Cadvent Day 4

I love how LOVELY everyone is during Cadvent. Actually, I love how lovely everyone is the rest of the year. Thanks, BlogClan, for being you and for daily restoring my faith in the world. Never stop being kind to each other. It makes me happy to see. ❤️

After yesterday’s informational download, let’s keep it simple today. No Uber drivers, no rambling about the meaning of Christmas. Just pics. ☃️*

I love this line drawing of Marigold the Christmas Kitty by Featherclaw. Just adorable. Thank you, Featherclaw 💖🎄

Here is Jayfrost’s delightful and beautiful cat, Cassia, ready for the Holidays in a festive bow. 💖🌟

And TWO pictures today found by BlogClanners! Yay! ☃️🥳 Moonblaze found this super-snowy kitty!

Rainypaw found this kitten. So snuggly-cute I had to include it. Thanks, Moon and Rainy! I love them. 💖🌟

See you all tomorrow for Cadvent 5! How quickly the days go by! 🎄

*I have already warned BlogTeam and now I will warn you: I will be overusing this emoji ☃️until WAY into Spring. because, when my soul sings, it looks like this ☃️


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