My Least Favorite Warriors Ships Ranked by Seedfrost

Art by Slugwarrior

Seedfrost shares and ranks their least favorite ships.

There are some ships that I really don’t like for many reasons. Here’s them ranked from worst to best and why.

1. Dovewing and Bumblestripe
I don’t like this ship because Bumblestripe forced it in the books. He became obsessed with her and basically was her shadow. I think he picked up on the fact that Dovewing didn’t return his feelings, but proceeded to ask her out in front of Purdy’s dead body. And don’t forget, Cinderheart, Whitewing and Rosepetal backed him and tried to shame Dovewing to commit to a relationship she didn’t want to be in. Rosepetal in particular.

2. Heathertail and Lionblaze
The only reason I dislike this ship is because it never went anywhere, and they both got different mates and lead separate lives. Firstly, Lionblaze berated her when he thought she told WindClan about the tunnels, and then Heathertail returned the favor by forming a rivalry with him, and things went south from there.

3. Crowfeather and Feathertail
Poor Crow, all his girlfriends left him for each other. But anyways, I don’t like this ship because Feathertail is much older than Crowfeather, (same goes for DustxFern)and I feel like their relationship would have never worked out anyways.

4. Clear Sky and Star Flower
No words for this one. Except for the fact that Star Flower left her boyfriend for his dad.

5. Bramblestar and Jessy
Since I’m a BrambleSquirrel shipper (pls dont kill me) this ship kind of threw me the wrong way. Squirrelflight showed obvious signs of jealousy towards Jessy, and then got lectured for it BY Jessy! I mean, Squirrel’s literally HIS MATE! Holy StarClan.

6. Thunder and Star Flower
Same reason as #4.

7. Mapleshade and Appledusk
This relationship would have never worked out in the long run. Firstly, Appledusk killed Birchface and Flowerpaw, there is zero chance Oakstar would have accepted his and Mapleshade’s relationship. And Reedshine clearly shows an interest in him, a cat that’s in his own Clan. With Reedshine, he had a legal relationship sitting right of front of him, so I can kind of see why he tossed the risky one out the window.

8. Spottedleaf and Firestar
I know that Spottedleaf liked him, but I don’t understand why she kept weaseling her way in to Firestar’s dreams- REMINDING him that he liked her, although he was already in love with Sandstorm. Just doesn’t sit well with me.

All these… no.
A few other minor ships I dislike are AshxSquirrel, GoldenxTiger, TigerxSasha and GrayxMillie.

Thanks for reading <3

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  • Good points! I totally agree with all these, honestly. Also GrayXMillie is not my favorite either.

  • Nice article.

    I disagree with Heather x Lion, it might not have worked out, but I still think it is cute.

    Feather x Crow, I think is cute too. I also LOVE Bramble x Jessy. She was kind and supportive, as well as sweet, and she actually encouraged Squirrel’s relationship with Bramby.

    I also agree with you on Dove x Bumble (I don’t think Bumble is a terrible cat though).

    Anyway great article, I really like it!

    • I think almost the exact same thing! I ship HeatherxLion, FeatherxCrow, I LOVE BramblexJessy, but I really don’t like TigerxDove. I loved Dovewing as a Thunderclan cat and thought that she and Bumblestripe would be amazing as mates, but then she joined Shadowclan to be with Tigerheart/star, and now I don’t like her anymore.

      also, I have to mention ThunderxStarflower. I LOVED them and was really mad when she betrayed him to be with Clearsky! also really don’t like that they have kits.

      I understand about GrayxMillie, and I wish Silverstream hadn’t died because I SO love SilverxGray

      really great article though! those are really good points!



  • for some reason I like star flower and I like how much clear sky and star flower like their kit and care for them 😛

  • I agree with all of theese exept for #3. And I WILL defend FeatherXCrow!!! So, their age difference isn’t by much, during TNP Crowfeather was about to be made a warrior and Feathertail hadn’t even been a a warrior for that long so Feathertail isn’t that much older than him, and Pinestar was older than both of Leopardfoot’s parents yet, they were mates and no one complains.

  • I personally headcanon that GoldenxTiger was an unhealthy relationship…I don’t think that Tigerstar’s charismatic enough to keep a mate since his actual personality traits are kinda arrogant-

  • you make a good point on a lot of these, but there are a few I don’t agree with. I don’t agree with thunder and Starflower. I thought they were so cute and felt all his hurt and sadness when she betrayed him. also, Bramblestar and Jessy. I thought they were amazing and I wish she had stayed. also I don’t really ship BramblexSquirrel.

  • I agree with all of these except Heather x Lion. I think this ship is cute, even though it’s not well developed.

    And in my eyes, Ash x Squirrel is NOT minor. You saw everything Ashfur did in the fire scene. And THEN he comes back as the Imposter. Just to get Squilf again, I guess. But still, this ship still had drama in the Broken Code.