Who Will Crowfeather Choose In StarClan? by Frostdapple

Frostdapple wonders who Crowfeather will choose to be with in StarClan.

Art by Cherivinca

Heya! It’s me, Frost! Today, I will be going over who Crowfeather will choose in StarClan. I know some of you guys will have different opinions, but don’t be mean about it, okay? Anyway, I have been looking at the Crowfeather articles, and the opinions mainly land on Leafpool and Feathertail. Not Nightcloud. Anyway, here we go!

Also, I just wanted to say, there will be some spoilers in this article. Please don’t read if you haven’t read Crowfeather’s Trial, the super edition, or if you’ve only read a few books from the New Prophecy, or the Power of Three. So yeah. Also, this is totally MY opinion, and I would appreciate it if you say what you think in the comments. So yeah. Also, you can point anything out if I missed something. Nothing too mean, okay? <3 (If you want to skip this paragraph you are welcome to. Lol!)

Nightcloud: This is Crowfeather’s last mate, and they never really loved each other. But in Crowfeather’s Trial, Crowfeather actually talks to Nightcloud and they make up. Even though they are good now, I know for sure that Crowfeather will only be friends with Nightcloud in StarClan.

Feathertail: This is Crowfeather’s first “mate”. The reason why the quotation marks are there is because I believe that in the time Crowfeather and Feathertail loved each other, they were never actually mates. Feathertail died when they were going back home, saving the Tribe of Rushing Water. Crowfeather was devastated. In my opinion, Crowfeather and Feathertail’s relationship was just a childhood crush thing, and Crowfeather did not fully love her enough to choose her in StarClan.

Leafpool: And finally, Crowfeather’s second mate, Leafpool. Since Nightcloud and Feathertail have been crossed out, it leaves her. Yeah, yeah, I know that Leafpool was a medicine cat and is not supposed to have kits and be mates with Crowfeather in the first place, but when you look at it this way, Leafpool was the only she-cat that Crowfeather strongly loved. And his love for her was so strong, that he suggested that they run away together. And that shows that he truly loves her. Again, out of these she-cats, I believe that Crowfeather loved Leafpool the most, and he will totally choose her in StarClan.

Thanks for reading guys! Bye! (For now! heheheheh!)

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  • I disagree. Crowfeather DID love Feathertail enough to choose her in StarClan. And if FeatherXCrow is a “crush” then LeafXCrow is also a crush. Also, FeatherXCrow is way more developed than LeafXCrow. Leafpool and Crowfeather only met like 3 times amd then ran away together for titterally only ONE day. While, Feathertail and Crowfeather went on a journey together that lasted a whole MOON and they barley even left eachother’s sides. I believe that Crowfeather will choose Feathertail in StarClan. Sorry, i just wanted to deffend FeatherXCrow, but nice article!

    • I disagree, even if your opinion does make some sense. Leafpool and Crowfeather ran away together AND had kits. That’s not all: Crowfeather offically took her as a mate, unlike Feathertail. In A Light In The Mist, Rootspring argues about the way the clans call “crushes” any serious or casual pair of forbidden relationships that havn’t yet decided to be together outside clans forever or in one single clan. Sorry for the spoilers folks, but the latest book really came in handy! No offense, Silverstorm. 🙂

  • Nice article, but I personally ship FeatherXCrow for life. I am doing an article on that that hasn’t been published yet so I won’t explain here.

    • YES FEATHERCROW FOREVER!!!! Let me just explain why Crowfeather would choose Feathertail really quick…

      Yes, FeatherXCrow was his first love, but it was also true love. There are several quotes in Moonrise, whether from Feathertail’s perspective or Stormfur’s that prove this:

      “Crowpaw backed off a pace or two, still looking furious, and Feathertail pressed her nose against his flank” This is showing that both of them support each other and try to help each other with anger and other strong emotions, accepting that.

      “Because I love these kits as much as you do. They’re Crowfeather’s. How could I not? I want them to live the best life, not one lived outside the Clans, in shame and exile.” This is Feathertail, several moons past her death, still very devoted to Crowfeather and his kits even though they’re not hers.

      There are also several quotes in Moonrise that mention that Crowfeather would fight the whole of StarClan for Feathertail and that Stormfur saw a love for the prickly apprentice in Feathertail’s eyes that would sweep the rivalry of the Clans away. This is from a brother to his sister. He would not lie. And did Squirrelflight or Leafpool ever mention this in their POV? No.

      Sweeping away the Clan’s rivalry is huge, near impossible. The Clans are so prejudiced, it would be very hard, but FeatherXCrow’s love is strong.

      • Although this is good evidence, the Erins did confirm Crowfeather would likely choose Leafpool over Feathertail or Nightcloud. I do agree that Leafpool was the only one really worthy. Although Crowfeather really did love Leafpool, it was never real love or did he really love anyone after Feathertail.
        I also feel even though Crowpaw and Feathertail were together for about two moons on the journey and were really close, it was unhealthy and in my opinion a little weird. First off, she’s quite a bit older than him. Second, he would have gone to the level of suicide if his friends didn’t stop him he was so upset. I understand that Crow feels guilty and it hurts, but that’s a bit extreme.

  • So all this proves that their love was NOT a high school crush, it was true and strong.

    LeafCrow has barely any development, anyways. They have around 5 meetings and then decide to run away from the Clans? Feathertail and Crowfeather went hunting together without the other cats at LEAST seven times, and they had 2 entire books developing from ally to friend to close friend to love, unlike Leafpool and Crowfeather’s very immediate romance. And if anyone decides to defend this by questioning if I like SorrelXBracken (Because THAT had barely any development as well) I used to but now I don’t. I prefer SorrelLeaf far more than CrowLeaf and SorrelBracken because it had so much friendliness, development, and potential.

    And the FeatherCrow age gap is only about 10 moons, which is less than a year! Meanwhile the gap between SquirrelXBramble is larger, about 1 1/2 year. The gap between BlossomThorn is 6 years, and PineLeopard is 10 years! 1 year is not that much.

    Also, Leafpool and Crowfeather are on the “former mate or broke-up” mates section. And would Leafpool even choose Crowfeather anyways? Plus, I think Kate said that Crowfeather would choose Feahtertail in StarClan.

    For those who ship FeatherXReed, the age gap is like 4 years, and Feathertail showed no interest to him. Why ship a ship that doesn’t exist? FeatherCrow, FeatherTawny, and FeatherSasha would be far better options.

    And to wrap that up, Crowfeather states in the prologue of Crowfeather’s Trial that he wanted to be mates and have kits with Feathertail! Not a high school crush!

    Sorry if that was a bit of a rant, I love this ship…

  • I also made an article about FeatherXCrow defending that hasn’t been published yet.

  • Nice article!
    I REALLY hope he’s with Feathertail, though! His relationship with her is super healthy, much healthier then his relationship with Leafpool, in my opinion.
    Feather x Crow forever!!! <33

    • Yeah, but in the ending scene in light in the mist shows crowfeather and leafpool flirting and feathertail looking jealous.

      • Ya, it’s sort of going South for all you Feather x Crow shippers. 🙁 Personally, I’m a LeafxCrow shipper.

  • 💥ᠻꪶꪖ᥅ꫀꫝꫀꪖ᥅ꪻ❤𝕗Lᗩя𝒆𝕡άW💥𝕱𝖑𝖆𝖗𝖊❤𝔽𝕝𝕒𝕣𝕖𝕪💥Belugasong💦 🏴‍☠Captain of the Eclipse 🏴‍☠help save the Beluga whale says:

    Idk, none of them really work out, and all of them have more cons than pros, so I ship Crowfeather with NOONE, he is a lonely lonely boi. and that’s the sad truth of Crowfeather. And the age difference between him and his “mates” is so big, He’s practically a newborn compared to Feathertail who has been there since, was it book 3? of ark 1. and Leafpool was almost a newly made Med. cat when crowfeather fell for her. and i don’t really know about nightcloud, i don’t really pay that much attention to that ship.

  • I agree. Leafpool is his choice. In the newest book, he barely even looks at Feathertail when meeting her in Starclan and shares conversation with Leafpool instead, touching noses.

  • Good article! I like Leaf x Crow, but… I don’t like Crowfeather. At all. He’s mean! Why do so many she-cats fall in love with him? (Sorry to the Crow-fans!)

  • Personally I think he would choose Feathertail. Feathertail and Crowfeather truly loved each other, and their relationship is less rushed than Leafpool and Crowfeather’s is. And Leafpool stops loving Crowfeather, and there is one time where she says that when she decided to stay in Thunderc Clan, she says “But that doesn’t mean I didn’t love you” And she says “didn’t” not “don’t” which means that her love for Crowfeather had eventually faded. So I feel like he would choose Feathertail, because they both truly loved each other. Leafpool loved him, but not enough. She chose her home and Clan over him.

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