DreamClan: Dream SMP as Warriors pt.1 by Jaysong

Jaysong turns Dream SMP into Warriors characters

Hello! A couple days ago, I saw a post by Daykit about what the Dream SMP would be named and look like if they were Warriors! I loved the idea so much that I started brainstorming ideas, so I thought I’d post them here! I will also include some Warrior-esque backstories for some of them, headcanons, and leave out certain canons I don’t really like(MamaPuffy, etc. Please do not be mad, it is just a personal thing!)(Also, in this world two toms can magically have a kit of something like that, ok? K).

Jaysong proudly presents… DreamClan!

Dream=Whitemask. Ok, I admit I stole this from Daykit, but it’s just so perfect! He would be a golden tom with a white mask and pale green eyes. He always seems to be slightly smiling, but especially around Nightgaze and Amberblaze AKA CatGeorge and CatSapNap.

Georgenotfound=Nightgaze. Whenever I think of Gogy, I think of sleep. People sleep at night, hence his prefix. Night can also metaphorically mean blind, or unable to see something, for instance COLORS, which is why I gave him the suffix -gaze(-sight would have been better but Nightsight sounds kinda weird). He would be a light brown tom with heterochromiac blue and amber eyes. He acts like he’s alright, but every night he gets threatened and “plays” with CatDreamXD(No name for him yet), who is a Dark Forest cat only visible to Gogy. Because of this nightly ritual, he does not get a lot of sleep at night and sleeps a lot during day, much to the annoyance of everyone.

SapNap=Amberblaze. Sap is the name of the stuff that oozes out of trees, and so is amber, also the name of a yellow-orange color like fire. -blaze because FIRE. He is a mostly black calico tom(yes, I know those are basically impossible but I don’t care!) with a lot of white around his chest, reddish patches that looks like flames, and deep blue eyes. One time, there was a forest fire and DreamClan had to evacuate. Oakwing/CatBadboyhalo found a kit while escaping the burning forest, saved him, and named him Sapkit.

Quackity=Scarredface. Do I even have to explain his name? He would be a dark blue-grey tom with black patches that have feathery(gettit?) edges and very dark amber eyes and a long scar that runs down the side of his face. He was once called Ducksong(Headcanon insert: Quackity has duck wings. Also, he sings and plays a guitar) but got attacked by a…thing and his name was changed.

Karl Jacobs=Brightswirl. Bright- because of his bright, happy personality, -swirl because of his green swirl symbol. He would be a fluffy light brown tom with hazel eyes, but his pelt is usually stained with various colors due to him rolling around and playing in flower fields a lot. Unbeknownst to DreamClan, he can go to and from StarClan’s hunting grounds, and does various errands for them. Unfortunately, traveling between the real world and StarClan erases his memories in the process.

Badboyhalo=Oakwing. His appearance=Oak, Halo=Angel=Wing. He would be a black tom with silver eyes. He was a light brown tom with pastel green eyes, but a Dark Forest cat once possessed him like Bramblestar. Thankfully Splashstream/CatSkeppy figured out how to expell the evil spirit and Oakwing was able to return to his body. However, he still looks like his posesser.

Skeppy=Splashstream. Splash- because water is blue and his fun personality, -stream because it’s also blue and streams glimmer and shine like a diamond when light hits it a certain way. He is a blue-grey tom with near-black patches of brown and amber eyes. When Oakwing found poor Sapkit, he didn’t want Sapkit growing up feeling like he didn’t have any parents. So Oak planned to announce that Sapkit was his, when Splashstream offered to pretend to be Sapkit’s other parent, as Oakwing and Splashstream was already very close(like, barf-romantic close). Up until this day, Sapblaze has no idea Skephalo(or is it Splashwing?) aren’t his real parents.

Wow, that is really long. I still have some ideas, but I think this is already way too long, so Imma make a part two eventually! Bye!

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