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Reviewing Characters In Crookedstar’s Promise by Tigerdawn

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Tigerdawn rates characters from Crookedstar’s Promise

~Reviewing Characters In Crookedstar’s Promise~
Welcome to my article! Enjoy, and get ready for some characters.

Crookedstar (8/10)
Of course, I had to start with him. I think he’s a brave warrior who went the wrong way with Mapleshade. Perhaps a touch naive? I think meeting Fleck and Mitzi was a good touch to his personality, and I wish that they showed up in the book more often. But we have to remember that he left Rainflower to die, even if she was a heartless mother. Over all, I give him an 8/10.

Hailstar (6/10)
I have heard some bad things about him, but I sorta think otherwise. He will do anything for his clan. So loyal, courageous, and. . .
NOT very logical. Hailstar changes Stormkit’s name to Crookedkit, a cruel name, just because his mother (Rainflower) says so. He launches random attacks on Thunderclan, injuring many cats in the process. And, last but not least, he makes Crookedjaw a deputy mainly because of an omen faked by Mapleshade. That may not sound bad, but he jumps to the conclusion and if Crookedjaw was like Thistleclaw, Riverclan would go down the drain. I give him a 6/10.

Rainflower (1/10)
Cruel, unloving, careless Rainflower. Everyone knows even if they didn’t read Crookedstar’s Promise that she is up for the Worst Mother In Warrior Cats Award. Sure, she was a so called good warrior, and she was loving to Oakheart but otherwise she was cold. When Stormkit’s muzzle was smashed, she ordered Hailstar to change his name to Crookedkit. Rainflower never payed any attention to him when he was a good warrior or apprentice, or at least how she gave Oakheart so much attention. I remember one passedge that said she would ‘snarl’ at Crookedkit if he congradulated Oakpaw on becoming an apprentice. I definately will be giving her a 1/10.

Oakheart (6/10)
He was the loved warrior, the handsome warrior, the brave warrior when compared to Crookedstar. Despite how Rainflower treated Crookedstar, Oakheart still stood by her. When Crookedjaw left Rainflower to die in the river, Oakheart was so mad. It sorta makes sense, as Rainflower was his mother. But she also lied to Crookedstar about being mates with Bluefur. And Crookedstar wouldn’t have even been that mad, as he stood by Fallowtail when she had a forbidden relationship. And when Stonekit and Mistykit were brought into Riverclan, he seemed to scared that Crookedstar would give them away, showing he truly loved his kits. Over all, a 6/10 fits him.

Shellheart (9/10)
I LOVE Shellheart. He is an amazing father for leaving Rainflower when she was heartless to Crookedkit. Shellheart is also a great deputy, and knew when it was time to stand down. I just think he deserves a bit more credit in Crookedstar’s Promise. The only thing that annoys me about him is that he stands by rainflower in the end, saying Crookedstar had forgotten how loving she could be. I totally disagree. She could have been like Millie, loving her kit even more, but instead she forsaken him. But, I suppose Rainflower did used to be his mate. 9/10 for sure.

Willowbreeze (7/10)
I like her. Not that strongly. Willowbreeze could have had so much more character, but instead she was more there to be Crookedstar’s mate. Not a very colorful character. Willowbreeze is kind, skilled, and generous. Perhaps a 7/10?

Do you agree, disagree? State your opinions in the comments!

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