The Warrior cats best fathers

Speckledpaw lists the best fathers from the series.

Art by AnnaGiladi

Speckledpaw the panda cat is here today with a warrior cats article. Warrior cats really has evolved over the arcs, from The Prophecies Begin where we don’t even get a father character for Fireheart/star, to the modern arcs where there is usually a kind of father figure role model. Though the dads in warrior cats are never as involved or good as the moms depicted. I wish there were more of these nice validating fathers in warriors, where it was actually plain that the father loved his child. Not that there already some, of course I think Warriors have some good father figures.

#7 Brackenfur – Most Affectionate, his affection for his kits showed deep, and even deeper after he lost Sorreltail and Seedpaw. He lost a lot of kits, which in turn made him a better, more responsible father. He was depicted as very worried and supportive of Cinderheart during that period of time she injured her leg. And also, He’s just a great boi, so I had to put him in here.

#6 Crookedstar – . Definity getting the most responsible dad of year award, very overprotective, but also when thinking about it, he wasn’t that overprotective. He had been left struck after he lost his other kits and mate, so he felt like needed to take proper precautions in looking after Silverstream. Later, when he found out about her romance with Graystripe, he didn’t stop her. He couldn’t, he loved her dearly to separate her from her love.

#5 Hawkwing, Since Violetshine and Twigbranch were his kits and memories of Pebbleshine, he took full advantage of this. I like it. He was very good to Twigbranch and Violetshine, the reason it gets one more than Crookedstar is that we got to see how Hawkwing was a father from Violetshine’s and Twigbranch’s perspective. He was also a very good grandfather, he defended Rootspring and Violetshine from the imposters jeering, and almost attacked the imposter for it.
There aren’t many grandcat to grandkit relationships in the books, so I thought it was sweet that they had that moment in Broken Code. It gave me a greater view of Hawkwing, I like cats that are willing to defend and assist loved ones.

#5 Shellheart Very supportive of Crookedstar, to sacrifice your happiness by separating from your mate for your kit’s sake is big. It showed that he was willing to do what was better for his kit. He showed his opinion on Rainflowers decisions, which showed that he’d never burden a kit by giving it a cruel name, or avoiding it cause it made him uncomfortable. He was faced with decisions that could have taken him on a similar path to Rainflowers, but he chose not.

#4 Graywing, Graywing unlike Bramblestar/claw counts since he’s better than Brambleclaw and was fatherly to Thunder and Turtletails kits. Turtletails kits are more Graywings than Tom’s since he cared for them like a father. I hated the scene where Tom abducted them and they went along willingly, you’d say that they’re just kits, and stuff, but if I were a kit I’d stay with the person who raised me rather than the person who was father but never did anything. He was so supportive of Thunder, and loved Pebbleheart, Sparrowfur, and Owleyes. I also love Graywing SO MUCH.

#3 Tree: A lot of people think he’s weird, but I think he’s fine. People can be weird. Ideally, we’re all weird in some way. But there is no doubt he is a good dad. He felt like an outsider in the clan, and his kits who had dreams of becoming great warriors. But when Rootspring started seeing ghosts, he was very supportive, that’s why I love him. I love validating dads that can go Hey, I understand what you’re feeling. Instead of going “it will be alright” or “Don’t worry” good dads should go “Let’s hope for the best” or “That’s horrible, I’ll be here for you.” He lied to the clans for Rootsprings sake, since he was embarrassed he didn’t put pressure on him.

#2 Fernsong: Fernsong was a good dad before his kits were even born. He was game ready and supportive of Ivypool having kits, (Extra points for good mate) He sacrificed his time as a warrior to take care of his kits, since Ivypool wanted to resume her duties as her warrior. I like soft boi (Alderheart and Graywing lover) And he wanted to have kits so, yep it checks out on me. Some fans think it’s weird, but think of him as a stay at home dad. It proves that the whole child care, babysitting scene isn’t always a femine thing.

#1 Tigerstar II: The title of Best warrior’s father is a hard task, but this striped tabby wins this one. He’s very protective, and obviously cares about Shadowsight. His love shows so much in the Broken Code; it’s very sweet. He stands against the imposter and the other clans several times for Shadowsight. Being a good father is one thing, but sacrificing your position as a clan leader for your kit is major. He might not be my favorite cat, but he’s definitely my fave dad. It brings respect to him more as a leader. Well, that’s my list of best warriors dads, hope you enjoyed it.
Speckledpaw out, and remember to protect the pandas! Have a nice day.

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