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My Favorite and Least Favorite Ships by Mintypaw

Art by Valcanous (tumblr)

Mintypaw lists their favourite and least favourite ships – do you agree?

Hi BlogClan! It’s Minty with a new article! Today, I’m going to share with you my favorite ships and least favorite ships! Remember, I’m not going to list them as my top favorites. So I like and dislike them all the same. Also, I’m not going to list all of my fav and least favs…because I have too many and this article would be too long then!

Spoiler warnings for all the series!


Bristlefrost X Rootspring
They’re just cute together. Bristlefrost saved Rootspring when they were apprentices and that part was the main reason why they started to like each other. Well, that’s how Rootspring started to like Bristlefrost. Bristlefrost didn’t have feelings for Rootspring at first, and I was really sad. Then when I read the part where Bristlefrost said she had feelings for him, I was like “YAYYY!” Although they’re loyal to their Clans and decided they would never be mates, I’m not sure if that’ll be so easy. I can’t wait to find out what will happen later!!! I’m dying to read ‘A Light in the Mist’ to find out!

Brightheart X Cloudtail
It’s so heartwarming that even though half of Brightheart’s face was ruined, Cloudtail knew the look of a cat didn’t matter. They’re very lovely together too. Cloudtail had spent time with Daisy many times and Brightheart and Cloudtail’s relationship was “paused” for a few moons or so, but eventually they became good mates again.

Leafpool X Crowfeather
When I found out this, I did not expect it. I mean I started to guess it when Leafpool went to WindClan to heal a cat Crowfeather and Leafpool’s pelts touched and they jumped. So… it’s kinda obvious. If you like FeatherXCrow better, I think it’s good too, but in my opinion, this ship is more exciting and mysterious(no offense).

Sandstorm X Firestar
This is pretty funny. Sandstorm used to hate Firestar when he came to the Clans and then from when Firestar saved Sandstorm from falling off the cliff or something, her mind changed. It’s kind of funny to me, but it’s nice that Sandstorm stood up beside Firestar everytime.

Lionblaze X Cinderheart
This one is mixed up a bit. They liked each other then when Lionblaze told Cinderheart he was special, Cinderheart tried to stop liking him because she thought she was too normal to be a mate with someone chosen by StarClan. I was so frustrated. Cinderheart was wrong! So Lionblaze kept on trying to reason with her so they could be mates. And… Cinderheart realized she could be mates with whoever she loved. Happy ending!

Brook X Stormfur
I liked how Stormfur loved a cat from not another Clan, another Tribe(I don’t really know why). It was brave for him to stay with Brook in the Tribe, because that would mean leaving his family and Clan. That proves his love for his mate. And when Stoneteller told Stormfur to leave his Tribe, Brook said she would come with him, and when Stormfur told her not to, she repeated she would go wherever he went. That’s just heartwarming, isn’t it?

Violet X Thunder
I think they look great together. I wonder if they had kits???

Least Favs:

Mothwing X Leafpool
I mean, I couldn’t even find clues to prove Leafpool and Mothwing felt for each other. They were FRIENDS! Like Leafpool was friends with Sorreltail.

Nightcloud X Crowfeather
I don’t even think they REALLY loved each other. Maybe they did for a little while enough to have Breezepelt, but what I think Nightcloud really does is she “protects” Crowfeather or something to keep Leafpool away from him. And Crowfeather just let’s her do that. Leafpool didn’t even really do anything that harmed him! So this couple is… weird to me.

Daisy X Spiderleg
Daisy, you’re fine here, because you tried hard enough. But you, Spiderleg… HE was the problem. I want to ask him these questions: Didn’t you want to be Daisy’s mate? If not, I guess I understand why you were acting like that, but WHY were you her mate then? If yes, HOW COULD YOU? I mean, Daisy was trying hard to make Spiderleg become like other fathers. BUT! Spiderleg just “ignored” her and seldom visited his “kits”. That’s mean and rude. I feel really bad for Daisy. She loved Cloudtail, but he already had a mate. And when Spiderleg was her mate, I wish Spiderleg loved Daisy truly.

Squirrelflight X Ashfur
Squirrelflight did NOT like Ashfur. At first she did a little, but when Bramblestar and Squirrelflight got back together, nope. Okay, to be honest, I felt a tiny bit bad for Ashfur because he was doing everything he could to make Squirrelflight love him, but that’s not how he was supposed to do it. How did he not know that Squirrelflight would still loathe him, and hate him even more because he was hurting other cats?

Daisy X Cloudtail
They weren’t mates, but I really didn’t like how they were getting really close. Cloudtail already had a mate, and Daisy was like “oh, I like him but he already has a mate! But I really like him! What should I do?!” … I was very relieved when Daisy and Cloudtail kinda “broke up”.


I found this ship called ‘Jayfeather X Stick’ and… HAHA wow. Honestly, I’m neutral on this one. Jayfeather was just obsessed with the stick because he was too curious. What do you think about this ship??

Anyway this is it for today!
Hope you liked it 🙂

Minty <3

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  • I love ALL of these! There so great and you nailed the dislike list I think everyone will agree with you there.😁 The like list had all of the ones I would put on mine but I have never heard of Violet and Thunder can someone please explain that?

    • Thunderstar & Violet Dawn. It’s from the series Dawn of the Clans, so I’m guessing you haven’t read it. It’s about how to clans came to be, very good series.

  • Awesome article Mintypaw i agree with everything you said!!
    I luv Crow x leaf, Cinder x Lion, I also liked Half x Jay. I personally shipped Fire x spotted and Fire x cinder. also I don’t think leaf x moth was a thing. And i hate crow x night. DUDE !!! dont mate with someone just to prove your loyal to winclan. His heart ovi stayed with leaf.

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