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My top 5 favorite cats! by Cloverflame

Art by M.Jay Warriors Art (tumblr: marymsjay-warriors-art)

Cloverflame lists their top 5 favourite cats – what do you think?

Top 5 favorite cats.
Hi! I’m Cloverkit, and i’m going to tell you my top 5 favorite cats!

5. Graystripe
Graystripe is a great warrior, and he was a great father too! He went to riverclan because he wanted to be with featherpaw and stormpaw.

4. Jayfeather
Jayfeather is a great medicine cat, even though he’s blind. Although he’s grumpy and snaps all the time,
he’s still a good medicine cat, he helped briarlight feel important and he saved poppyfrost from breezepelt.

3. Squirrelflight
Squirrelflight is a good warrior and a good deputy. Even though she was mischievous as an apprentice, she helped Leafpool hide her secret and raise her kits herself, and she was a great mother to Alderheart and Sparkpelt too!

2. Cinderpelt
Cinderpelt is a great character! She was still optimistic even if she couldn’t be a warrior. She was an amazing medicine cat,
and she was so brave to fight the badger all alone to protect sorreltail’s kits!

And number one is………


1. Yellowfang!
I just LOVE yellowfang! She was a great mentor and a great medicine cat too! although she was often grouchy, she was so nice too
cinderpelt when she was stuck in the medicine den! She was so brave for protecting the kits too!

Honorable mentions

he’s a good character, and a brave leader! I like him a lot, the reason i didn’t put him higher on the list is because i just didn’t like how
he wanted to separate brambleclaw and squirrelpaw.

i liked her a lot she was a good leader, and a great warrior, But she was a little bit… bad at the end. Like who would name a cat lostface?!

Sandstorm is a great character! She’s fierce but also loyal and kind. I love how she was really mean to firepaw in the beginning and soon began to accept him as a friend until she became his mate

well he was a great leader, and it was fun to read about him but, who would leave their clan to be a kittypet!?

well that’s all!
Thanks for reading my first article!

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