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Mountainstorm lists the best parents in Warriors

Hello kits, apprentices, warriors, elders!
Today I am going to be discussing some of the best parents in the Warriors series! Number 1 will be the best parent, and the rest will be nice parents, from good, to best. Enjoy reading!

22. Nutmeg
We don’t know much about Nutmeg, and what kind of parent she was. (That’s why she’s this number) But I always imagined her as a sweet, caring mother. Why? Both Princess, Leafpool, and Firestar are pretty down-to-earth, calm cats who are pretty kind and always want to help. (Unlike Squirrelflight, who is also very caring, but is more feisty and fierce, like her mother Sandstorm) They probably inherited these traits from Nutmeg. And kind, calm cats usually make great mothers.

21. Millie
Millie wasn’t the best mom, that’s for sure. But she wasn’t bad either. She fusses over Briarlight because she loves and cares for her, and she was a pretty good parent to Bumblestripe and Blossomfall before Briarlight’s accident. Yes, she isn’t the perfect mother, and she made a lot of mistakes, but that only goes to show that she isn’t unrealistic or artificial. She’s a first-time mom who learns from what she did wrong.

20. Crookedstar
At first Crookedstar wasn’t a very good father. He pushed himself away from his kit, Silverkit, because the memory of his lost mate, Willowbreeze was too much for him to bear. He couldn’t face his kit while tangled in such wild webs of grief and misery. But then, after his brother brought him back to reality, Crookedstar went to visit his daughter. From then on, he was an awesome father, and he kept his promise to Silverkit.
And let’s not forget Crookedstar (back then Crookedkit) was also an amazing Babdy-sitter! At his time on the farm with Fleck and Fleck’s sister, Crookedpaw helped take care of Fleck’s sister’s kits. Crookedpaw was brilliant with them.

19. Crowfeather
Don’t get me wrong- Crowfeather was a horrible father before Crowfeather’s trial. But after he started making up for his mistakes, and starting being a better father to Breezepelt, he turned into a terrific daddy! They share an amazing bond now, and I imagine Crowfeather being an awesome grandpa too!

18. Thrushpelt
Thrushpelt wasn’t a father for a long time. Only a few days, while he helped Bluefur with her kits, Mosskit, Stonekit, and Mistykit. But he was a really fun and loving father, just as if Bluefur’s amazing kits were his own.

17. Daisy
Daisy, the lone mother, sacrificed everything to give her kits safety and a good life. Imagine how scary it was for her to throw her old life away, and come to live in the Clans which she didn’t really want to, but did anyways. Many people hate her because she is shown to be fussy and whiny, but keep in mind that most of her character is shown from Jayfeather’s point of view, who sees everyone as whiny and fussy!
So being as brave as to join a Clan, leaving behind her old life, and caring for her kits through sun and storm- well, all that makes Daisy a great mother.

16. Brightheart and Cloudtail
The Bright x Cloud ship is pretty awesome, and this dream team are also brilliant parents. When Brightheart and Cloudtail go missing, Whitepaw is incredibly worried, and is willing to risk everything to find her loving parents. She even wants to go search for them herself. I think it shows how much she loves her mom and dad, who must have been awesome if she was willing to sacrifice life and limb to find them.
Brightheart and Cloudtail are always looking out for their kit, let that be grooming her fur, giving her a boost of happiness or confidence, or simply just being the great parents they are!

15. Shellheart
Go Shellheart! The amazing daddy of Crookedkit and Stormkit! This clever and brave deputy of RiverClan always stood up for his kits, and played the role of not only a father, but a mother as well in Crookedkit’s life. He was always proud of his kits, both Oak and Crooked, and stood up for Crookedkit when Rainflower insisted on him sleeping in a different nest and changing his name. When Rainflower didn’t budge, Shellheart broke up with her, even though it must have made him really sad. He did it for his kit. Shellheart comforted his son when he needed it, and I must say, he did a great job of it!

14. Brindleface
Brindleface is a great mommy, not only raising Ferncloud and Ashfur, but also adopting Cloudtail as her own son, and watching him grow with love and care. She is very protective and loving, nurturing and supporting her kits, not caring at all if they are Clan born or former kittypets.
“You can go now. Your kit will be safe with me.”
―Brindleface to Fireheart Fire and Ice, page 228

13. Petalnose
Mother to Sagenose and Mintfur, this amazing she-cat is a pretty good parent! She protected her kits with all her strength when she was stuck with her cruel two-leg owner, and later when she was rescued by the SkyClan cats, she continued being a great mommy, supporting and nurturing her kits so they could become great warriors just like their father, Rainfur.

12. Fallowfern and Waspwhisker
This pair is brilliant as well, just like the Bright x Cloud duo.
Fallowfern is a great mom, always watching out for the safety of her kits, and Waspwhisker is a fun, playful dad, the type who would most likely tell a bunch of dad jokes and give his kits a badger ride if they were feeling down. Great mates, great parents.

11. Leafstar and Billystorm
Again, just like Fallow x Wasp and Bright x Cloud. Despite leading a whole Clan, and despite the father being a daylight warrior for a while, these two are still great parents and loving mates.

10. Clovertail
Rather fussy but still a good mommy. Just like Ferncloud, she supports every kit and queen in the Clan.

9. Ashfoot and Deadfoot
Crowfeather said that his father didn’t have much time for him because he was Clan deputy at the time, but I still imagine Deadfoot was a pretty good father! As a kit, Deadfoot was always optimistic, hard-working, and silly, so I think he squeezed some time for his kit in his busy schedule. And Ashfoot is shown in the first arc protecting her kit and shielding him from a glass bottle that flies toward him. She takes the blow instead, injuring her shoulder but keeping her kit safe. She’s shown to be a little stern toward Crowfeather in Crowfeather’s trial, but It’s obvious she is a great mom and is very loving on the inside. Which kinda reminds me of Crowfeather’s personality!

8. Morningflower
She was a really kind mother toward her child, Gorsepaw, and was devastated at her death. But Gorsepaw was a super kind and friendly apprentice, just like his mother, which shows that she raised him well!

7. Emberfoot and Sedgewhisker
They are protective and supportive of their kits! Great parents!

6. Mudfur
Awesome dad! Supported Leopardkit through it all. He played the role of a mother and father, just like Shellheart.

5. Larksong
Larksong was the best mate. He was empathic and kind, and didn’t deserve to die. In StarClan, he is a great father to Flickerkit, giving him badger rides and making him laugh.

4. Grey Wing
Grey Wing is a terrific father. Not much more to say here. 😛

3. Chasing Clouds
Oh my StarClan he is such an amazing dad. Chasing Clouds is Half Moon’s father, and he is very funny and kind. When Half Moon nearly fell off the cliff, Chasing Clouds helps pull his daughter up to safety, then anxiously asks Jayfeather if she’s okay. Then he tells Half Moon to lean on his shoulder so she can get up. What a supportive daddy!
Then he saves his daughter from the eagle, almost getting carried away himself.
Later, after he’s made a recovery, he jokes about the eagle fight, proud to have fought it off. He thanks Jay’s Wing for saving him, and continues being one of the best parents in the Warriors universe.

2. Fernsong
What a wonderful father! I love him so much! He is willing to put their differences aside to help his mate and be with their kits. He is so awesome for helping out at the nursery, and his relationship with Ivypool is healthy and brilliant.
This is one father that the kits will have a very tight bond with. He is a father the kits will be able to trust and rely on. Go Fernsong!

Okay, time for number 1! Who do you think will win the best warrior parents award?
Drumroll please…. Swiftbreeze and Adderfang!
1. Swiftbreeze and Adderfang
These two cats are brilliant mates. Their relationship is healthy and wonderful. And they are both great parents! When their daughter, Leopardpaw is badly injured in a battle, it’s her mother, Swiftbreeze, who drags her out of the fight and to safety. And it’s Swiftbreeze who never left her daughter, Leopardfoot’s side will she was kitting. And the one who yelled at Pinestar for not supporting his mate during her difficult labor. 😛 She stood up for her daughter.
When Swiftbreeze has her second litter (Willowkit, Redkit, and Spottedkit) she is proven again to be a good mommy. When Spottedkit is being too bossy with her siblings, Swiftbreeze steps in and breaks the fight. Then she takes Spottedkit aside and listens to her as Spottedkit complains. Then Swiftbreeze and gives her good advice.
Other than being a good mom, Swiftbreeze is also a kind cat- supporting other kits and apprentices. When Moonflower dies, it’s Swiftbreeze who pulls Bluepaw away from her body and brings her back to reality.
It’s Swiftbreeze who loves her kits very much, and is an awesome mother.
And it is mentioned many times in Bluestar’s prophecy that Adderfang is constantly visiting his kits, making them laugh, bringing them prey, playing with them, and giving them badger rides.
Adderfang was also extremely worried when Spottedpaw fell off the tree, which shows how much he cares for his daughter. It’s mentioned that when Redtail and Willowpelt become warriors, it’s Adderfang who’s cheering the loudest. How supportive! 😁
I love this ship and I love their relationship with their kits. These are parents who the kits go to for advice, (Spottedkit went to her mother for advice) who never leave their side during difficult times (Swiftbreeze supporting Leopardfoot during her labor) who you can rely on (Swiftbreeze saving Leopardpaw, Adderfang saving Spottedpaw) and who can make you laugh when you need it. (Adderfang playing with his kits)

So congratulations Swiftbreeze and Adderfang, and congratulations to all the amazing mothers and fathers in the warriors universe! Can I have a round of applause for all these brilliant cats who worked hard to raise their kits the best they can, and to give their kits the best life possible. These cats who shared their love and care. Let it be fathers, mothers, or both, the kits of these parents grew up knowing love and kindness.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Have a wonderful day!

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