Defending the Mary-Sues and Gary-Sues of Warriors by Meadowdawn

Meadowdawn shares their opinions on characters that have been labelled as Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus.

Artwork by Vialir

>Spoilers from TPB to TBC<
I know, I must be crazy to try this. *Point at Streampaw from their 2016 article* They did it before me so blame them if you disagree don’t really do that. I’ll only use Mary-Sue instead of both Mary-Sue and Gary-Stu for the sake of simplicity. Let’s start off at the beginning…
First, I’ll tell you why people label him as a Mary-Sue. He has some serious main character syndrome, such as killing Scourge when there were many far more seasoned warriors in the same battle, being the fourth of three prophecized cats, and then not even having powers or relating to the plot, the list goes on. But what is a Mary-Sue? A Mary-Sue is a perfect character or person who always does everything right and has either a horrible or amazing perfect life, or they’re the complete opposite of that. Firestar is far from perfect, he’s failed many times when everyone else has succeeded, and he’s also a character related to by the readers. He’s not perfect and a know-it-all, he’s got flaws.
Moving on, we’ve got one I didn’t know about at all before researching, it’s-
I- she’s a real jerk and really nice at different points in the stories. Her appearance and her actions are absolutely not Mary-Sueish, I can’t even find a reason that she’s be considered a Mary-Sue in the first place, I don’t see why she’s here. Tell me in the comments why she’d be considered a Mary-Sue, I don’t see anything Mary-Sueish about her or her life at all, she had heartache and happiness and she’s been good and bad.
Now there’s another character commonly called a Mary-Sue.
He’s unbeatable in battle (formerly), and he also has a case of main character syndrome (formerly), I can see why he’s called a Mary-Sue. But notice the ‘formerly’ on both reasons, he WAS a bit of a Mary-Sue, but now he’s an average warrior. When he was more of a Mary-Sue, he still got angry, still got hurt physically and mentally, and still was happy, he had character development. I still kinda don’t like him because of the fill chapter in PoT where we read about him walking around and doing nothing, but that’s just my personally sulky opinion.
Now, onto another character.
I don’t like him, per se, but he’s neither pure good nor pure evil, but let me tell you why he’s been given the label of Mary-Sue before. He also has a bit of the ol’ main character syndrome, he’s another character who does everything right and becomes the clan leader for it, from one Mary-Sue to another, right? Wrong. Bramblestar invalidates Squirlflight time and time again (Watch Moonkitti’s video about it for a deeper explanation on that part), but he also has good moments. He fails, he succeeds, he’s happy, he’s sad, but he’s not perfect.

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    • Okay, so the Streampaw you’re talking about is NOT me, just to get that clear with anyone. I joined BlogClan about a few months ago, just to clarify things. Some other cats that are labelled as Mary/Gary Sue/Stu (mistakingly at that) are Feathertail and Dovewing. I don’t know why anyone would say that Bluestar, Lionblaze, and Bramblestar could be a Mary Sue and Gary Stus, they all have obvious flaws.

  • yesss i’m pretty sure I wrote the same reason for lionblaze for an article when i was still new 😛
    it was horrible and embarrassing and you did a far better job

  • If you’d like reasons for Firestar’s flaws, here are some others:
    -He recklessly got Whitethroat killed. He jumped to conclusions seeing Runningwind’s body and chased the Shadowclan cat into the Thunderpath. Fireheart then lied about it to Littlecloud’s face, to protect himself.

    -He hid Tigerstar’s involvement in Greypool’s death when announcing it to Mistyfoot. Generally, he hid Tigerstar’s crimes for far too long and dears some responsibility for his rise, since he kept Riverclan and Shadowclan vulnerable to a manipulative cat.

    – He’d enabled Bluestar’s actions during her breakdown. As deputy, he was the foremost cat to get Bluestar to step down, but he didn’t. He actively hid her decline from Thunderclan and the Gathering. This endangered everyone involved; Thunderclan had to listen to irrational orders, and Bluestar could’ve faced a violent revolt. The worst cases were him staying silent during the Lostface incident. Then instead of confronting Bluestar directly, or Whitestorm – Fireheart made Thunderclan look unstable to Windclan, by sneaking around and leaking secrets.

    – Skipping over to the New Prophecy: Firestar reacted badly to Cinderpelt predicting Squirrelpaw and Bramblepaw were pure evil. He started harassing and overworking them. To the point, he genuinely believed he might have been the reason for them leaving Thunderclan.

    • I agree

      -imaginative in a bad way(thinking that Bramblekit was evil because of his looks)
      -too selfless
      -too trusting
      -too protective
      -dense at times

  • Amazing article Dawny! I hate it when people label Firestar a Gary Stu when in fact he made many mistakes. But those mistakes only made him stronger, more noble, and wiser, because he chose to LEARN from his mistakes. Unlike some other cats I could name *cough* Bramblestar *cough*

  • “, he had character development.” Actually, no this is false. Even after the great battle, he still holds his murderous thoughts. He blames Heathertail for Hollyleaf’s death, kept staring at her at gatherings to the point where she had to move. He also killed Harestar recklessly, and wanted Shadowspring dead, a cat who was barely older than a apprentice.

  • Great article! I think maybe you could have added examples for each cat to provide a more in-depth explanation, but otherwise it was fine.
    You could have also added Dovewing, because a lot of people think she’s a Mary Sue.

  • Great article! 😀 It was a fun read, and you did great job defending these cats!
    I think the biggest “Mary Sue” in Warriors is Feathertail. (She’s isn’t, though)

  • Nice article! Never seen Bramblestar called a mary-sue though…
    I think you probably should’ve included Dovewing. Other than Firestar she is the character most called a mary-sue.

  • Okay, I agree with the part in Lionblaze’s section when he was just walking around and doing nothing. I mean COME ON, LIONBLAZE!!!! lol

    Also, I wouldn’t necessarily call Firestar a Mary Sue. He’s just a character that had way too many, well, chances to be heroic. I liked the first series, when it shows how he turned out to be the leader he, well, WAS. lol (See what I did there?) Even if it seemed a little unnatural, like him beating Longtail when Longtail was a fully trained warrior. And that’s basically it! I just need another name for cats like Firestar… But great article! I love how you wrote something about the Mary Sues!

  • Ummm, anyone else think Mistystar and Spotted leaf should be here? And Gray Wing? Yk, from Dawn of the Clans( moonkitti meme)

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