Defending Spottedleaf by Mosspaw

Mosspaw defends Spottedleaf.

Art by lol1000

Hello, kitties, I have a question. Do you like Spottedleaf? If not, this article if for you! Because I like her. She is a good cat (I just don’t like the FirestarxSpottedleaf ship. Ew). Anyway, time to begin thissssss. ~*Spoiler alert for Spottedleaf’s life (and when she dies, too)*~

1. I think the main reason people don’t like Spottedleaf is because she is a Mary Sue (someone that can do no bad and has no weaknesses or flaws). But Spottedleaf is NOT a Mary Sue. If you read Bluestar’s Prophecy, you know that Thistleclaw is a BAD cat, but ThunderClan doesn’t know it. And if you read Spottedleaf’s Heart, you know that Spottedpaw actually fell in love with Thistleclaw, and Thistleclaw loved her too. But then Spottedpaw saw him training in the Dark Forest, and she fell away from him. Before this, Spottedpaw was actually considering breaking the code and mating Thistleclaw – so she is not a Mary Sue. Then, she loved Firepaw, too. And he wasn’t an evil character so if she hadn’t died first, who knows if she would’ve broken the code to mate him? If this didn’t convince you, keep reading. I have more in store for you, mwahahaha!
2. She stalked Firestar, invading his dreams. And I know, some StarClan cats are really annoying with their “now I’m dead, so you can’t stop me invading your dreams!” But Spottedleaf and Firestar were in love, and Firestar actually WANTED Spottedleaf in his dreams. If you read Firestar’s Quest, you know that. Sometimes, when Spottedleaf isn’t there, he asks for her to come, taking up page upon page (nah just kidding) YELLING OUT TO NO ONE being like “Spottedleaf, I need help, haunt me more, please!” This also fits in with the Mary Sue thing. Stalking other cats’ dreams is a flaw. Back to the stalking thing. Spottedleaf was helping Firestar while doing that, giving him information that he needed to go be a superhero and blah blah blah. So the stalking dreams thing was actually helpful and Firestar wanted it. If this also didn’t convince you, I have one last reason, that probably won’t be very helpful, but I can try, can’t I?
3. Yeah, so Spottedleaf and Firepaw loved each other on first sight, and they barely met each other. Their love continued throughout Firestar’s life, even after Spottedleaf died. So. . . why did they immediately love each other? Was it because Spottedleaf was pretty? Or Firepaw was handsome? No, actually. When Rusty (later Firepaw) went to camp, his naming ceremony was. . .eventful. Longtail challenged him to a fight, and Rusty won, even though he’d been a kittypet his whole life and had no battle training. Firepaw loved Spottedleaf because she healed Ravenpaw.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed! Hope I convinced some of you haters that Spottedleaf is good! C:

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