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Why “The Prophecies Begin” is my favorite series by Icechill

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Icechill explains why The Prophecies Begin is their favourite series – what do you think?

* Spoilers for The Prophecies Begin! * (obviously)

Ello there, I’m Icechill! You can call me by any pronoun you’d like. I’ve been a Warriors fan for quite a while, but I always return to the very first series, The Prophecies Begin (or TPB for short) in favor of other series. In my opinion, the setting of the Clans and the forest was brilliant, and much, much better than the lake setting in future books.

(Disclaimer: This is all my opinion! I’m not saying that loving the lake setting is wrong, I’m simply stating my opinion because, let me be real here, we all love to talk about Warriors.)

Starting from the very first book of Warriors, Into the Wild, we get thrown into this hostile, unfamiliar environment with strange, monster-like creatures on roads and hissing cats from the shadows. The tension between cats from different Clans is much stronger than in all of the other series. Personally, I’ve never really liked the idea that “all clans must become more peaceful and nicer to each other”. In the first series, each Clan was almost like different cultures, each having unique ways of hunting and each worshipping Starclan in a different way (of course, this changed after the Tribe of Rushing Water).

Around the third and fourth series, the Clans really never grow back into their previous, more hostile selves. Cats welcomed other cats onto their territories, forbidden romances tying Clans closer together. Mistystar and Onestar being leaders and both once being very close friends with Firestar made Riverclan and Windclan less of a threat in the coming books. The only real drama during Gatherings was petty squabbles, and brief clashes of war that was either created or interrupted by outside forces.

After the first series, the evil villains stopped coming from within the Clans and started coming from outside the Clans. The first series had Brokenstar, Blackfoot, Clawface, Tigerstar, Darkstripe. The only villain that was previously a rouge was Scrouge, who I don’t count for having basically absolutely no character development or even a character, really, in the books (but he does evenually get to tell his story in the manga books). The first series was all about the Clans, and the conflict within them. Leaders clashing, forbidden romances, the fierce upholding of the Code. As the prequel series stated, a Clan is a group of cats who have such a close bond of kinship to one other that a ‘rouge group’ is simply not a good enough name.

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  • What about A Vision of Shadows? Its hostile, dark, it has great villain, leader conflict, and is very interesting! Well, the first three books anyway. The second half is really bad. Shattered Sky is my favorite warriors main series book.

  • I have to disagree with WindClan and RiverClan being less of a threat. In Eclipse, it’s WindClan and RiverClan who are the threats and ShadowClan who fight alongside ThunderClan.
    However, I love TPB, but I think that so far my favourite book is Moonrise because I love having it told by a RiverClan cat.

  • I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The plotline is just so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  • Good article! Your points are very valid, I hear after OotS the plot starts running in circles a little bit. Some of the most original ideas in warriors came from the prophecies begin, and after it things like forbidden romance just became incredibly boring/annoying for me because I felt that plotline had already been driven into the ground. Nice job!

  • Nice article!!!! I would have to say I disagree because I’m more of a fan of arcs like AVOS and TNP. But great article!!!!

  • oof. Just realized I wrote the same subject as yours… mind if I still go through with my article Icechill? :/

  • I honestly disagree. I love a whole lot of the serieses (Is that even a word? lol) more than the first one. It DOES sort of introduce the Clans to everyone, but I don’t really think it’s THAT exciting. I just see it as the series where Firestar develops, and Tigerstar hates him. That’s basically the plot of the first series. Tigerstar hates Firestar, and the other way around. And to counter your point of showing Clan conflict, leaders clashing, and forbidden romance, ALL of the serieses have that!!!! Literally ALL of the serieses revolve around those three things. Sorry if I offended you, I’m just trying to show you what I mean. 🙂

  • great article!
    I think the reason so many people love the first arc is just, in comparison to other arcs, so much action happens.

    For example:

    Arc 1: Brokenstar’s influence, Tigerstar’s influence, dog pack, forest fire, Bloodclan battle-

    Arc 2: Forest is slowly being destroyed, Journey to sun-drown place, the Clans slowly starve to death to make the books longer and then walk. Hawkfrost and Mudclaw’s coup, badger attack.

    While arc 2 arguably has a lot going on, there is a lot of filler and walking and doing nothing while everyone slowly dies.

    the best arcs in my opinion are TPB, the first half of AVoS, and TBC.

  • My favorite arc is-
    A super edition lol,

    I really have vague memory of most of the books, stuff has bled together in my brain, where 3 arcs become 1 in my head.
    I only own the first arc and went to the library for the rest, I own a good amount of the new super editions, manga, novellas and all of the broken code.

    So if I picked one I’d kinda have to default to the prophecies begin, cuz besides broken code it’s the freshest in my mind, cuz I can re-read whenever.

    I need to visit the library again, it was shut down all of 2020 and most of 2021.
    And reread everything 😂

    But I do love the perspective of Rusty and his fish out of water story discovering a whole new world, you don’t get that in any of the other arcs.

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