How Squirrelflight Broke ThunderClan by Turnipkit

Turnipkit shows just how influential Squirrelflight is.

Official art by Owen Richardson

Hey, Turnipkit here! Here’s my article on Squirrelflight. I’m not here to talk about how terrible she is, or my personal opinion on her, but about how she broke ThunderClan.
“Broke ThunderClan?” I hear you cry. “What do you mean?” Well, let’s begin.

Squirrelflight is a good character. She was born as Squirrelkit in Firestar’s quest, grew up in The New Prophecy, and earned her warrior name later in the series, and deals with a whole love triangle situation, ending in her being mates with Brambleclaw. In power of three, she’s foster mother to Jaykit, Lionkit, and Hollykit. In the end of that series, Brambleclaw breaks up with her, as it’s revealed that Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf aren’t theirs. Throughout Omen Of The Stars, Squirrelflight is outcast by her clanmates and the only one there for her is Leafpool, her sister. By the end of that, she’s appointed Bramblestar’s deputy. While there is still a wedge in their relationship in Bramblestar’s Storm, by the end they get back together, and Squirrelflight has Dandelionkit, Juniperkit, Alderkit, and Sparkkit. Two of which didn’t survive. Throughout A Vision Of Shadows, Squirrelflight is an excellent deputy and great mom. And now.. The Broken Code. Ashfur possesses Bramblestar and manipulates Squirrelflight, all because she broke up with him. Eventually she fakes her death, leaves, works with the refugees in ShadowClan, etc. I’ll refrain from some other details to avoid spoilers.

Now, I want you to analyze this summary of her life. Squirrelflight, one cat, caused so much distraught and pain in her own clan than anyone in the series. Her being charming and sweet lead to Ashfur almost destroying the clans as we know it, and her giving into caring for her sister’s kits lead to her destroying more relationships than Tigerstar destroyed cats. Squirrelflight, one ThunderClan she-cat with two main series POV books, did all that. And that’s just the main series! What about Squirrelflight’s hope? Here we go:

Squirrelflight wants kits. Bramblestar doesn’t. This causes a ridge in their relationship, which only grows bigger as Squirrelflight undermines him at a gathering. As she grows more determined, she goes with Leafstar to explore territory, and meets the sisters. Squirrelflight is fascinated by their way of life and learns more about them whilst the sisters hold her and Leafstar hostage. Eventually, ThunderClan comes to get them. A sister named Sunrise is really injured and comes to ThunderClan cat to get help, and Bramblestar tells Jayfeather and Alderheart to go see if they have StarClan permission to treat her. Cats have conflicting opinions even though they should probably treat her. They go to the gathering, and learn that Sunrise fought a ShadowClan cat and injured them, which makes all the ThunderClan cats freak out. Now there are a few more sister related and border related drama, until the leaders decide it would be best to drive the sisters out. They make a plan for when they want to do it. The night before, Squirrelflight and Leafpool sneak out to help the sisters’ leader, Moonlight, with her kitting. They do, and Leafpool and Squirrelflight get trapped in a cave while helping the sisters evacuate. A rock falls, and crushes Leafpool and Squirrelflight, who end up in StarClan. They are both on the verge of the living and passed world. They have to do a trial to see if they can stay in StarClan or not, and by the end of the trial it is decided that they can stay. But Squirrelflight decides to go back to the living world, while Leafpool stays. The sisters move on to a new place, and SkyClan takes their territory. Bramblestar and Squirrelflight make up. The end.

Now this one- Squirrelflight’s got a big heart. That heart leads her to do a lot of stuff for the sisters. She’s a loyal cat, and all of that came from a good place. She was completely right to do it, and Bramblestar and Tigerstar were not right to push the sisters away. But, my StarClan- she gave her life and caused so much chaos in the Heat of the battle. She’s one powerful cat, what she does shapes the future of the clans.

So yeah- Squirrelflight broke ThunderClan. Her actions, words, and choices shaped the future of the clan in general, and did more to influence it than Firestar and Bramblestar combined. So yeah, thanks for reading! Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • As a Squirrelflight fan, I actually agree with you. Even though I know she never INTENTIONALLY hurt ThunderClan, she really did shape its future. She’s got a good heart, but truthfully… she (partly) broke the Clans.

    Great article! Please make more.

  • ditto

    she rlly did change her clan even with good intentions, my heart broke when towards the end of broken code when Bramblestar (you no what) don’t wanna spoil they expected him to come back but he didn’t then Squierrelflight says I came back for you but you didnt wait for me
    I just f=read Squirreflights hope and when I read that book that made me sad


  • ( don’t think it’s a spoiler but warning non the less)
    When reading Squirrelflights hope, it’s one of the few books that broke me, my tears where staining the pages haha. I wanted to see her have kittens so bad. All through broken code I hoped she’d get pregnant.

    Hopefully in River she can have at least one more kit

  • So let me get this straight you’re blaming Squirrelflight, who just simply didn’t love Ashfur, for Ashfur’s cruel, obsessive, and downright EVIL actions? Since when does one have to be punished for be CHARMING AND SWEET. Nobody knew the upcoming events that would happen. It’s cruel that you would blame her like this.

  • I’ve only read the first arc, the first two books of the second arc, Squirrelflight’s Hope, and Bluestar’s Prophecy, but what you’ve said concerning those books is absolutely true.

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