[done in a realistic art style, Sandstorm and Firestar nuzzle each other]

What happens to main characters when they are no longer needed? by Topazpaw

Art by Valcanous (tumblr)

Topazpaw analyses what happened to Sandstorm later in her life

(Slight spoilers for AVoS!)

Hello! Im Topazpaw and I would like to talk about what happens to main characters when they’re no longer protagonist. I wanted to write this article after a conversation with Thistletooth on the BlogClan discord which you should definitely join if you can! Anyway, I reference that conversation for some points I made.

This article (aka part 1) will be about Sandstorm, the fierce warrior, or is she?
(Side note: I know Sandstorm isn’t a main character, but in the next part we have a main character, so you’ll have to wait)
We know she was bold in her prime, what about when she was older? As an apprentice, she was Firepaw’s childhood bully, but fell for him after he saved her from falling off the cliff. They both fell deeper in love after she stopped bullying him, and the rest is history. But, she’s barely mentioned after that, except in series four when they went to find SkyClan in series four and she passes away.
But I felt with the few interactions we have with her in series three, she didn’t feel like the fiery, passive aggressive cat anymore. She felt more like a side piece to Firestar’s character. When she talked, her words were, softer? It’s pretty hard to explain. Now, this could’ve been that she was getting older, but age wouldn’t stop Sandstorm from being feisty.
So, what was Sandstorm’s purpose? Obviously, character development. She was mean to Firepaw so he learned determination so he could become a better leader. When they fell in love, she was used for emotional turmoil. Then she gave birth to Firestar’s kids, who became protagonists a bit later. Then, we didn’t have much use for her until series four, which I already talked about. Thist said, “Firestar was literally the only reason they kept her alive as long as they did tbh.” Which I think sums it up perfectly.

So, let’s answer the question that’s in the title: What happens to main characters when they are no longer needed? In the case of Sandstorm was pretty much stripped of her character and became an add-on for Firestar.

Anyway, that’s it for this article! You’ll probably see another part soon!
See ya later!

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