Top 9 Worst Warrior Cats Deaths by Frostmask

Frostmask lists the worst deaths in the series.

Art by wondergunned

Hey! Kinda saw these top Warriors deaths tons and TONS of times, but i thought i would give my opinion on these; here ya go, the deaths of the cats in these books i find the saddest!

9; Mapleshade
I don’t really like her and her motives but her death was shocking by the fact that she was losing blood rapidly and said she didn’t need company from Myler [Poor Myler tho!] She dies alone, and that’s just sad.

8; Smallkit, Wolfkit and Runningkit
A patrol of RiverClan cats, consisting of Graywing, Brindleclaw, and Foxwhisker, see the kits from their territory. Graywing tells Brindleclaw that she can’t risk her life to save kits from another Clan, and stops her from saving the kits once more.
That night, Graywing is visited in her dreams by the kits that had died earlier in the day, but looking much older. Smallstar is introduced to Graywing by Runningstorm and Wolfheart. Smallstar tells Graywing that they are the cats those kits would have become, and she realizes that Smallstar would have been the leader of WindClan one day. He makes her realize that letting those kits drown was wrong. She apologizes at the end, and buries the body of the young with Brindleclaw and Foxwhisker.

7; Sorreltail
Sorreltail has always been a adored character, and i wasn’t prepared for the revelation of her death, she died for the sake of the safety of her kits, even when she was dying she comforted the kits and never told anyone she was heavily injured.
Sorrel wanted to be with her kits, dead or alive.

6; Moonflower
During the battle against WindClan, Moonflower tries to destroy WindClan’s medicine supply, an order sent by Pinestar. Hawkheart, WindClan’s medicine cat, corners her and attacks. Moonflower tries to fight back but is no match for him and is killed from a fatal bite to her neck.

5; The Great Hunger victims
Harepounce is the first cat to die from hunger, and soon after, Flashnose, Stagleap, Hollypelt, and Nettlebreeze die from illness. When the prey begins to come back, and the sun begins to shine again, Doestar makes Moonflower, Poppydawn, Heronwing, and Rabbitleap warriors for fighting like lions during the hunger. Doestar herself dies that night from sickness, leaving Pineheart to get his nine lives and become the leader of ThunderClan.

4; Micah
Micah tells Moth Flight to take the bark back and tells the cats to stop fighting. He climbs up the tree and tugs at Willow Tail’s tail and grabs the rotten branch. This is when the branch snaps and falls down, crushing him.

3; Brokenstar’s victims [Indirectly and Directly caused] Raggedstar:
Died by one single hit Brokentail caused, so he could become leader; HIS OWN FATHER.

Mosspaw [indirect]:
In a baby kitty training section, while Brokenstar supervises, Mosspaw is killed by Brownkit and Wetkit. Brokenstar does nothing about it and makes the kits apprentices as a prize.

Volepaw is mentioned in Yellowfang’s thoughts to have died soon after of an infected wound when Brokenstar begins forcing the apprentices to battle rats during their training.

Badgerfang [indirect]:
Brokenstar tells him that he will fight in his first battle soon. Brokenstar claims that he’s seen traces of WindClan on their territory, and they’re going to attack at dawn. After the battle, Flintfang comes into camp with a dead Badgerpaw in his jaws. Flintfang is sad for his apprentice, and claims he’ll never train a kit ever again. When Yellowfang confronts Brokenstar telling him Badgerfang is dead, Brokenstar doesn’t seem to care and says it’s a shame because he would’ve made a great warrior.

Swampkit and Blossomkit [indirect]:
Dawncloud mentions that she had two kits that died while driving out WindClan.

Marigoldkit and Mintkit:
They went to explore outside of camp, and their bodies were discovered by Yellowfang. Despite Yellowfang theorizing that it was a fox, Brokenstar blamed her instead and she was exiled. She was mentioned by Yellowfang when Brokenstar described her exile in Into The Wild. Brokenstar confessed to murdering them, and called them weak.

Antpelt [indirect]:
Through orders, he killed Antpelt as a ghost, making him fade forever.

Killed in the Dark Forest when he attempted to leave the morbid place.

Killed in The Last Hope.

2; The Elders in The New Prophecy [Speckletail, Frostfur, Mudfur, Loudbelly and Shadepelt] They decide to stay behind in the old forest rather than make the journey to the lake, and eventually they all die of hunder and thirst. That is really jaw dropping and stabs my heart everytime i think about it.

1; Morning Whisker
She is Wind Runner and Gorse Fur’s kit. Sadly, she was a victim of the cruel sickness in Dawn of The Clans. She died horribly sick and suffering, as we see from Thunder’s point of view:
“Morning Whisker is lying in the den, eyes rolled into her head, and her tongue sticking out of her jaws. The kit gives a final twitch, then lays still.”
Yeah, horrifying.

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