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Cats that Should Have been Reincarnated by Floofpaw

Artwork by Vialir

Floofpaw explains why some characters should be reincarnated

*WARNING: Contains spoilers for Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Bluestar’s Prophecy, Pinestar’s Choice, Goosefeather’s Curse, major spoilers for The Prophecies Begin and the New Prophecy, and minor spoilers for the Power of Three! If you do not want spoilers for these things, be careful about what you read!*

Hello, it’s Floof again with another article! If you remember, my last article was about why Starclan is wacky and sometimes kinda dumb, and lots of people contributed other cats that deserved to the reincarnated more than Cinderpelt besides Mosskit and Badgerfang in the comments, and I decided this topic really needed it’s own article. So let’s begin! Just to forewarn you I’m probably going to miss a bunch because there’s probably a lot… (Please note that it is not confirmed that any of these cats have NOT been reincarnated, but I believe that we would have been told one way or another if they had.)

Petalkit, Larkkit, and Patchkit: These three were Mapleshade and Appledusk’s illegal kits, and drowned while Mapleshade was trying to cross the river after Oakstar kicked her out. They definitely should have been reincarnated for several reasons, the first one being that they died as kits, and if Cinderpelt can be reincarnated after living for 4-ish years, then cats who died before they were even made apprentices should be too. The other reason is the sheer pointlessness of their deaths. Mapleshade tried to cross a flooded, swift-flowing river with them. And that’s really dumb because. There. Is. A. BRIDGE. (Sorry folks who think her actions were justified.) I would be really mad if I died and could have lived if my mom had just remembered to take the bridge instead of trying to cross the raging river, and I think these three deserved another chance. I also think they probably deserve a better dad than Appledusk, we don’t actually know if he might have been an ok father but just based on his performance as a mate, I predict he might not do too well.

Badgerfang: I already talked about him in my last article, but some of you might not have read it and I think I should talk about him again. He died very young, and didn’t get the best quality of life for a good portion of his lifetime as Brokenstar forced him to be an apprentice and learn to fight way too early, and we all know training during Brokenstar’s rule was… not the best. He should have had more time to enjoy his kithood. (And also just more time to uh, live.) His death also cast doubt on Brokenstar’s rule and helped lead to him being overthrown, and I think that because of these things he should have been allowed to live again.

Mosskit: I already talked about her in my last article too, but for the same reason I will go over her again. She was also an illegal kit, along with Mistyfoot and Stonefur. Bluestar tried to take her and her siblings to Riverclan so she could be deputy instead of Thistleclaw, but she froze to death on the way. She died far too young, and I also believe her death could have been easily prevented if Bluestar had stopped to think for a moment more. Before you yell at me in the comments, please hear me out on a solution I believe would have been better than the one Bluestar chose. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that One-eye was in the nursery with kits at the time of Bluestar’s expedition, meaning Bluestar could have let her nurse her kits when she was busy doing deputy things. I mean, Squirrelflight did it, so why couldn’t Bluestar? If she had done that then she wouldn’t have had to give her kits away and Mosskit would never have froze. So I think that Mosskit needs to be reincarnated due to the young age at which she died and the fact that she really didn’t need to freeze to death.

Nightkit and Mistkit: Nightkit and Mistkit were Leopardfoot and Pinestar’s kits who died shortly after birth. They died even younger than any of the aforementioned cats, and should have another chance at life for sure. They need to like actually live long enough to do things, and need a better dad. Even for the short time when they were alive, Pinestar was doing an absolutely terrible job, and spends more time in the twolegplace than visiting his own kits (Who’s fates were currently uncertain.) in the nursery. I get that he was scared of Tigerkit, but seriously. He could have done better.

Tigerstar: Just to clarify, I am talking about 1.0 here. From what I’ve heard, 2.0 already gets brought back to life. And his life does not qualify as terrible enough to deserve a reincarnation, by a long shot. Anyways, many of you will probably argue that such an evil cat does not need to be reincarnated, but if his siblings do, I think he should as well. I believe he could have been good had he had different parents, and had Starclan not told his dad to kill him. He should have had siblings, but they died, and I think he should get another life where he can have brothers and sisters, as well as a caring dad. If he had these things, his mom probably would not end up spoiling him and raising him with little respect for the rules, (Since he could break just about any of them anytime he wanted and get away with it.) which would probably cause him to not be evil. He also needs a mentor with a better match for his personality, someone who can push him to his full potential but still teach him to be a nice person. And he also needs to NOT get Mapleshade stuck in his head. If these things happen, he could also have a normal death, not have all nine lives bleed out of him at once, which is just horrible even if he was evil.

Snowkit: Snowkit was carried off by a hawk at a young age because he was deaf and couldn’t hear his clanmates’ warnings. Getting eaten by a hawk just seems like a bad way to go, and I think he needs a reincarnation, with a leader who doesn’t dismiss his capability to be a warrior just because he can’t hear. I think, had he not died and Bluestar been more open minded, they could have worked out a way for him to communicate and become a warrior. I MEAN INVENT SIGN LANGUAGE OR SOMETHING. In real life, cats use mostly body language to communicate anyways! Speckletail had the right idea. Maybe Starclan could even let him be deaf again so he could prove to the clans that doesn’t mean deaf cats can’t be warriors!

Goosefeather: Goosefeather was given a ‘gift’ by Starclan as a kit that allowed him to see ghosts, as well as the future. That first part seems kind of cool, but the second part was a curse. It showed him terrible things he was powerless to prevent, and all he could do was wait in dread for them to happen. In his later years, you can really see it drove him kind of nuts and the curse completely wrecked his life. (And he got Mapleshade stuck in his head….) He needs a reincarnation, without powers please!

Brokenstar: Another cat you may argue does not need a reincarnation. But I think he too could be good under different circumstances. Both his siblings died, and Yellowfang had to give him to Lizardstripe, who paid more attention to her biological kits and kind of neglected him. And his foster siblings were never very kind to him either. I think he just needed nice siblings and good parents, and he could have been a good cat.

Ashfur: Again, many of you might argue that Ashfur does not need a reincarnation, but like Tigerstar, I believe he could have been good under different circumstances. As an apprentice, his dad (Whitestorm) was killed by bone, and then I believe he helped the other apprentices avenge him. Then, when he was still an apprentice, his mother (Brindleface) was killed by Tigerstar to give the dogs a taste for cat, leaving him an orphan. Then, he helped lead the dogs to the ravine and kill them. Revenge! Revenge! His childhood taught him that this is the way to solve things! With a non-traumatic childhood, I believe he could be a good cat and mate.

Smokepaw: I just feel sorry for this guy. He was created entirely to fall off a cliff while the clans were moving to the mountains. I hardly have anything to say because of how insignificant he was. He needs to live to be a warrior, and have a life that actually MEANS SOMETHING!!!

Hawkfrost: Hawkfrost needs a reincarnation without Tigerstar in his head, and a clan that fully accepts him. Since he didn’t have entirely clan blood, his clan was often not the most accepting of him, and I think that contributed to all the stuff he did. He also needs a mentor better suited to his personality, like Tigerstar. (Tigerstar does not need to be his mentor, Tigerstar just also needed a different mentor.)

Breezepelt: I know most of you probably hate Breezepelt, but I think he could be likeable with different parents! Crowfeather and Nightcloud just aren’t a functional couple and he needs new parents. Crowfeather is very very not nice to him due to the fact that he doesn’t really love Nightcloud and by extension has trouble loving Breezepelt, and if he had different parents I believe he could be a likeable cat. (Kinda Crowfeather-ish maybe?)

Honorable Mention (Cats that should be reincarnated but don’t believe in Starclan and can’t.)

Fluttering Bird

That’s all! Feel free to contribute anyone I missed in the comments, and bear in mind that I’ve only read as far as Bramblestar’s storm as of when I wrote this and anyone after that is not mentioned because I haven’t read about them! Hope you enjoyed reading this and it wasn’t too long! :]

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  • Nice! In my opinion, cats need to be reincarnated more. Cinderpelt gets to be reincarnated, and then no other cat is reincarnated, which is just weird (no offense anyone). If something like this is possible, it’s especially- um, how do I say this lightly? –amateurish to only happen once. At the very least it should occur 3-5 times, based on the immense length of the series. I feel Snowkit deserves reicarnation more than anyone mentioned (no, I’m not saying no one else deserves to be reincarnated). Cinderpelt was reincarnated because she wasn’t supposed to be a med cat. Are you telling me Snowkit deserved to be eaten? That Mosskit was supposed to freeze? Many characters didn’t deserve their fates. And besides, I believe everyone is reincarnated anyways. Do you know how many living things live on Earth? Where would all the new souls come from? Obviously they’re recycled!

  • I have to disagree. Although they did all live an unfortunate life, that isn’t quite a way to deserve a reincarnation. I do get they should deserve another chance, and it isn’t fair most of their parents stink, but they didn’t save someone or do something right to deserve it.

  • I agree with most of these, but I can’t really because I just (right now literally) finished Dawn. I don’t mind spoilers though!

  • I agree with most of these, but I can’t really because I just (right now literally) finished Dawn. I don’t mind the spoilers though!

  • I think all cats that “went into nothing” should be reincarnated. When they can’t be in StarClan, DarkForest or Kittypet-Heaven, why not letting them come back and have another chance?

  • I agree with a lot of these, especially Brokenstar. Mostly because of Lizardstripe. I don’t agree with Tigerstar though, I just don’t think he deserved a second chance. 🙂

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