Cadvent 2021 – because we all need a cat for the Holidays

It’s coming. 🎄🌟☃️

It’s nearly here. 🥳💖

My favourite time of year! 🎄🌟☃️

🥳💖 On 1st December, Cadvent will begin – BlogClan’s annual celebration of all things snowy and sparkly and festive. No matter what you celebrate during this, the darkest part of the year, celebrate with us this year, in the true spirit of BlogClan – with cheeriness and cosiness. Put on your wooliest socks, wrap your fingers around a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy our twinkly, snuggly and, most of all, cute lead in to the Holidays! 🎄🌟☃️

If you haven’t celebrated Cadvent with BlogClan before, you can find out more about it by clicking on the links to 2020’s Cadvent posts here.

Cadvent only works if you join in. 🎄🌟☃️ We need all the cute, cosy, twinkly cat pictures you can find

Search the web (carefully) for cat pictures that you think best sum up BlogClan’s twinkly, cosy, wintery Holiday joy


Use the form on this page to send in your link to help create BlogClan’s cutest Cadvent yet 🥳💖

We also welcome your own Holiday art and we LOVE to see festive pictures of your pets. So, if you’d like to send us a picture you’ve drawn or a photo you’ve taken you can send it in using the form on this page 🥳💖

We can’t wait to see them and we can’t wait to get started. 🥳💖

Hold on to your bobble hats, folks, Cadvent has arrived! 🎄🌟☃️


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