Some Fantasy aspects of Warriors by Speckledpaw

Speckledpaw compares Warriors to other fantasy tropes

Hiya! It’s Speckledpaw reporting for duty, with a Warriors article. Today I will be explaining some important fantasy elements and aspects the of Warriors universe, and how they affect the events that have and might happen. This will contain spoilers for about everything, as almost everything on this site. WARNING: extreme writer’s intuition, occasional humor, and lots of W O R D S.

– Pelt colors and Appearances: There are plenty of examples of this in current warriors’ history. Logically, Bluestar is not possible. if were looking at this realistically Bluestar was described as a bluish grey she-cat, this makes somewhat since because the Russian Blue is a well-known cat breed. Though, a luxurious breed such as the Blue would not be bred and/or born in the wild. Realistically speaking. But in a fantasy world, there are of course exceptions. Fantasy fans are probably accustomed to glorious unicorns, dragons, pink lava, and why not blue cats? Since she was described as a “Bluish-grey” cat she was not entirely blue, just grey right? Well personally I have always imagined her as a sleek blue cat. And since Warriors IS a fantasy series I can. These Fantastical pelt explanations also explain Firestar (A fiery orange color, normal orange cats are just really ginger), Squrrielflight (Dark ginger, you’d be surprised that that pelt color doesn’t really exist) and lots of other dark ginger cats. This is something to think about next time you see somebody draw Firestar highlighter orange, A.k.a Tantalizing Tangerine.
– Appearances, Jayfeather and other blind cats: Note: this less about it not being possible for these cats to have these dysfunctions. Blindness and slightly and severe injuries are entirely possible (and more possible) in the wild. But its more about the fact they have survived this long. Most of these more severely dysfunctional cats, have “Protection” of the clan. Sadly, that is not really logical which brings us to are most important fantasy aspect:
– Clan Existence: Being one of those shrouded unsolved warriors’ mysteries, the very creation of the clan is unknown. All that is confirmed is that they came from a group of cats who lived around the lake, mountains, later the forest, and then the lake again. Whatever the reason though, cats are not herd animals. They are solitary, no flocks, packs, herds, or anything else. Occasionally Cats band up like groups of rouges, but never a clan, let alone FIVE of them. With exception of lions who live in groups called prides, All members of the cat family live of life of mostly solitude. Occasionally domestic cats will connect with the other cats living with them, and wild cats will mate to insure survival. After they have there offspring of course, the father will usually leave. Then the mother will too, once the kittens can fend for themselves. They will rarely cross paths since the mother and father will find new mates, and care and have new young. Rarely to animal species ever mate for life. This VASTLY different from clan life, and since wild cats will follow these instincts, they usually do not… er… Socialize. Domestic cats will because of them being accustomed to humans. So, if the very existence of the clans is relatively impossible, then the survival of vulnerable cats (Jayfeather, Briarlight, Oneeye, both) would be impossible or near impossible. Since even as a group, to fight off groups of badgers, foxes, mountain lions, and rats IS fantasy, Surviving in the wild like this near impossible. Cats have grown used to human life, most wild and feral stray cats, live in urban areas, or/and where there are sustainable food sources. Have YOU ever seen a cat in a forest while hiking? So relativity speaking, badgers, foxes, and DEFINTLY mountain lions are not natural predators at all. Basically, what happened to Snowkit (TBP) would happen to all injured cats, and most likely all cats in general, IF they lived in a forest. (A true habitat, with foxes, and other animals) Hawks are predators of cats whether there in forests or not, they usually like forests and even small undergrowth and will gladly carry off cats and small dogs. (Many times, has that happened to some close friends) Always watch for your small pup. Rats are extremely dangerous as well, swarms of them are quite ravenous, and do carry diseases. Bites can cause rabies, or is that nonexistence in Warriors? Cats can survive in urban areas, because of shelter and lack of predators. Though dogs would be a problem. Speaking of dogs, the dog pack that raged the forest would have killed both Brightheart and Swiftpaw. The dogs in Dangerous path appeared in a crazed state, often used to hunt foxes. If in this state they would of resorted to natural instincts, which would be to naturally hunt, and kill. A pack of dogs would of undoubtedly killed both and probably most of the cats in the Thunderclan. NOTE: Like I mentioned these dogs were probably in a crazed state, basically unhinged, Bluestar crazy LOL. (she wasn’t really crazy) they were driven by cruel treatment, most domestic dogs would not do this to cat. But this only determined if the dog has been around a cat before. For periods of time these dogs are treated this way to prepare them to hunt foxes, which is popular in England. (The author of Dangerous path lived there) This is why it was hard to understand Dangerous P to me, I was confused if these dogs were shelters dogs or what. But they seemed crazy, and I got info from a trusted and knowledgeable advisor who started the series recently. With that being cleared I think I have cleared up the impossible existence of the clans, and confusions of pelt colors and appearances, That’s it wraps up my article, obviously there are much more fantasy in warriors, but covering that would basically succumb you guys… (this was more about bringing things that people think are realistic but are not to light) I’ve already droned for so long, the fact you are reading these sentences is so meaningful. if you did not skip through it :3 Dramatization used, just because the pack was crazed doesn’t mean all dogs are meant to be feared, and cats can be social, and blue (IRL sadly no.) (Quick credits: info on official pelt colors came from official descriptions of cats. Russian blue, Badger, fox, lion, cat, hawks, rats, dogs, etc., was from various encyclopedias, google sites, books, Trusted Friends, common sense, and of course Real-life encounters :3 -Speckled the panda cat.

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