travel back to the forest territories by crossing through the mountains. Crowfeather starts developing feelings for Feathertail even though he has weird ways of showing it. They meet a tribe in the mountains who they stay with for a few days. As we all know, Feathertail sadly dies helping out the tribe of rushing water to defeat Sharptooth (a mountain lion). Crowfeather grieves the loss of Feathertail. At this point in the story Feathertail wasn’t Crowfeather’s mate yet. If she lived a few more moons, then she probably would be considered his mate as a long as they didn’t break up.
When the journeying cats got back to the forest territories they share the news with their clan mates and eventually all four clans go to the lake territories. On the way there Leafpool nearly falls down a cliff. Crowfeather saves Leafpool, and tells her that Leafpool reminds him of Feathertail, and he expresses his feelings for her. His feelings are strong, and he seems to have moved on from Feathertail very easily and quickly. This is why I don’t ship Feathertail x Crowfeather, because Feathertail doesn’t deserve Crowfeather. She deserves someone better.
Soon, when all the cats settle into their new territories, Leafpool and Crowfeather start to meet each other at night. This is breaking the warrior code, however that is not the main reason why I don’t ship Leafpool x Crowfeather, because I do have a few ships that are with cats from different clans. As Leafpool’s relationship with Crowfeather becomes more serious, Crowfeather asks her if she wants to run away with him. Leafpool tells Crowfeather she will think about it. She eventually decides yes, so they run off together. They run into Midnight who is coming to warn ThunderClan about a badger attack. Crowfeather wants Leafpool to stay with him, only thinking of himself and not the other cats that are in danger. However, Leafpool returns to ThunderClan and Crowfeather returns to WindClan, so they break up. Crowfeather is not even that devastated when he breaks up with Leafpool, and he moves on very, very quickly. The main reasons why I don’t ship Leafpool x Crowfeather is because Crowfeather asked to run off with him which is asking a lot, especially because Leafpool is a medicine cat. Then, just like what he did with Feathertail, he moves on really easily, and this time even more easily and more quickly.
Crowfeather later becomes mates with Nightcloud whom he has kits with. He snaps at Nightcloud a lot and is not that good of a father to his kits because he snaps at them, and point out their flaws more than a cat normally would. Therefore, he doesn’t treat his family well. That’s why I don’t ship Nightcloud x Crowfeather.
Another point to be brought up is about Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf. Crowfeather is their father and Leafpool is their mother. However everyone thinks Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw are their parents until Hollyleaf announces that Leafpool and Crowfeather are their parents at the gathering. Even Crowfeather himself didn’t know. So who knows what would have happened to those three cats if Crowfeather knew he was their father before Hollyleaf announced it. Would they be the great cats they were today? Would he treat them the same way he treated his other kits? My answer to that would be a most likely yes. They probably wouldn’t have done all the great deeds that they have, and they probably would have felt as if they were not good enough, especially Jayfeather.

I hope you understand why I don’t ship Crowfeather with any of the cats he has dated in the series. He is inconsiderate and snappy. Anyways, thanks for reading this article!

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