15 Warrior Cat Names Taken Literally by Jaypaw1234

Art by NatameSecrea on DeviantArt

Jaypaw interprets some Warriors names literally

I’ve been wanting to do one of these for awhile so here it is. We are starting so hang onto your tails.

1. Featherwhisker – what type of cat would be born with feathers for whiskers I mean wouldn’t you always get them caught in the brambles and thorns. And what about the kits don’t they always play with her whiskers.

2. Turtletail – Wait what a turtle bit off her tail. Oh me gosh call the medicine cat… wait scratch that call every medicine cat that possibly lived. And the leaders two I mean you have to let everyone know what happened.

3. Adderfang – “I just got attacked by a adder. Oh help me.” Oakstar stood on a log and announced. “You will now be named Adderfang.” “Adderfang Adderfang Adderfang.” Lol

4. Boulder – Hey boulder don’t you get tired having the elders lay on you. I mean your a boulder and everyone likes to lay on those.

5. Flametail – Well he met a unfortunate demise. I mean his tail is on fire. And then he jumped on the ice and fell threw. Now that is sad.

6. Brightheart – Oh I feel bad for the warriors who sleep by her. Her heart is a freaking nightlight. Like she’d be purrfect in the nursery but she’d scare all the prey away.

7. Cloudtail – And then Cloudtail has a cloud for a tail. I mean what if he gets attacked by a fox like he dont really have a tail.

8. Bouncefire – Oh well the fire that surrounds him is always bouncing. That sound… painful… I feel bad for skyclan they might as well push him of a bridge. Wait that sounds cruel lets not do that.

9. Onestar – Oh poor Onestar has only one star while the rest have multiple. That must be lonely. I mean the other leaders are always saying how there stars are so plentiful.

And last and not least is…

10. Stonetooth – he has freaking stones for teeth that must hurt when he’s chewing prey but I mean he would make a fierce warrior. He could kill a warrior without even trying.

Well that’s all for today if you guys like this one I will make sure to do one on the blogclan cats.

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