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Jaysong takes a look at Mistystar.

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plural noun: phenomena
1. a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question.
2. a remarkable person, thing, or event.(Can you do this in italics?)
-Oxford Languages

Okay, when I was brainstorming for my first article idea, I thought “Why not do the thing that baffles me the most?”. So I wrote about Mistystar. More specifically, about her non-existant death. People are always saying that Graystripe is basically immortal, having been around since the first book yet still alive by the latest book. But what about Mistystar?

Bluestar’s Prophecy – Mistystar was born before Bluestar was even deputy. Some time after she is appointed deputy, it is mentioned how proud she was when Crookedstar announced that Mistyfoot and Stonefur had become Warriors. Near the end of the book, there’s a huge timeskip between when she just became leader and when Rusty, AKA Firestar, joins ThunderClan. During that time she goes from being a medium-age cat to having gray hairs-from AGE. That means Mistyfoot had aged signifigantly as well.

Over 7 seasons, Mistystar has aged, lost a few lives(1 at the very least: The Dark Forest battle, and probably during Bramblestar’s Storm and the fire in River of Fire), but hasn’t DIED.

No offence to the “Greystripe is immortal” folks, but Mistystar is the true wielder of the totem of undying! Though she IS a leader with nine lives, while Graypaw was around six moons in Into the Wild, Mistystar was a full-grown Warrior with a mate and kits at the same time!

Now, because I still haven’t reached the BlogClan standard of 350 words, I decided to tackle another Mistystar…thing: How old is Mistystar? (This one is more of me googling “Mistystar age” than actually doing research.)

According to Warriors Fandom, roughly 16.6 years. That’s a bit over 192 moons, if my calculations are correct–and it’s absurd. The same site also says that Mistystar is the oldest known living cat in the series–this DOES make sense. According to an Amino post called “Warrior Cats: Ages to Blow Your Mind”, Mistystar is 151 moons. According to a Reddit post called “The true scale of Mistystar’s age visualised”, Mistystar is 16.09 moons old. That means she is roughly 204 moons.

The result of this post? Mistystar is a woman(or she-cat?) of mystery

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  • As of 2023 Mistystar died in River and Graystripe in A Light In The Mist so there both died. ur wishes have been granted lol. There not immortal anymore their dead 😝 🥲

  • What about Mosspelt? Wasn’t she alive before Mistystar was born? If I remember correctly, Mosspelt was a warrior around the middle of Leopardstar’s Honor, and then Mistykit and Stonekit arrived later. But then the wiki says she’s only 13, but also she IS the current oldest living cat in the Clans. Why does nobody ever mention Mosspelt when they discuss old cats?

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