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Why Dovewing is really selfish by Falling Snow

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Falling Snow argues that Dovewing is selfish – what do you think?

Before I start, I’ll say that I was a Dovewing fan. Until I re-read A Vision of Shadows, and Tigerheart’s Shadow. In this article, I’m not going to be saying Dovewing is a Mary Sue or anything like that because she’s not. What I’m going to be focusing on, is how selfish and unreasonable her actions are. Let’s begin

In Omen of The Stars, I really liked Dovewing. At least, I liked Dovewing as a character. Her actions are also not so reasonable there. If you pay attention to her meetings with Tigerheart, Dovewing never once thinks of how disloyal she’s being to her clan. She continues meeting him, and she only stops when he supposedly used her for herbs. She doesn’t once think of her clan or how selfish she’s being. In the last hope she only says to herself “ok I’ll meet him again but if it still feels wrong, I’ll stop”. She doesn’t go “this is disloyal, I shouldn’t be doing this”. With cats like Bristlefrost, Rootspring, Leafpool, and Lionblaze, we see them think of their clan and think of how this would affect them. They choose to be loyal, unlike Dovewing who only cared about herself. I honestly hate Tigerheart, he’s a terrible person (cat) in every book. I despise him, but I do not despise Dovewing. I do however, despise Dovewing X Tigerheart. It only gets worse after that…

In a vision of shadows, Dovewing just keeps on meeting Tigerheart, she doesn’t care about her disloyalty, and she does the same things she did in omen of the stars. And of course, she starts expecting kits. Her reaction to the kits is just so irritating to me as a reader, and extremely annoyed me. Dovewing decides to abandon her clan, abandon her kin, abandon everything just because she’s had dreams. She’s worried about her kits safety, since she’s having dreams about her kits supposedly dying in the nursery. Of course, the special Dovewing thinks it’s perfectly fine to leave her clan because she’s SPECIAL!!!!!! Not only that, she manipulates and pressures Tigerheart into leaving with her. Leaving when his clan is at CHAOS. That’s just so selfish on so many different levels. Oh did I mention.. she thinks that a hostile city, and a random place, filled with twolegs and dangers, is safer than a clan filled with trained WARRIORS. That’s just not smart.

Then when she comes back, she expects all of ThunderClan to welcome her with open arms, and gets upset when Ivypool is mad at her. I mean, of course your sister is gonna be hurt, you abandoned her, didn’t say anything, came back, and now you’re leaving her again to go to a different clan.

The final thing I want to talk about, is her random thought in sign of the moon. She thinks to herself “does she (Ivypool) think she’s better than me just because she’s doing this for our clan?” (spying on the dark forest) and she gets jealous. So Dovewing also thinks she’s better than Ivypool.

I just don’t understand Dovewing and I can’t like her anymore. I don’t hate her, but I don’t think she’s a likeable character whatsoever. She’s just really selfish and unreasonable. Anyways I’m going to end my article right there. I hope you enjoyed it, and farewell for now!

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  • I enjoyed hearing about ur opinions, and I respect them, but do remember: Dovewing says in A Light in the Mist(I know this was prob written before it came out, and I understand) “No true Warrior would even THINK about switching Clans for a CRUSH!” when Crowfeather is all like “If everyone left their Clans for crushes, there would be no more Clans!” Dovewing said that because she really does love Tigerheartstar, and I know that people hate her but love Shadowsight, but think of this: if it weren’t for DovexTigerheart, there would be NO SHADOWSIGHT!

    • I actually hate Shadowsight. He’s an awful cat, and he thinks he has to do everything. When he was injured and Breezepelt wanted to go to the Dark Forest instead of Shadowsight, Shadowsight objects, and says he wants to go. Breezepelt is aa trained Warrior, and can fight. Shadowsight is a medicine cat that can’t even fight. And Shadowsight convinces them to let him to to the Dark Forest. But why? If you narrow it down, there are no herbs in the Dark Forest, so he can’t heal anyone. He’s injured, so he’s useless. He can’t fight. And just because he says he has some connection with Ashfur (Just because he took care of him) HOW exactly is that going to help you in the Dark Forest? I think he was doing it only for attention. Plus, when Ashfur attacks him, and Bristlefrost saves him, he doesn’t even mention that SHE saved HIS life! He even thinks that “that can be for another time”. Like seriously? I really Hate him a lot.

  • I sooooooo agreeeeeeeeee
    In like the first chapter of avos I found Dovewing finee but it got worsee and I just… HEAVILY dislike her and absolutely love Ivypool

  • there are some cats like Twigbranch, Dovewing and Berrynose that think they are better than most others, and feel that when people get upset, they are too sensitive (looking at you twigbrach) I personally love Finleap (Exept when he pushes Twig to have kits, not cool Fin.), but HATE twigbranch because she is insensitive to her sister Violet. but sometimes, somewhere deep, they sometimes do good. love the article!

  • Ivypool was jealous of Dovewing as well, and joining ShadowClan must’ve been a really difficult decision. I don’t see anyone being mad at Finleap for changing Clans to be with the one he loved. And you’re not hating on Graystripe for hating on Silverstream!? I smell SEXISM.

  • Great article, but I am a Dovewing Fan, so I’m a Dove Defender.
    I like Ivypool too, but Ivypool is the one who’s the most selfish!
    Ok, let’s answer some Dovewing questions:
    “Why did she leave ThunderClan?”
    Dovewing didn’t feel welcome. It’s the same with Tawnypelt and EVERYONE LOVES HER! Ivypool was really rude to Dovewing. Dovewing was always there for her sister, but Ivypool could’ve been a better sister. Dovewing joined ShadowClan because that’s where she belonged. Respect that!
    “Why does Dovewing have powers?”
    Seriously? In Oots, she says countless times she doesn’t want her powers! Listen to this: “But we’re not three, we’re four! What about Ivypaw? What are her special powers?” The Fourth Apprentice, page 83.
    This is just my opinion. Dovewing isn’t selfish!

    • Dovewing wasn’t always there for Ivy, she couldn’t care less THAT HER SISTER’S KIT WAS DEAD TWICE. NOT A SINGLE WORD OF COMFORT. I think both Ivy and dove were mean to each other and Ivy was more mean but I still hate dove wing she’s rude and is a lot more realistic and closer to home than you’d ever imagine. And she has a flaw that reflects real life, something that I’ll bet most warrior fans do themselves, which is why I’m not surprised that ppl defend that flaw. (It’s not in this article or comments it’s mostly overlooked)

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