Analyzing Mary Sue-called Characters by Frostdapple

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Frostdapple analyzes characters often considered to be Mary Sues – are they really?

Heyo! It’s meh, Frost again! Today I will be looking at some characters that are called Mary Sues. Are they really Mary Sues? Here are the one’s I’ll be looking at today:


First off, Silverstream! Mary Sue? No.
Lots of you will disagree with me, but Silverstream is not a Mary Sue. Many people think she’s so perfect and cocky, but being cocky is actually a flaw. Silverstream has many flaws that people don’t actually realize she has. In conclusion, for me, Silverstream is not noticed as a Mary Sue.

Next, Dovewing! Mary Sue? No.
Even my bestie hates Dovewing. It really makes me sad to see Dovewing haters. Dovewing was so kind to other cats, helping them up when they fell down. And since Dovewing is so kind, people think she’s a Mary Sue. But falling in love with a ShadowClan warrior is a flaw. She can actually also be pretty stupid. She rushed to conclusions in the beginning of Tigerheart’s Shadow, telling Tigerstar 2 that she would go anyway to the place she had dreamed about, threatening him to either choose her or her Clan. And that’s a flaw. In conclusion, for me, Dovewing is not noticed as a Mary Sue.

Thirdly, Spottedleaf! Mary Sue, Yes.
Okay, okay, Spottedleaf lovers! Don’t get mad! Just listen. Anyway, no offense to you all, but if you use statements from Warriors text and common sense (That was supposed to be funny…) you will see that Spottedleaf is actually what dudes will call a Mary Sue. She has a “sweet scent”, and she is “beautiful”, and she dies after literally half a book. Dying quickly and being beautiful and stuff are totally symtoms of Mary Sue-itis. (Again, supposed to be funny!) And Spottedleaf has all of those. She’s also gentle and stuff. Sure, she probably can’t fight good but she’s a MEDICINE CAT! Medicine cats aren’t SUPPOSED to be able to fight very well! In conclusion, for me, Spottedleaf is noticed as a Mary Sue.

And last but not least, Feathertail! Mary Sue? Maybe.
I wouldn’t call Feathertail a Mary Sue to be honest with you. Feathertail did some good things in her life, but she has some flaws. She fell in love with Crowfeather, she is half-Clan in general, and she’s mainly quiet and stuff. Feathertail also did some heroic things like saving the Tribe of Rushing Water from Sharptooth. But that wasn’t really something I would call a thing a Mary Sue would do. Feathertail knew it was her destiny to die young, so she did it. In conclusion, for me, some people might think of Feathertail as a Mary Sue, and she has her ups and downs.

Okay, dudes, and dudettes! That was it for today! Let me know in the comments if you disagree with me, and totally tell me what you think about Feathertail. I’m honestly sorta nuetral with her. Please don’t be mean about anything though. I won’t tolerate that. So yeah. I’m gone now! >;3

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  • Great article!
    Though, in my opinion, no cat is a Mary Sue, and as for Feathertail, she FOR SURE isn’t one, in my opinion. She yelled at Purdy, gave prey to Ferncloud, attacked her own Clanmates, wished Leopardstar would have gotten carried away by a fox, basically abandoned her Clan for a while, and was unwilling to give her leader a second chance for quite a long time!
    Also, I wouldn’t count being half-Clan as a flaw, and Feathertail wasn’t actually saving the Tribe; she was saving Crowpaw, and rescued the Tribe my accident, at least that’s my interpretation of the scene 😛
    Again, great article! It was interesting to see your opinions about these characters! 🙂

  • ❄🌊Frozen Stream Shining At Dawn🌊❄ Streampaw Can't Wait to Go Skiing and Play in the Snow!!!!!! (Streampaw, she/her) says:

    I agree with everything! Silverstream is DEFINITELY not a Mary Sue, neither is Dovewing nor Feathertail. Spottedleaf… well, that’s a different story. And Firepaw goes on and on about her SCENT!

    Feathertail also has flaws other than you stated, in a Shadow in RiverClan, she is mistrustful, skeptical, and pushes the ones she loves away. I love FeatherXCrow and Feathertail and will defend both of them to my last breath. (Dramatic I know, but I sucked up the 1/2 prologue in Crowfeather’s Trial about Feathertail’s death, then reread it like 20 times!)

    While Dovewing is selfless, she is sassy and a bit of a brat. Plus the way she totally belittles Ivypool without even really realizing it.

    So yep, that’s my opinion for ya.

    • I agree with you. My point in these arguments about Mary Sues is that someone is outwardly ‘perfect’ until you’ve discovered their flaws.

  • Personally I don’t think any of those characters are Mary Sues, I just dislike them.

    Silverstream: Annoying. Thinks she can do whatever she wants in the living world and selfish in Starclan (about Millie and Briarlight meeting up with Graystripe, despite Graystripe already talking to her).

    Dovewing: I know Dovewing can be kind, bit she can also be a self-centered, bratty, and naive.

    Spottedleaf: Okay, this is the one exception. Spottedleaf is indeed a Mary Sue. She does no wrong, EVER. Even when confronted with the fact that Firestar already has a wonderful mate in the living world and is still padding after her (Sandstorm to slap Spottedleaf in the face, just saying). I commonly refer to Spottedleaf as a prophecy spouting air freshiner.

    Feathertail: Not a Mary Sue, and I’m pretty nuetral on her. But I will fight tooth and claw for Leafpool when it comes to who Crowfeather chooses in Starclan. 😛

    • Spottedleaf did tell Leafpool to follow her heart, then yelled at her after she ran away with Crowfeather. And in Spottedleaf’s Heart, she’s full of flaws.

    • I disagree with the part about Spottedleaf and Sandstorm. This was merely a situation of misunderstanding. Sandstorm originally saw Spottedleaf as a threat to her place as Firestar’s mate, but she had so much character development in Firestar’s Quest. Check out this quote: “That’s not true. Firestar and I never discovered what we might have meant to each other […] I was alive in the forest for such a short time after he came to ThunderClan. But I know for sure […] that he and I could never have been mates. I was and always will be a medicine cat. That comes first, more than any cat who walks the forest, more even than Firestar.” – Spottedleaf to Sandstorm, Firestar’s Quest, Chapter 29. This quote shows that Spottedleaf is willing to sacrifice her time with Firestar so that Sandstorm could be happy. Now, check out this other quote shortly after the previous one was spoken: “Thank you, Spottedleaf. I’ve never stopped thinking about how you and Firestar seemed to belong together when he first came to the forest. But I understand better now.” – Sandstorm to Spottedleaf, Firestar’s Quest, Chapter 29. This quote shows that Sandstorm is no longer jealous or afraid of Spottedleaf due to her visits into Firestar’s dreams. Also, Spottedleaf can be helpful sometimes, such as when she suggested burdock root when Patchfoot was hurt in the previous chapter, Chapter 28. ~ Cloudy

    • I, ironically, love bratty Silverstream, I feel it makes her stand out from the absolute sea of generic she-cat love interest, but that’s just me.

  • Great article! I disagree with Spottedleaf, who is definitely the opposite of a Mary Sue. Yes, she has some wonderful traits in her personality, but this does not mean that she is a Mary Sue. Think about it *spoilers for Spottedleaf’s Heart*. She also accidentally fell off a tree and had her warrior training delayed due to her self-pride. Plus, if she were a Mary Sue, she would’ve immediately stopped her relationship with Firestar the moment she died. Actually, she would’ve never fallen in love with Firestar in the first place as a medicine cat. Actually, she would’ve immediately known that her destiny was to become a medicine cat, and she would’ve started training as one in the beginning. Another one of Spottedleaf’s flaws is that she does not explain her prophecies very well. She simply delivers the prophecy and goes. This is an extreme flaw that has led to much plot twists in the story. For example, when she told Fireheart to “beware a dark warrior,” Fireheart misunderstood the prophecy and thought that Graystripe was the dark warrior, when truly it was Tigerclaw. Anyways, Spottedleaf is filled with flaws on the inside and outside, with some much harder to notice than others. Also, how does dying early make someone a Mary Sue? If Spottedleaf died early, that actually means that she would not be a Mary Sue. Mary Sues are absolutely perfect and have zero flaws and they never die because they are so important to the plot. Sorry, serious Spottedleaf-lover here. ~ Cloudy

  • Okay I agree with you on Silverstream, Dovewing but I disagree with you on the rest. But I respect your opinion and essay. Great job!

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