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hollypaw and hollyleaf ships by Creekkit

Creekkit shares their opinion on some ships involving Hollyleaf.

Art by toboe5tails

Hi. creekkit here. I am rereading all of power of three and I am on dark river but won’t be by the time this was published. So I was thinking of all these hollypaw and hollyleaf ships. Personally, My fave is HollyXcinder as they do a lot of activities together and are really amazing together and after hollyleaf returns they comfort each other as they are both now kind of outsiders in the clan.
HollyXwillow is also really cute as hollypaw is so worried about willowpaw’s clan and even visits riverclan to try and help willowpaw feel better but after a while it just kinda fades into the background as willowpaw is…. Well you know, riverclan. (I also kind of secretly ship willowpaw with jaypaw ).
hollypawXhoneypaw i didn’t really notice this one and as most of the time all honeypaw actually talks to hollypaw about is berrypaw which kinda puts me off.
HollypawXpoppypaw again I didn’t really notice. But of course these are just my opinions.
HollypawXmousepaw. Same. i did not really notice although i do ship it more than hollyXpoppy and hollyXhoney. But i think they are only friends.
hollypawXwarrior code! I did notice this one a lot ! I ship it but only as a joke, like jay and stick. But seriously, why is she so obsessed with the warrior code?!?
hollypawXhazelpaw i actually really like this one . i love it when hazelpaw is showing hollypaw around( maybe at the gathering i can’t remember).
How… um…. InTerEStInG
( if you like these two plz comment why.)

OK, now onto hollyleaf ships

I hate this one, to be honest. Their age and time difference , the fact that hollyleaf can only relate and that is why they are friends. It is just NO. i think i just like IvyXno one.
Ok, this is actually kinda sweet… but he is a ghost and when hollyleaf returns this ends and hollyXcinder is superior!
hollyXno one i guess i like this , but you know , i just like holly ships to much.

Anyways that is all i could find for holly ships if you have any more please post them in the comments. I might do one of these articles for jaypaw . And remember all this was just my opinion. I hope you have a good day. goodbye.

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