How I Make Warriors OCs by Sagewhisker

Sagewhisker gives tips on making Warriors OCs

DISCLAIMER: I’m not telling you how to make your OCs! This is just what I do to make my own Ocs. Please do not take this personally, or think you’re bad at things, this is just me. Thank you for clicking on this article, and I hope you enjoy it! By the way, if you did know what an OC was, congrats to you, I’m not calling you dumb. And to the people that didn’t know, same with you, I’m not calling you dumb.

Making OCs. . . I think it’s a tedious thing, so I try to keep a consistent way I make them so I don’t get confused every time. This is how I make my Ocs, and erm. . . it might end up coming off a bit confusing because of the order I do the steps.

1. Character Lore
Surprisingly, before I do anything else, I make the characters lore (which means I make the character’s brief history but for me brief. . . means long) and for me, that’s one of the fun things of making a OC. Of course, all of the things that you do (or I do in this case) are VERY fun while making an OC. You get to create the bread and butter of the character, and lay out their personality. Laying out the character’s personality before I draw them or create their name makes it easier to create more details and hints to what they’re like in their design. ~What do you do first?~
2. Character Design
I like to draw. I draw a lot. I draw EVERYWHERE. I draw at home, at school, at BlogClan (just a bit :b), at my friends’ houses, and~ well, you get it, I draw. A lot. With me liking to draw a lot, of course I MUST draw my characters before I do anything else. I make a basic side-profile for both the character standing and sitting, then a front-profile of them standing and sitting. Then I draw their different emotions, or their emotions they make the most. (It’s always heartbreaking to me when I have to draw my OCs sad/crying.) I usually draw my characters in a cartoon style, a realistic style, and then somewhere in between. ~What do you do second?~
3. Revising the Character
I like things to be the best I can possibly make them, so I redraw and perfect my lore of the character as much as I can. If my feelings on the character change, then I might have to change the name (most of the time it’s the suffix, rarely the prefix), the design or the lore.
If I’m not happy with one of my OCs as they could be personality wise, then I can make another character with the personality of that character, I just change the original character’s personality from what it was originally to make it to what I think of it now. (That felt really vague while I was typing it but I don’t have any other way of explaining it so I’m going to let it go. Hopefully you understand what it ment. :b.) ~What to you do last?~

That’s it! (Sorry if it was short or bad I’m only 10 and this is my first article. Also, I know that 3 steps isn’t a lot and there’s probably things I should do to make my OCs better, but eh.) I hope you enjoyed the article! If you’d like to see me active more on BlogClan, then comment on this (if you want to) and then I’ll know that people would enjoy me posting more on BlogClan. Goodbye!


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    • Agreed. Also, your name is really cool!
      Do you play Roblox?
      There’s a Warrior Cats based game called Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition, and it’s really fun and detailed.

  • nice! I just think of cats i’ve seen recently that are SO FREKING BEAUTIFUL and make that into my oc, just a bit different. Search up Narnia the Two-faced cat for my oc of Drizzledrop. I am a crazy cat ladyyyyyyyyyyy AND TWO FACED CATS, BEARS, OR ALBINO TWIN CATS GIVE ME KNEW OC’s. (yes, I have a bear looking oc, {Bearsnout, a black she-cat with brown ears, muzzle. Looks like black bear} I also have albino twins, Saturn and Jupiter in Moonblaze’s rp)
    (a sleek bluish-grey she-cat with a light grey tail tip, and half of her face is split purrfectly in half, one half grey, the other bluish-grey. Her ears are bluish-grey and she had on dark blue eye and one light blue eye)

  • Ooh awesome article! I think starting with personality is important, even if I sometimes just make impulse OCs 😛
    This is a very sophisticated way to make OCs, and it was an excellent first article, so don’t apologise! And you’re only 10‽ Wow!

  • Sorry Splashfur and Sagewhisker, but Sagewhisker is, well, was, a canon cat. Sagewhisker was the 7th (maybe 6th or 8th) Shadowclan med cat.

  • Wow lovely article!! OwO I used to just do a design first but now I think that I should maybe do the personality first. (◍•ᴗ•◍)

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