My new favorite and least favorite characters by Violetpaw

Violetpaw updates their list of favourite and least favourite characters.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Hi, Im violetpaw and i’m gonna tell you my favorite and least favorite warrior cats. My opinion has changed from the dumb reasons i had in mine from last year. Also im bored and have nothing better to do. These are in no specific order. I know some of my opinions might not be strong but i can just enjoy or hate a character with no reason.

Ivypool is probably my most favorite (before she became a queen.) She was cool and i just liked that she was strong and stuff i guess. Its annoying that she just became a generic queen once she had kits. I would have prefered if fernsong had become the nursery tom cuz that would have been different and sweet.

Clear sky (skystar):
The first time i read dawn of the clans i hated him, he was just super annoying and i didnt like him but on my re-read, i noticed how much more i liked him and how even though he is annoying, he is caring on the inside and does what he thinks is right and tries to put things right with everyone after the first battle. Also his perspectives were intresting to see his thought on stuff.

He is the first blind cat (if you dont really count longtail) and it’s intresting to see how he adapts to blindness. Also i just like him, i don’t really have a propper reason.

Crookedstar’s promise was just good and i liked his story, thats all.

She is just a cool character also squirelflight’s hope was really good and i feel bad for the way bramblestar abused her. I didn’t read broken code yet and from what i know, i think she plays some sort of important role in BC but please don’t spoil it for me, i have been trying to avoid spoilers as much as possible.

Purdy, Longtail, Mousefur:
I love these three as an elder trio, just the story telling old man, a guy who isn’t as mean as he first thought he was and a grumpy old lady. They are just too lovable.

Tigerstar (tigerclaw):
He is just the iconic warriors villan, that’s all really. He is lower on my list.

He is just… idk… i just kinda like him

He is annoying but i like him for having some sort of personality other than the usual other clan warriors and has a regular appearance and even though he is annoying, i like him for that.


He is just annoying and not helpful.

Stoneteller (the new prophecey):
Annoying stuborn guy who is just grumpy and gets in the way of stuff when the clans try to help him. I see how he can be annoyed that the clans think the tribe is vunrable but can’t he ever just admit he is wrong?

He is just like “eclipse, bye” then converts shadowclan to atheism then makes windclan attck thunderclan. (Remember i didn’t read skyclan and the stranger so i dont know his development.) He is just annoying especially since i dont know why he bothers doing this.

He is just horrible to yellowfang and completely disregards her once she had brokenkit. He is just mean.

He is just a horrible person to squirelflight.

He is just a jerk once he becomes leader. I suppose onewhisker is fine but i hate onestar.

My reasons for the cats i hate aren’t strong but i dont need a reason for everything.

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  • My favorites:
    1. Snowtuft
    2. Needletail and Mapleshade
    3. Bluestar and Stonefur
    4. Brightheart and Cloudtail
    5. Ivypool and Bristlefrost
    6. Rootspring and Onewhisker
    7. Spiderleg and Sootfur
    8. Squirrelflight and Leafpool
    9. Hollyleaf and Darkstripe
    10. Brackenfur and Graywing

    My least favorites:

    1. Darktail
    2. Onestar and Breezepelt
    3. Tigerstar 1 and Brokenstar
    4. Tigerheart ( Star) and Rainflower
    5. Bramblestar and Lionblaze
    6. Hawkfrost and Berrynose
    7. Sol and Clear sky
    8. Daisy and Dovewing
    9. Millie and Silverstream
    10. Bone and Ashfur


    Bye~ Crystal’heart

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