What your favorite Warriors ship says about you by Mountainpaw

Art by Piilow

Mountainpaw tells people what their favourite ship reveals about their personality!

Hello kits, apprentices, warriors, elders!
Mountainpaw here!
In this article, I will be doing a brief analysis of each ship I mention, sharing my thoughts on that ship, then judging by the good qualities of the ship, I will try and guess what your favorite ship says about you!
And please don’t take any of this too seriously!
Thank you and have fun reading this article!

1. Spottedleaf x Firestar 🐞🔥
Analyzing: When Firepaw first came to the Clans, he fell in love with the medicine cat, Spottedleaf. Spottedleaf was very kind and friendly toward him, accepting him despite the fact that he used to be a kittypet.
My thoughts: This ship is pretty cute! I kinda like how Spottedleaf supported Firestar through his life, and how she helped Sandstorm and Firestar make up after an argument. However, I don’t like it’s development that much, and it seemed more like a crush. I still like it!
What it says about you: You are friendly, loving, and welcoming. You never judge a book by it’s cover, and you most likely enjoy learning about animals and plants!

2. Sandstorm x Firestar ⛱️🔥
Analyzing: When Firepaw first came to the Clans, Sandpaw was very mean to him because he used to be a kittypet. But she learned to love Firestar, and later in the books she was supportive and empathetic towards him, giving him advice and comforting him when he needed it. They later became mates, had kits, and never left each other’s sides.
My thoughts: I really love this ship! The loyalty, courage, and compassion that Firestar and Sandstorm show each other is amazing!
What it says about you: You are loyal, confident, and compassionate. Way to go! You are most
likely an amazing friend, and whoever has you as their buddy is the luckiest person.

3. Silverstream x Greystripe 🥈🖤
Analyzing: Silverstream and Greystripe fell in love when Silverstream saved the ThunderCan tom from drowning in the river. They loved each other a lot, and started meeting in secret.
Silverstream later died giving birth to their kits, Featherkit and Stormkit.
She still watches over her love from StarClan.
My thoughts: Sweet ship! It’s super cute! I don’t really like how Greystripe shut Fireheart out and even attacked him because Fireheart was trying to help him, but otherwise I do like the Silver x Grey ship.
What it says about you: You are brave, cool, and clever. Most likely, you are a good swimmer, unlike Greystripe! (Though later he does learn to swim!)

4. Millie x Greystripe 🐈🖤
Analyzing: Millie was a kittypet, just like Firestar! But just like Firestar, she was a brave cat with the spirit of a warrior. She helped Greystripe find his way home after he had been separated from his Clan. They journeyed together, through sun and storm, and later raised three kits together.
My thoughts: Good ship! I like it’s development, and the moments when Greystripe and Millie traveled together. Millie was a great mate, I just wish Greystripe would have been a better father. I kinda prefer Silver x Grey, but this ship is awesome as well.
What it says about you: You are courageous, kind, and loyal. You probably like to go outside- and… wait? YOU CAN SPEAK DOG?!?

5. Ferncloud x Dustpelt 🌿🤎
Analyzing: Dustpelt was Ferncloud’s mentor. Dustpelt, who was usually mean and angry, was loving and gentle with his awesome apprentice. Ferncloud’s kind personality made a huge impact on his heart, and they fell in love. They became mates and had kits.
My thoughts: I love this ship! It’s super cute and I love how amazing Dustpelt is when he’s with her. They truly love each other!
What it says about you: You are calm, gentle, and patient. You might also enjoy baby-sitting!

6. Brightheart x Cloudtail 💖☁️
Analyzing: Cloudpaw developed a crush on Brightpaw late into their apprenticeship. When Brightpaw got injured by the dogs and got permanently scarred, she was lost in a sea of despair. Yet Cloudpaw was there for her, encouraging Brightpaw on, insisting she was beautiful no matter what, supporting her through the most difficult part in her life. Once they became warriors, they became mates, and they love each other very much to this day.
My thoughts: I love this ship so much!!! Great message, Cloudtail is such an adorable goofball who always makes Brightheart laugh. It was so sweet how he encouraged her and loved her despite Brightheart losing most of her beauty. They are amazing parents as well. Probably one of the best ships ever written!
What it says about you: You are encouraging, compassionate, and very smart. You see the beauty in everyone, and never fail to make someone’s day bright.

7. Feathertail x Crowfeather 🪶🐦
Analyzing: Feathertail is a kind and clever cat, and Crowpaw was an angry, bitter cat. What was there to love in him? Yet Feathertail saw his good side, and gave him a chance. Because of Feathertail’s kindness and support, Crowpaw fell in love with her, and started returning her love. Feathertail brought out the best in him.
Feathertail later died saving Crowpaw on the journey back from the sun-drown place, and Crowpaw was devastated. He chose his warrior name, Crowfeather, in honor of the cat he loved so dearly.
My thoughts: My favorite ship! They are so cute!! And super adorable! They loved each other a lot, and I love how their relationship blossomed from kindness. It also has a great message: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, and kindness always pays. Just how Feathertail didn’t judge Crowpaw by his hostile outside, and just how Crowpaw repaid Feathertail’s kindness with his love. 🥰 Their relationship is healthy, and I truly believe that their relationship would have worked out if Feathertail hadn’t died. They still love each other after all this time though, and hopefully they can be with each other in StarClan, being the mates they never got the chance to be in real life.
What it says about you: You are smart, kind, and loving. You most likely love to run! (Just like Crowpaw loves to run!)

8. Leafpool x Crowfeather 🍂🐦
Analyzing: Leafpool and Crowfeather fell in love when Crowfeather rescued Leafpool from falling off a cliff. They met in secret a few times at twilight, then ran away together for a while. When Leafpool and Crowfeather returned to the Clans because the badgers were attacking the cats, they went their separate ways. Leafpool later found out she was carrying Crowfeather’s kits. She ran away with her sister, gave birth, then passed her kits to Squirrelflight so she could raise them as her own. Leafpool and Crowfeather really loved each other, and later in the books, they share a great friendship.
My thoughts: I don’t like this ship. At first it seems corny and unrealistic, then later it just seems rather unhealthy. At first it was too perfect, and then it was too bad, because they treated each other…not so well to say the least. But when they were together, they were very adorable. I just found it a bit too cheesy and good.
What it says about you: You are loving, calm, and passionate. And you most likely have a fanfiction where Crowfeather and Leafpool stay together after running away from the Clans.

9. Sorreltail x Brackenfur 🌿🪴
Analyzing: Sorreltail and Brackenfur grew close as the Clan settled into its new home. They fell in love and became mates. Sorreltail later reveals she is having Brackenfur’s kits. When the badgers attack the ThunderClan camp, and Sorreltail starts giving birth, Brackenfur fights fiercely in front of the nursery, fending off any badgers that try to break in to protect his mate. They stay mates throughout their lifetime, and will most likely be together in StarClan as well.
My thoughts: Great ship, super healthy, super adorable. They are both great parents and great mates. Not much more to say.
What it says about you: You are clever, brave, and confident. You love a healthy relationship and a happy ending!

10. Honeyfern x Berrynose 🍯🍓
Analyzing: Honeypaw develops a crush on Berrynose. No one really understands what’s to like in the bossy, mean young warrior, but just like Feathertail saw the good in Crowpaw, Honeypaw saw the good in Berrynose. When Berrynose crosses the ShadowClan border, he is punished with apprentice duties, and he starts noticing Honeypaw. When Honeyfern becomes a warrior, they become mates. But sadly Honeyfern is killed by an adder while saving Briarkit.
My thoughts: I like it! Not my favorite, but it’s pretty great. Just like with Feather x Crow, I love how Honeyfern saw the good in the warrior and gave him a chance.
What it says about you: You are intelligent, brave, and you don’t give up easily! You probably love to curl up with a good book on a rainy day.

11. Poppyfrost x Berrynose 🏵🍓
Analyzing: Poppyfrost and Berrynose are both grieving over Honeyfern’s death, which brought them together. They supported each other when they needed it most. They became mates and had kits and lived happily ever after.
My thoughts: It’s okay. I don’t have much of an opinion on this.
What it says about you: You are supportive, funny, and humble. You probably like to play sports.

12. Half Moon x Jayfeather 🌓🐦
Analyzing: Half Moon is an ancient cat who Jayfeather met when he traveled back in time. Jayfeather, as Jay’s Wing, realized that Half Moon showed signs of affection toward him. He wished he could be with her, but decided being a medicine cat was more important to him.
Later he traveled back to the ancient cats. Here, his relationship with Half Moon grew. Yet Rock broke them apart, telling Jayfeather his destiny lay in his own time, not with Half Moon.
In The Last Hope, Jayfeather meets with Half Moon’s spirit. They touch noses and Half Moon comforts her love.
My thoughts: I love this ship! It’s really cute and I love the backstory. A time traveling cat seems pretty cool, but a time traveling cat falling in love with a cat in the past is even cooler. Half Moon is really kind and feisty, and I love how Jayfeather is also very kind when he’s with her. I also love the time when Jayfeather and Half Moon played together in the caves like kits. 🥰
What it says about you: You are smart, sassy, and kind. You most likely love to write. If you do, your stories are very imaginative and have great backstories.

13. Briarlight x Jayfeather 🪴🐦
Analyzing: Not a cannon ship, but just as amazing. Briarpaw broke her spine when she saved Longtail from a falling tree. Jayfeather worked tirelessly to help Briarpaw, and when he was with her, he was rather more friendly and kind. They brought out the best in each other, Jayfeather motivating Briarlight to keep on exercising and fighting, and Briarlight helping Jayfeather with his herbs and making him a better cat.
My thoughts: I like it! It’s pretty sweet and I love how they bring out the best in each other. Jayfeather is so helpful, and Briarlight is so kind. Not my favorite, but I don’t dislike it either.
What it says about you: You are adventurous, determined, and helpful. You find joy in helping others find their light.

14. Cinderheart x Lionblaze 🖤🦁
Analyzing: Lionblaze and CInderheart fell in love, then took a break, then came back together. Their relationship is as strong as ever, and they had some great kits together.
My thoughts: Sorry about the brief analysis. Their relationship is a bit too complicated to explain. 😅 I don’t really like their relationship. It felt too “on and off” if that makes any sense.
What it says about you: You are calm, optimistic, and friendly. You probably love to learn new things, and re-read books.

15. Hollyleaf x Fallen Leaves 🌿🍂
Analyzing: Fallen Leaves is a ghost cat, bound to the tunnel he died in while becoming a Sharpclaw. Hollyleaf, a broken, twisted cat who felt intense emotions overwhelm her, was a cat who escaped from the world and into the tunnels. She was badly injured on the way, and Fallen Leaves helped heal her and regain her spirit and strength. They supported each other, and when Hollyleaf was ready to face her mistakes, Fallen Leaves let her leave, sad, but accepting her choice.
My thoughts: Yes!! One of the best ships, in my opinion. I love how Fallen Leaves always tried to cheer up Hollyleaf when she was feeling down, like how he made “morning patrols” in the tunnels so Hollyleaf wouldn’t feel so miserable and homesick. I love the scene where they play together in the tunnels, and how Fallen Leaves comforts her when Hollyleaf panics that she is lost. I like how whenever they fight, they talk it over, which means they have a healthy relationship, and how Fallen Leaves supports and accepts Hollyleaf’s choices. Their relationship isn’t perfect, and I’m not even sure if it’s canon or not. But I like it, either way!
What it says about you: You are clever, respectful, and polite. You most likely enjoy company, and are an amazing artist.

16. Bristlefrost x Rootspring 😾🌳
Analyzing: Rootpaw develops a crush on Bristlefrost when she saves him from drowning in the lake. Their relationship slowly develops over the span of many books. Later, both Bristlefrost and Rootspring admit their feelings for each other, but they accept that they belong in different Clans. They still love each other a lot though, and hope they can one day be together.
My thoughts: I love it! Their relationship is healthy and it has great development. Go Bristle x Root!
What it says about you: You are considerate, intelligent, and respectful. You probably enjoy listening to music, and might even play an instrument yourself!

17. Heathertail x Breezepelt 💮🌬️
Analyzing: Breezepelt redeems himself, and is trying to fit back into the Clan, but most of his Clanmates aren’t very accepting. They constantly talk behind his back, yell at him, and even go as far as to say Breezepelt killed his own mother at Nightcloud vigil. But Heathertail is always by Breezepelt’s side, supporting him, standing up for him, and later Breezepelt repays her by jumping into a whole wave of stoats to save her. Their relationship grows and grows, they become mates, and have kits. And live happily ever after!
My thoughts: This is my second favorite ship! Just like in Feather x Crow, Heathertail supports Breezepelt and gives him a chance, bringing out the good in him. I find their relationship healthy and I imagine them as great parents and loving mates.
What it says about you: You are loving, sassy, and intelligent. You are very creative, and make the best gifts for the ones you love.

18. Turtle Tail x Grey Wing 🐢🪨
Analyzing: Turtle Tail is a super kind and lively cat, full of spirit and love. After the fire, she comforts Grey Wing and spends lots of time with him. They grow close and become mates, but sadly Turtle Tail gets hit by a monster while on a mission to rescue her kits.
My thoughts: I love them! One of the best ships ever. Not my favorite, though.
What it says about you: You are very creative, lively, and talented. You love helping others out and are probably a very talented writer and artist.

19. Slate x Grey Wing 🪨🖤
Analyzing: Slate saved Grey Wing from a fox, nearly sacrificing her own life doing so. She later asks Grey Wing if he wants to see her hideaway, where only special cats are allowed. Their relationship grows and grows, and they become mates and have kits.
My thoughts: I love them as well! It’s cute how Slate teaches Grey Wing about slates, and how she shows him her special hideaway.
What it says about you: You are very smart, brave, and bubbly. You probably like biology, and enjoy learning about nature and how to protect it.

20. Tallstar x Jake 🐈🐈
Analyzing: When Tallstar is traveling to take revenge on Sparrow who he thinks killed his father, he eats a poisoned rat and is saved by a twoleg. Jake helps Tallstar feel at home and even shares his bed with him. Then Jake helps Tallstar find Sparrow, and gives him advice.
My thoughts: I love them!! They are so cute and their relationship is one of the best ones!
What it says about you: You are friendly, clever, and loyal. You probably really love your family, and are an amazing friend.

21. Bluestar x Oakheart 💙🌳
Analyzing: Bluestar fell in love with the RiverClan tom, Oakheart as a young warrior. They met together at Four Trees, where they had a great time, playing together, climbing a tree, and building a nest which they slept in together. Bluestar later had Okahearts kits, and Oakheart raised them with care and lots of love. Oakheart was a brilliant mate, willing to sacrifice everything to be with Bluestar.
My thoughts: Sweet! I like it.
What it says about you: You are very loving, funny, and cool. You probably like to play a lot, and love making your friends and family laugh.

22. Leafpool x Mothwing 🍂🦋
Analyzing: Not a canon ship, but just as good. Mothwing and Leafpool are extremely supportive of each other, and always have each other’s backs. Leafpool accepts who Mothwing is, and calls her beautiful many times. Mothwing is always ready to lend a helping paw. They share a really tight bond.
My thoughts: I love this ship! I really like how supportive they are of each other, and they are always there to help when the other cat is in trouble. They are so cute!
What it says about you: You are kind, empathetic, and supportive. Just like with Tall x Jake, you are a wonderful friend.

23. Willowbreeze x Crookedstar 🌳🐈
Analyzing: Crookedkit plays a lot with Willowkit and her sister, Greykit when they are still kittens. Later he saves them from a heron. As apprentices, Crookedpaw saves Willowpaw again from a dog. Willowpaw starts showing affection for Crookedpaw, and Oakheart teases his brother about it. After becoming warriors, Crookedjaw and Willowbreeze hunt and talk a lot together, developing an even closer bond. They become mates, and have kits together. Sadly, Willowbreeze dies, but on the bright side, she is together with Crookedstar in StarClan now.
My thoughts: I love this ship! (It’s my third favorite) It’s awesome how Willowbreeze supported and loved Crookedstar despite his disfigured jaw. The truly loved each other a lot and they are super sweet together. :3 Not to mention their relationship is very healthy, and has a great message, just like Feather x Crow!
What it says about you: You are cheerful, encouraging, and optimistic. You most likely enjoy dancing, and probably like animals. You are very good at what you love.

24. Brook x Stormfur 🏞️⛈️
Analyzing: Stormfur and Brook fell in love when the traveling cats passed through the mountains on their way back from the sun-drown place (ocean). Brook loyally supported her mate through everything.
My thoughts: Yes, great ship! I love how Brook stayed by Stormfur’s side through everything. Healthy relationship and true love!
What it says about you: You are passionate, loyal, and smart. You probably love healthy relationships in Warriors, and you can draw super cute art.

25. Leafstar x Bilystorm 🍂🐈
Analyzing: Leafstar, SkyClan leader, and Billystorm, a daylight warrior, seemed like an impossible relationship, yet these two made it work! True, they did fight sometimes, but they always found that their love was more important.
My thoughts: Yes!! Great ship, I love it!
What it says about you: You are supportive, polite, and loving. You probably enjoy sunny weather so you can spend lots of time outside. You might also be good at babysitting!

26. Ravenpaw x Barley 🐦🌾
Analyzing: Barely is Ravenpaw’s best friend. They live together in a barn and have never left each other’s sides.
My thoughts: Sweet, but I feel like they are just really good friends. We don’t get many scenes with them alone.
What it says about you: You are loyal, brave, and friendly. You probably have lots of great friends who love you.

27. Moth Flight x Miach 🦋🐈
Analyzing: Miach saved Moth Flight from a dog at the farm. They soon started to bond, and Miach joined the Clans to be medicine cat of SkyClan. Despite being far apart most of the time, these two found a way to be together and love each other all the same. Sadly, Miach died from a broken spine, but he lives on in his kits, and now he and Moth Flight are happily together in StarClan!
My thoughts: Moth x Miach is the best. It’s one of my favorite ships, because, once again, of the kindness and healthiness of their relationship! It’s so cute and it’s awesome!
What it says about you: You are thoughtful, humble, and very bubbly. You probably enjoy almost all kinds of weather, because you can see the good in everything and everyone! You are always there to comfort someone if they need it.

That’s it for today! If I didn’t include your favorite ship, please tell me in the comments and I might make a part two! And please tell me in the comments your favorite ship, and what it says about you!
Have an awesome week! And see you in the next article!

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  • I am kind, empathetic, and supportive. I ship Mothpool!

  • I love Lion x Cinder, it’s soooo dramatic, and if you say it’s not, I will murder you in your sleep! (Just kidding) And it is true, I do love to read things over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. and I also love to learn.

  • Out of all the ships listed my favorite ones are Cloudtail x Brightheart, Leafstar x Bilystorm, Briarlight x Jayfeather, Turtle Tail x Grey Wing, Hollyleaf x Fallen Leaves, Tallstar x Jake, Leafpool x Mothwing, and Willowbreeze x Crookedstar. I have to say that this was really accurate and true (at least when it comes to me). Plus you put so much time and effort in this it truly shows, so thank you for making this and brightening up my day!

    • Also my faves were creepily accurate: I draw, I play an instrument, I re-read books and I have tonnes of rlly good friends. (Not all the examples, just a few)

  • Dustpelt was Ashfur’s mentor not Ferncloud’s. Darkstripe was Ferncloud’s mentor.

    Sry I’m just rlly obsessed with A Dangerous Path soooo I know practically everything about it. And since Ferncloud’s and Ashfur’s apprenticeships were in A Dangerous Path, I remember it rlly well.

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